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Did the Ovadia leather DR sell out?
Are you also increasing the time the water is in contact with the grinds? If not, updosing will result in less extraction. All else equal, if you are getting underextracted coffee, you want to decrease the ratio. Updosing got popular with espresso shots, but it does not translate well to pour over unless you change other factors, such as brew time.
Or shoes in 10.5US?
11 US. 1/2 size too big and loden is tough to pull off without bright orange linen pants. Oh, wait...
Hope you are a size 10.5 US. PM me if not.
I find the golden ratio for almost any method of brewing to be 1g coffee/15g water. This works for Chemex, woodneck and Aeropress. The only variable is the grind size.
Shell boots made a (dis)appearance the one time I took a bathroom break.
I found this on the website of one of the shops in PDX.Inverted.15g coffee, 3 clicks counter clockwise from closed on a Porlex mini.Pour 50 grams water, start clock, stir.At 30 seconds, add water to 225 grams.Screw on filter, press air out.At 1:30, spin the top of the Aeropress to agitate for 15 seconds. Painful experience tip - do this over a sink.Plunge into mug. Should take 15-30 seconds. If shorter, grind finer next time. If longer, grind coarser.
Is it made from different metal than the Hario Buono? I have been using a Hario every day for a couple of years with no rust.
Missed the sale back when this was posted, but it is at 40% off today.
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