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Nice to see this was resolved amicably.
I would expect that to be refunded also. I don't pay a dime for merchandise that is significantly not as described.This is the point exactly. It should not cost you anything to return merchandise because they couldn't bother to check. That's why I involve the credit card company. I am confident that they would chargeback the full amount including original shipping.This kind of behavior will certainly keep me from ever purchasing from 3Sixteen.
You would be surprised what cc companies will allow you to dispute if you are insistent enough.Waxed v. non-wax laces is not a good analogy. A better analogy is a boot advertised as made from Horween leather that shows up clearly stamped from a different factory. I would return them without hesitation and would expect the store to pay for return shipping.Dainite is a brand name that is familiar to most people who are in to shoes. I had never heard of Itshide prior to this...
Since they clearly stated the boot came with a Dainite sole and it did not, they should take it back and cover return shipping. They did not deliver "exactly the boots that were requested." This is true regardless of whether or not the sole was defective, but even more applicable if the sole chipped. I would contact my credit card company and open a dispute and tell 3Sixteen they will get their boots back when they pay for return shipping.
It would be great if this were actually available sometime soon.
Love mine!
Cue extremely substantive rhetoric.
Agreed the rhetoric has been as extreme as under-roasted or burnt coffee.
Is all toasted bread burnt? I see your point, but I think both extremes, burnt or under-roasted, don't produce good results.
I didn't say that, but I knew you would not give a substantive response. Thanks for supporting my point.
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