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I use a Behmor to roast 1/2 to 1 lb at a time. I place it near the exhaust fan for my stove and run the fan during roasting and for a couple hours after. No smoke issues, but I can definitely smell the roasted coffee.
Guy - any update on this?
Ideally. The first one has a zip out hood. The second is a little dressier, so no hood. I was thinking I could wear a lightweight hooded gilet underneath.
Made from "an exclusive Italian cloth that offers breathability, insulation from the cold, and serious water resistance."
Considering the following two raincoats. OR
So tempted, my only hesitation is that I am looking for a raincoat and would love a zip out hood. Also, how is the water resistance compared to Millerain?
My problem with black is that it is an easy look to put together. Black outerwear, black pants and boots, maybe a grey top. Anyone can put a black look together. Much harder to coordinate browns, greens, blues, pops of color. That said, I would love to see Epaulet come up with something like this black cardigan:
This is more OCD than vacuum or siphon brewing. I love me a good Chemex brew, but I can't imagine all these tweaks make much difference in the cup.
Checking that this is still coming in Feb. Any details such as last and pricing?
Actually, I am pretty close to my TruBalance size, but I didn't even mention Viberg's lasts. I can wear 9.5 in both 110 and 2030, but I would probably be happier with 10 in 2030. So for me... Alden Barrie = 10 Alden TruBalance = 9.5 (borderline tight, thin socks only) or 10 (room for thicker socks) Viberg 110 = 9.5 Viberg 2030 = 9.5 (borderline tight, thin socks only) or 10 (room for thicker socks)
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