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Actually, if I saw these, I would think, "There is someone living an interesting life and wearing shoes the way they are meant to be worn instead of sitting around trolling styleforum or reading reddit."Also, those are Italian calf, so not sure why you are using them as an example in your CXL discourse.
The spoiler button is your friend when you reply with quote.
Was looking to order the "beast of a tie" or the Irish tweed, but, alas, both are gone.
We should take up a collection to pay you for teaching us what we fail to see with our own eyes. This must be what Luke felt like when first training with Yoda. All my CXL shoes that I thought were aging beautifully are actually flawed junk and not worth the price. Sad I am.
Aside from the flapgate issue, my natural CXL derbies are some of the most beautiful shoes I own. They are developing an amazing depth of patina.
I'm not much for submission unless you were born female and grew into a stunning redhead built like a brick house.
I'm hoping for one or all of these.
Do you really expect me to argue with you on the interwebs? I like it, you don't. Tomato, tomahto. Move on.
I think W+H looks amazing, but I have more black boots/shoes than I ever wear.
That Raw Cord sole looks great. I would love to know where to get those for re-soling.
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