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1 and b (but I'm biased against zip boots).
Quote: Originally Posted by ceoceo Pretty much the same response. Later next week or couple weeks for the soles to arrive, but except for that the construction is over. I was told last week that my pair were just waiting for some heels and then they would be going out by last Friday. I hope they're not waiting on Canada Post to get all this stuff.
I picked up the black ones on the right recently (thinking about picking up the brown as well since they're cheap now). The material is actually a pretty cool heavy twill. No idea why Pro-Keds don't seem to get more exposure here. I think they've had some really great designs lately.
Them Atelier seem to average around $80 retail and are made in the US (at least the ones I have are). I recently picked up a tapered and straight fit pair and quite like them for the price (around $40 each on sale). I would suggest sizing down 1 or 2 sizes though as they run quite large in the waist.
So are the slim fit jeans tts or not? I read a couple pages back to try to determine the sizing and noticed some conflicting reports.
I have somewhat wide feet and usually have no problem with Vans. Skate shoes in general seem to run wider than other sneakers.
You don't oil nubuck unless you're trying to dub them. Best you can do for nubuck is to spray them with a suede/nubuck protectant and brush them when soiled.
Toebox looks totally fine imo. As the leather gets softer and worn in I'm sure it'll deflate a little as well. It's not even close to the bulbous Cdiem boots that people still revere.
So it sounds like nubuck has shipped and oiled brown is coming up. But any news about oiled black? Anyone order the oiled black and get a shipping notice yet? Last time I talked to someone at Dayton (around the 25th of May) I was told they'd all be out June 1st, but I have still not received a notice.
Hey all, selling a pair of Made in USA Them Atelier jeans in a dark overdye indigo color. They were rigid at the start, but I stupidly decided to soak them and toss them in the dryer to see if maybe they'd shrink (waist was too big). I only tried them on for about fifteen minutes inside my house before I decided they wouldn't work. I ended up ordering 29s and they worked out much better, so I'm selling these at a loss to clear space. sold Measurements (BiG...
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