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What constitutes a high or low rise I believe also depends on your height. My most comfortable rise seems to be between 10.5" and 11", which might seem kind of high to some people. But I'm 6ft with naturally longer legs and rise. When I wear something around 10.5" they fall low enough that they look like a mid-low rise on me. What sucks is that I'm only a 30/31 waist, which makes it difficult to even find a 10.5" rise. I don't know why rise is tied exclusively to waist...
Quote: Originally Posted by sazon The NB 574, which can be had for the $50-60 range is almost the same sneaker, IMO, though not made in the USA. I love mine. Super comfy for my flat feet. Great color choices as well. I feel the J.Crew 1400s have a much nicer shape than Chinese made 574s. vs 574 always look too stubby and short for my taste. But purportedly the new US made Custom 574s are an improvement on that shape (may order...
Quote: Originally Posted by bl@ster I've tried the 5 pockets in raw from Bean Signature and I have to say I think they're awesome. Price is right. Denim looks very nice and somewhat formal. Fit is also excellent. Fits like a cross between 514 and 501 -- very slim and flattering. Buy em! Is the rise closer to the 514 or 501? I don't care for a low rise jean. 501s fit me great except I wish they were slightly slimmer in the thighs and more...
That's a bummer about the delay. I wonder what leather order they have in mind? I ordered on like the second day of the sale and was told about 4 weeks, but it sounds like I might have to contact them to see if that has changed.
Quote: Originally Posted by chethondo The 1907s are the ones that come with the insole right? For me they run true to size. Your boots are probably too small. You might think about removing the insole if there's one in there. If not then you need to sell on ebay and go up a .5 size. 1907 run small compared to something like the GT. My experience with them is true to size as well. While I have like an inch of toe space in my 11.5D GT, I...
I think part of the reason there is so much sizing confusion is that people are comparing sneakers to boat shoes to boots to whatever else. I don't really feel sneakers are ever a good frame of reference for sizing a pair of boots. Imo, take your standard dress shoe size or brannock size and go from there. What you fit in a pair of sneakers without any width options is not going to always represent what you might fit in a boot or dress shoe with different widths available.
Three quarters Norwegian and one quarter English. Grew up in Minnesota. I've got darker blond hair than many real Scandinavians seem to have but have a similar tall build (although my build is a bit slimmer than many of my relatives).
Quote: Originally Posted by linkinwayne About time for more pics. [[SPOILER]] Love this one. This would be one of my picks for how I'd like a couple from the future to dress (with the addition of shoes for the girl).
Quote: Originally Posted by Dbear But they are designing... ...all designers can't go edgy and fashion-forward...or they would be ignoring a large market. Slimming down a standard chino isn't really design imo (not in any innovative or creative sense). I think she's right, there are too many brands basically offering the $200+ version of J.crew.
Considering many on this forum already size down 1/2 to 1 size for their GTs, I'm not sure if that's sound advice here. I'd say it's more accurate for some of the more true to size Red Wing models though. I wear my 1907s in my true dress shoe size of 11.5D and they fit pretty close to my 10.5D Dayton cap toe boots (can't say how those compare to the service boots though).
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