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Same experience.
I don't go outside in -22 F, either. Agree with Finn that style is not a concern in extreme temps. That's like worrying about your tweed sport coat when it is 100 (F) outside. Horses for shit and such.
I don't go outside when its -30, but that's just me.
If my concern is traction or longevity, I go Dainite or Commando sole. Otherwise, JR leather soles.
Grey or black with brown is very YSL circa early 70s.
The FF jackets have me questioning my MTO wool-cash-mink considering I could pick up 2 for the price of the 1, but... mink.
None more.
Well played.
And only McArthur can get away with the "nephew" affectation. Anyone else using it comes off as an unoriginal mimic.
I suggest that you contact Guy Ferguson. You can find his info in this thread.
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