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Happens all the time and I have never understood why they ship UPS even when USPS is requested.
It's not the color that makes me pass. It is the last. Looks chunkier/rounder than this. Especially look at the height of the toe box on the black French calf compared to below.
Would prefer derby in tan Latigo over natural cxl. My only requirements are exact last and leather sole.I hope the tumblr pic and the black French calf derby are not the same last. I would pass on black French calf.
I am in ONLY if on the last pictured on Tumblr.
Not as much of an issue in SF. Also a reason to DIY.
This is correct and is one of the tricks that a good barista will know and use. This also works for drip.
There are many ways that a good barista or, in my case, home brewer can avoid under extraction without having to updose (which is what you meant to type). I use the Stumptown ratio of 15ml water per 1 gram of coffee and never end up under extracted.Edit to correct that I never end up under extracted since I have learned the proper ways to prevent it.
Agreed. I think of the issue as the difference between intentionally abusing the boots v. not fretting about every scuff or stain that gives the boots their individual character over time.
What is not arguable is that you obviously have minimal experience with pour over or your palate is questionable.
As with most things in life, not if it's done right.
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