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Love mine!
Cue extremely substantive rhetoric.
Agreed the rhetoric has been as extreme as under-roasted or burnt coffee.
Is all toasted bread burnt? I see your point, but I think both extremes, burnt or under-roasted, don't produce good results.
I didn't say that, but I knew you would not give a substantive response. Thanks for supporting my point.
Please enlighten us as to your extensive experience and bonafides in the coffee industry.
Your points are all valid, but wasted on this thread. There are a lot of lovers of burnt coffee on here.I can tell you know your coffee. I would buy a cuppa from your shop if I were ever in the area.
Somewhat agreed. A roast that does not reach at least City profile (using Sweet Marias terminology) will likely taste just as bad as over-roasting. And I only stop at City roast for Gesha. Everything else is roasted to between City+ and Full City+ depending on Sweet Marias taste notes and my target.
On the tastes of the drinker, sure.
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