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Church. Neither repeatable or predictable.
Alden Trubalance runs between 1/2 to full size large. For example, I am a true 10.5 in most shoes. I can get away with a 9.5 in Trubalance, but probably better off in a 10. For Viberg, I am a 9.5 UK.
Same experience.
I don't go outside in -22 F, either. Agree with Finn that style is not a concern in extreme temps. That's like worrying about your tweed sport coat when it is 100 (F) outside. Horses for shit and such.
I don't go outside when its -30, but that's just me.
If my concern is traction or longevity, I go Dainite or Commando sole. Otherwise, JR leather soles.
Grey or black with brown is very YSL circa early 70s.
The FF jackets have me questioning my MTO wool-cash-mink considering I could pick up 2 for the price of the 1, but... mink.
None more.
Well played.
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