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I prefer my paleo quotient in the form of pork fat. Call it a charcuterie plate.On to coffee, I dialed in the holiday version of the KONE from Able Brewing and am very impressed. The body of French Press with minimal, if any, sediment. As clean a cup as the cloth filters from the Hario Woodneck. Sure, I could go Espro and get the same result, but I enjoy the pour-over routine. It's a zen start to my day.
Everything you need for denim... http://www.selfedge.com/index.php?route=product/the_shop If you can't afford Self Edge, look to Tellason or Epaulet New York.
Pics and measurements?
Goes both ways. Some defending Viberg have gotten quite insulting.
I'm giving you credit for both reading the thread and reading for comprehension. But in case I am incorrect on the latter, as pointed out above, "the derby eyelet issue, the mismatched boots, the shitty stitching mentioned several months ago and now the nail-sole pair."Edit to add, the only person making personal attacks here is you. Nobody else is calling others "idiot."
Yeah, anyone who would point out increasing quality control issues on $700+ pairs of boots is an idiot. Slow clap for you, genius.
OK, Francis.
Because, as has been suggested, these issues should never leave the factory. These are not minor things that people had to break out the magnifying glass to notice. They are glaring. Customer service after the fact is all well and good, but it appears Viberg needs to address the person(s) responsible for inspecting before shipment.
I love it when a brand becomes so beyond reproach to the Borg that basic quality control issues get nothing more than a shrug.
There is nothing "better" about the Aeropress, unless you count portability. The resulting cup is different than pour over or french press. Whether the difference is better is purely subjective. I happen to enjoy both pour over (my daily method) and Aeropress (when traveling).
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