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Quote: Originally Posted by Dbear But they are designing... ...all designers can't go edgy and fashion-forward...or they would be ignoring a large market. Slimming down a standard chino isn't really design imo (not in any innovative or creative sense). I think she's right, there are too many brands basically offering the $200+ version of J.crew.
Considering many on this forum already size down 1/2 to 1 size for their GTs, I'm not sure if that's sound advice here. I'd say it's more accurate for some of the more true to size Red Wing models though. I wear my 1907s in my true dress shoe size of 11.5D and they fit pretty close to my 10.5D Dayton cap toe boots (can't say how those compare to the service boots though).
I was charged last week and have not received an email confirmation. I don't know if that's their policy (can't recall if I ever got one with my other pair of Daytons).
Pretty glad I jumped on this last week. It was still 4-6 weeks wait then. After reddit I imagine it could it could end up even longer than 10 for some orders. Although I waited like 4 months for my last pair of Russell Moccasins, so even 10 weeks is not that terrible.
I no longer seem to be able to edit my old thread so I'm making a new one to add an item and update prices (forgive me mods). All prices include shipping within the continental US and Paypal fees. First is Samurai 130XJ. These are from Samurai's Jin line (same left-hand twill as the 110XJ) and are a Lee 101B 1930s style repro. They were purchased from 2ND Store in Japan for about $320. They were hot soaked and then worn only a few times. If you want, I will also throw in...
I never understood the appeal of the bent sole on the originals. In fact, what appealed to me was really the shape/style of the boot, not the W+H distressing. I'm really glad to be getting Dayton's version now without all the superfluous details for much cheaper. I hope most of you will be able to enjoy the boots for what they are and not destroy them trying to soak/bend them into the W+H version.
What practical advantage do they have over shorts? If it's hot enough to want to expose your legs you're probably better off in shorts and if it's not you're probably better off in pants you can roll up or down. I guess I don't see any need for them since they often look worse than either shorts or pants would in a given situation.
Black cherry goes with a lot of things. I wouldn't rule it out as a color. It looks fine with brown and especially good with black. I feel like the GT is the more versatile boot of the two. You can pretty much wear them with any outfit that calls for a boot (unless you plan to hike or wear a suit). The Iron Ranger is much more in the style of a "work" boot and therefor a little more limited in its versatility. If all you've got is Clarks DBs at this point, you might be...
Quote: Originally Posted by thomasec Can anyone link to a definitive version of each of the color options available through Dayton? Here's one I managed to find for "black" (I'm guessing "oiled black", minus the sole): http://www.outlooksformen.com/images..._007_thumb.jpg Based on the photos on Dayton's site I believe that is probably the black chrome leather. This is a boot in black oil tan, and I think these are as...
posted in the official sales alert thread, Quote: Originally Posted by wannabeagiant As for sizing, I have a pair in brown. I went down 1 size from my dress shoe size. They are marked an E width but they are more of a d width, probably due to the 50's last. They are narrow in the instep. I'm ideally an E but sometimes an EE (EE RW Iron Ranger for example fits me great) and opted for EE with these. From what I've heard I believe sizing up...
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