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Quote: Originally Posted by Nil I despise jean shorts. The summer time uniform for so many around here is a V-neck or tank top (usually AA) and cut off jean shorts. It's goddamn atrocious. They look great on girls.
Thanks. I figured that was the case, but the shoe/belt colour matching rule was news to me a few years back, so I figured it was better to check.
Random thought: Polos work well for me since my long arms don't matter with short sleeves and my long torso doesn't matter since they're not expected to be tucked in.
You're supposed to have shoes and belt be the same colour. What about matching woven shoes with a woven belt? like this type of shoe: with this type of belt Is that kind of matching required, or does it go to the point of overdoing the matching?
Velcro fastening looks kiddish to me. Unless they're obviously for sports shoes, they remind me of being unable to tie shoelaces.
First time the pictures stopped loading. This time they all did. I like it. Looks pretty useful, particularly given I don't like having a hood on my jacket if I don't need it. Definitely something for the winter.
I wouldn't necessarily avoid polyester. I used to abhor it too, but it has some advantages in convenience, and ironically has less of an ecological footprint than cotton. It's hard to go wrong with a polo shirt. As for avoiding wrinkles, either hang dry or take it out of the wash while still a little damp, or at the very least right away and hang them up. I've got some shirts and pants that easily wrinkle if I'm not paying attention to my laundry, but the ones I'm...
I'd go for a Seiko Spring Drive simply because the perfectly sweeping second hand is so cool. Other than that, Rolex. They always hold their value and aren't that hard to sell. Other brands you'll have to find a WIS willing to buy it off you.
Quote: Originally Posted by constant struggle FYI bootcut is ALREADY uncool I don't see how it can be if you're wearing boots. A design with a purpose that achieves the intended purpose is always in style. As for comparing the uncoolness of bootcut to slims/tapered cuts, I'm not sure how the latter ever were cool. Certainly some are cut well with a good rise so you have some room to move your legs, but how crotch-hugging-knee-squeezing...
Oh, that changes things then. Just as well though since ski pants work better.
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