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Been meaning to post this for a while and may start a separate thread.I started looking for a new coat for the rainy season in San Francisco a few months ago. I did not want a traditional trench that checks all the boxes (epaulettes, belt, D-rings, etc.). I also wanted something slimmer than that traditional trench silhouette and it had to have a removable hood.I found Mike's recommendation of American Trench and did some investigating. They were doing a sale on the last...
When I hear "no acidity", I automatically think Blue Bottle.
Please PM me if you have a pair for sale, thanks.
Nothing that is subjective is "true" or "false." IMO, YMMV, etc. ad naseum.
That's from 2 years ago.
EG. Vibergs are nice, but EG is in a class by itself.
Yawn. Still waiting on the derby as pictured on Tumblr. I already have 3 service boots, not inclined to spend north of $1K for another pair.
1/2 size too small. Damn the electric fence.
I am in exactly as pictured - same leather, same last, same sole.
I bought one about a year ago. Not travel friendly, but it replaced my Virtuoso for daily home use. The one drawback is grind adjustment, but it appears they remedied that in v2. I love it so much that I am thinking of buying v2 and maybe using v1 at work.
New Posts  All Forums: