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Question on the Veneto SCs on sale, is only the technical version water resistant?
The drum keeps the beans agitated so that the roast is pretty even.
Not sure I understand your question.I don't aim for consistency, I vary my target roast depending on the flavor notes from Sweet Maria's and what I am in the mood to drink each week. I could probably get consistent results if that was a goal.
I roasted my first batch with the new Plus control panel this morning. I roasted a little longer than I intended, heard about 15 seconds of second crack. I was targeting Full City, got Full City plus. Maybe it will taste like cocoa. I know what I did wrong, so I can fix it in my next roast.
Beautiful photos. Your Nomos reminds me of my RGM...
"Isn't that called cocoa? Isn't that what kids drink? Why don't you just have a cup of cocoa in the morning?" Brilliant.
I like the Rolex GMT, which I believe can track 3 time zones.Also, at the risk of sounding like a broken record...
As for the intuitiveness of the display, I don't have any issues. Every hash on the day dial is five days, and I usually know the month and day of the week off the top of my head. Even those are easy to calculate relatively quickly. For example, the picture above was taken on Monday (one dot CCW on the lower day circle) June (six dots CCW on the upper month circle) 3rd (two dots CCW from the hash at the 5th on the outer date circle).
I think the entire line of OuJ watches are amazing. I own the annual calendar myself.
If you want a moon phase, take a look at the most accurate and innovative watch available -
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