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Will you be getting this Sage de Cret jacket anytime soon? If yes, what is approx. cost?
Reminds me of this recent comment from NMWA, "Working buttonholes worn open: Like contrasting threads, working buttonholes can be put on almost any ready-to-wear jacket. They also aren't put on every bespoke jacket. The Duke of Windsor himself did not have working buttonholes on his jacket sleeves. But if you do have them, keep them closed. Open cuff buttons are like wearing a T-shirt that says, “Ask me about my custom-made jacket!”
Agreed on the taste differences.
I found that this recipe is from Coava Coffee http://coavacoffee.com/blogs/news/9853248-aeropress.I looked up Stumptown's guide for Aeropress, they recommend the dilution method. Tried it out this week and the results are nice. Here is my new method.Inverted.16g coffee, 3 clicks counter clockwise from closed on a Porlex mini.Pour 50 grams water at 190*, start clock, stir.At 30 seconds, add water to 130 grams.Screw on filter, press air out.At 1:30, flip and plunge into mug....
Did the Ovadia leather DR sell out?
Are you also increasing the time the water is in contact with the grinds? If not, updosing will result in less extraction. All else equal, if you are getting underextracted coffee, you want to decrease the ratio. Updosing got popular with espresso shots, but it does not translate well to pour over unless you change other factors, such as brew time.
Or shoes in 10.5US?
11 US. 1/2 size too big and loden is tough to pull off without bright orange linen pants. Oh, wait...
Hope you are a size 10.5 US. PM me if not.
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