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So that he has something to complain about, of course.
Thought I would share my experience dialing in the Feldgrind to match the Lido 3. I was using the Lido 3 at 10.5 for chemex using a metal filter from Able Brewing. I ended up at +3 full turns from 0 on the Feldgrind for the same grind visually and the same flow rate. I calculate this as a 4X since there are 14 marks per full turn on the Feldgrind for a total of 42 (10.5 x 4 = 42). Hopefully, the ratio holds up for Aeropress.
PSA - there is a Lido 3 grinder on eBay for $105 BIN or best offer.
I use the Acaia pearl scale -, but you will probably balk at the price. Agreed with AY that experimentation is key. Make small changes to one parameter at a time to get an idea of the results. For example, increase / decrease grind size by 1/8-1/4 turn at a time until you find your sweet spot. The do the same with brew time, water temperature, etc. You will eventually be able to correct for different beans or brew methods pretty quickly.
Now I understand how you can drink coffee ground with the Feldgrind at 1.11. I'm shooting for dead center of "balanced" and the surrounding descriptors.
I also have some vertical play in the handle of my Lido. I never noticed until you asked. I find +2 too find on my Feldgrind. I couldn't drink 1.11.
For those that own both a Feldgrind and a LIDO 3, how do you set them for same grind size? For example, I was quickly able to dial in the LIDO sweet spot as 8-8.5 (from zero) for Aeropress and 10-11 for Kone (Chemex). I can't for the life of me find equivalent settings on the Feldgrind. Thoughts?
Lido 2 or 3 if you can find one in stock. Or check eBay.
While I appreciate Kenya and Ethiopia as the "birthplace" of coffee, my under the radar picks are Burundi and Rwanda. I have not had a Burundi that was less than great, most are stellar. Rwanda can be hit or miss but worth it when it is a hit. Prices are typically lower for both. Keep in mind that I am buying green and roasting myself.
I understood it reduces acid / sour / bitter notes from the CO2 gases. We may be saying the same thing. It is the only brew guide that has not included blooming. The results are tasty.
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