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Curse you and your money parting links.
Thanks. The one in the picture I posted is advertised as having "an unusual crenelated bezel, not the usual fluted style." Is that the same as a "turned bezel"?
I used to discount the Datejust in comparison to an Explorer or GMT, but the simple dial is growing on me. Any thoughts from owners past and present?
Delivered today...
Thoughts on the new in-house movement from Habring2?
I roasted 1/2 lb. of Guatemala Acatenango Gesha to a nice City+ this morning. Tasting notes from Sweet Maria's are, "Jasmine, orange blossom, perfumed aromatics, honeyed sweetness. Tropical fruits, red punch and tea flavors. Brilliant acidity." I will brew the first cup Wednesday morning after letting it rest for 3 days.
I love the Lido. I haven't used by Virtuoso since purchasing the Lido. It is my daily grinder for pour over, although I use my Zass for Aeropress only because I use a finer grind and the Lido is tricky to adjust. I've thought about picking up the newest Lido because the grind adjustment is external, but even I can't justify $175 for a third hand grinder that would mean the other 2 gather dust.
I thought the Acaia scale was extravagant, yet I'm pretty sure this roaster will make its way onto my counter.
I started to type a reply to point out where he is wrong, but I don't care about helping others.
This reminds me of a roasting method I first read about on Blue Bottle's website called "melange." It is roasting the same green bean to different levels and then combining the various roasts to get all the flavors. I have thought about doing this at home, the simplest form would be to roast 1/2 lb to City+ and 1/2 lb to Full City. More time consuming would be 1/4 lb roasts to City, City+, Full City and Full City+.
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