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None of mine have done so. For me, the difference in toe box makes or breaks whether I will buy the derby. Larger toe box = pass, slimmer toe box = buy.
Unless it's just the angle, I hope that this oxford... Is not the same as the derby shoe on Tumblr... The toe box on the oxford appears shaped like a service boot on the 110 last. I much prefer the sleeker toe box on the derby in the second picture.
And he doesn't understand sarcasm. Which is worse?
Maybe you could post more pictures of the same boot so we know which ones do not have your approval?
Thanks. Any update on the derby shoe?
Still in Oakland, right across the bay. Takes a day to show up after my order. I only get coffee in a shop or cafe when I travel now. Even then, I prefer to pack my Aeropress and some beans I roasted myself over taking my chances with local coffee.
Find another tailor. This is an easy fix.
I went with the brown because I just received a sport coat in the same material. Now I have a full suit.Congrats to Mike and Adele!
Thanks for pointing that out.
I use a Behmor to roast 1/2 to 1 lb at a time. I place it near the exhaust fan for my stove and run the fan during roasting and for a couple hours after. No smoke issues, but I can definitely smell the roasted coffee.
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