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When both are present without either one dominating at the expense of the other.
My emphasis.
My first watch acquisition with a 1965 Montblanc 34 I received as a birthday present. Hard to tell, but the OuJ is on a navy/green/burgundy nylon strap instead of the usual leather.
Also vying for wrist time is an older acquisition on a new look strap.Previously look on shell strap. [[SPOILER]]
Give it time.
You are the mayor of crazy town.
My inverted method. I've since gone to 60% coffee/40% water dilution.40% dilution for the recipe below = 152ml water in the Aeropress for a 132ml yield, then diluting with 88ml water.
From the description, the original dial was brown and is fading to red/orange.This one is 18Kt.
Root beer 16753 with tropical dial. Thoughts?
My mind was blown on the value of the Wool Single Breasted Veneto at more than the current sale price.
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