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Shell boots made a (dis)appearance the one time I took a bathroom break.
I found this on the website of one of the shops in PDX.Inverted.15g coffee, 3 clicks counter clockwise from closed on a Porlex mini.Pour 50 grams water, start clock, stir.At 30 seconds, add water to 225 grams.Screw on filter, press air out.At 1:30, spin the top of the Aeropress to agitate for 15 seconds. Painful experience tip - do this over a sink.Plunge into mug. Should take 15-30 seconds. If shorter, grind finer next time. If longer, grind coarser.
Is it made from different metal than the Hario Buono? I have been using a Hario every day for a couple of years with no rust.
Missed the sale back when this was posted, but it is at 40% off today.
It is from Put This On's Etsy shop. "William Morris Blue Floral cotton square in various blues with a floral print, including several people and birds. Measures 16"x16", made completely by hand in our studio in Los Angeles. Full, hand-rolled edges."
Having recently decided to add to my collection, I picked up the following in the past week or so...
This is how all lapel rolls should look IMO. The flat lapel looks lifeless to me. A lapel roll should evoke a woman's labia. Then the tie evokes, well...
Better to be the dick that can afford $1000 shoes than the dick who can't.
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