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Yup, same problem, mainly on my left ankle. I use no show socks, but have to put a band-aid where the shoe hits my outer ankle bone. Also, discovered flapgate on the right shoe upon 2nd wear.
Yes, also on Carmina's kudu leather. Great stuff, recommend the neutral.
More oils and more fines. With the same grind size as paper filters, I found it to have too much fines. I increased the grind size slightly (equivalent to one click on a porlex mini) and that gave a great result. Noticeably more body without the fines.
I believe Able spun off independent from Coava to focus on the Kone and Disk. They have added a few other products since. I recently picked up the DiskFine for the Aeropress and am very happy with the results. I was hesitant to order because the first generation Kone never gave good results in the cup. I have read that the 3rd generation Kone is much closer to paper filters.
Second voyage for the MTO natural CXL derbies today. Love the variations of shading in the CXL leather as it breaks in.
I am seriously tempted by the derby in Latigo leather to see if the leather is thinner than the CXL from the MTO that just arrived. $665 includes express FedEx shipping.
I don't see the bulge in this pic either. I think jp2k1 figured it out... the CXL is a thicker leather.
I think you nailed it. The CXL is not as sleek as my service boot in latigo and it also fits looser. Disappointing since I was after the slimmer look.
This MTO was to recreate the derby below (that was supposed to be a production shoe in March 2014 according to Guy), which is very slim/sleek to my eye.
Does anyone else with the natural CXL derbies have a hump/protrusion on both sides where the front is stitched to the back? Both of mine do and it ruins the intended sleek look. Hopefully you can see it in the pics below. These are hard ridges. Edit to add that I see this in some of the pictures from other members.
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