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I bought one about a year ago. Not travel friendly, but it replaced my Virtuoso for daily home use. The one drawback is grind adjustment, but it appears they remedied that in v2. I love it so much that I am thinking of buying v2 and maybe using v1 at work.
Thanks. Since I want the exact make up shown on Tumblr (not a Dainite sole), I will continue to wait.
Aero is not as acidic as Chemex by a long shot. Aero produces a cup much closer to press. I alternate between them on a regular basis using the same beans, so the only variable is the method. For grinders, the porlex is nice, but the LIDO from Orphan Espresso is unmatched. Wait for v2 to come out in the next couple months.
It's supposed to be a production shoe according to Guy. Why pay the premium for MTO?
I would love to see the exact derby they posted on Tumblr that was supposed to be available in March.
According to Guy, the derby on Tumblr is supposed to be a production model released in March. Still waiting.
I'm in for 6.
Nice to see this was resolved amicably.
I would expect that to be refunded also. I don't pay a dime for merchandise that is significantly not as described.This is the point exactly. It should not cost you anything to return merchandise because they couldn't bother to check. That's why I involve the credit card company. I am confident that they would chargeback the full amount including original shipping.This kind of behavior will certainly keep me from ever purchasing from 3Sixteen.
You would be surprised what cc companies will allow you to dispute if you are insistent enough.Waxed v. non-wax laces is not a good analogy. A better analogy is a boot advertised as made from Horween leather that shows up clearly stamped from a different factory. I would return them without hesitation and would expect the store to pay for return shipping.Dainite is a brand name that is familiar to most people who are in to shoes. I had never heard of Itshide prior to this...
New Posts  All Forums: