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It's not an issue of structured or unstructured. Look back through this thread at the various derby pictures. They did a sample derby that was posted on their Tumblr page with a much slimmer profile. Others are on a last with a toe box that resembles their service boot.
Hate the toe box. It looks like a low top service boot. I want a derby to be slim, not chunky.
Are you overdosing and adding water after brewing? If so, I avoid that method. Best method I have found is Coava Coffee's - http://coavacoffee.com/blogs/news/9853248-coava-250-brew-series-aeropress.I use a Porlex mini 3 clicks open. It's definitely not as clean as a Chemex or Woodneck, but a nice alternative.
Navy hopsack.
Stop with the creepy "nephew" fixation.
Woodneck produces a cleaner cup. I clean the cloth filter every month with some diluted JoeGlo and replace it every three months.
Chemex was my daily prep until I discovered the Hario Woodneck. Chemex can produce a great cup once you learn all the factors that come into play - grind size, extraction time, etc.
Hope the production model is the 2030.
None of mine have done so. For me, the difference in toe box makes or breaks whether I will buy the derby. Larger toe box = pass, slimmer toe box = buy.
Unless it's just the angle, I hope that this oxford... Is not the same as the derby shoe on Tumblr... The toe box on the oxford appears shaped like a service boot on the 110 last. I much prefer the sleeker toe box on the derby in the second picture.
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