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Yes, I can.Just because you have not experienced it does not mean it is impossible.
A good roaster can achieve that balance across a wide variety of subjective palates.
When both are present without either one dominating at the expense of the other.
My emphasis.
My first watch acquisition with a 1965 Montblanc 34 I received as a birthday present. Hard to tell, but the OuJ is on a navy/green/burgundy nylon strap instead of the usual leather.
Also vying for wrist time is an older acquisition on a new look strap.Previously look on shell strap. [[SPOILER]]
Give it time.
You are the mayor of crazy town.
My inverted method. I've since gone to 60% coffee/40% water dilution.40% dilution for the recipe below = 152ml water in the Aeropress for a 132ml yield, then diluting with 88ml water.
From the description, the original dial was brown and is fading to red/orange.This one is 18Kt.
New Posts  All Forums: