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While I appreciate Kenya and Ethiopia as the "birthplace" of coffee, my under the radar picks are Burundi and Rwanda. I have not had a Burundi that was less than great, most are stellar. Rwanda can be hit or miss but worth it when it is a hit. Prices are typically lower for both. Keep in mind that I am buying green and roasting myself.
I understood it reduces acid / sour / bitter notes from the CO2 gases. We may be saying the same thing. It is the only brew guide that has not included blooming. The results are tasty.
Has anyone tried the brew methods on the George Howell site? I was refreshing my memory on Chemex and noticed they omit the bloom step - http://www.georgehowellcoffee.com/brew-guide/chemex-6-cup-for-one/. I tried it out this morning, it gave a slight but noticeable increase in body.
This is the best storage container that I have found. I roast 1/2 lb at a time and it keeps for 7-10 days.https://www.sweetmarias.com/product/airscape-7-inch-roasted-coffee-storage-container
Absolutely for Aeropress. I use 190* for most beans in my Aeropress. Bump up to 200* for lighter roasts.
I hate you.
I'm about the same on my Lido 3. I find 9 to be a bit too coarse for Aeropress because the plunger has no resistance. It almost plunges without any pressure. 8 is almost too fine, but I can't quite dial 8.5 for some reason. It doesn't help that I under-roasted my last batch and Aeropress is not the best method for lighter roasts.I'm at 2 on the Feldgrind and still find it too fine. I am guessing it is close to the same as 8 on the Lido 3. Now I need to figure out how much...
Update on the LIDO 3 settings. I went down to 9 on day 2, then 8 on day 3. 9 didn't taste that much different from 10. 8 was slightly less sweet, the main difference being that it made the Aeropress very hard to plunge. I backed it off to about 8.5 to see if I can nail a 15 second plunge and still get the sweetness in the cup.
I take it you meant that it did not taste "over-extracted" as there is no way 1.8 on a Feldgrind would result in under extraction.I got a LIDO 3 yesterday and used it this morning. I started at 10 marks from 0 and got a great cup using my Aeropress. Much sweeter than the Feldgrind at 2.0 setting, which most say is too coarse for Aeropress. I'm going to tighten the LIDO incrementally to find the sweet spot and use that to dial in the Feldgrind.
For lighter roasts. Not so much otherwise.
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