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As long as we don't see significant changes in housing and interest rates due to the downgrade I'm positive it will not affect his re-election. The difference between AAA and AA+ means nothing to the average American otherwise.
I don't recall people complaining about quality issues with the original W&H boot. And while I can't speak for my new pair since they've barely been used, my other pair of Dayton boots that I've had for about a year now have held up fine. There has definitely been some quality control issues with this run of boots, but I don't feel like it speaks for Dayton as a whole. So far I'm very satisfied with my new service boots.
The 511 has never worked for me because of the low rise and the 501 is nice but could benefit from more of a taper. So I guess this cut has me interested if it isn't just a variation on the 514.
I'd say Islander's assessment is correct as far as the front of the boot goes; my EE is comparable in the ball and toe box to some boots I have in D width. The heel is a little wider than a standard D though. Since I have a wide forefoot and narrow heel the EE was my only choice, but it also means the heel is a little loose without an insole (which I wear anyway, so ultimately not a big deal for me).
I just took a couple of quick shots. Snakes pics probably reflect the oiled black boots better than mine, however.and with flash
My oiled blacks arrived today. First impression is that I love the oiled black leather even more than I thought I would (much better than the pebbled black that W&H used imo). I ordered 11EE and I'm a 12 Brannock and they fit maybe a little loose without insoles and a little tight in the vamp with them but good otherwise (I think the vamp will stretch with some wear). But since I have to wear an insole I intended to size them with that in mind. Length wise they're about...
I've had good experiences with both BiG and Schaeffers Garment Hotel (believe the latter was formerly involved with Denim Doctors).
Quote: Originally Posted by Master Milano feel like its missing something, maybe a nice cardigan! Definitely needs a belt imo. Shirt tuck and trousers without a belt always looks a little off to me.
bump for a small price drop before they get returned
I've never been able to tolerate the feeling of wearing a watch (or any sort of bracelet for that matter). My parents bought me many as a child. I would wear them for a day and then they'd end up buried away in a drawer. I've always wanted to carry a pocket watch, however. I wish modern fashion didn't make them so impractical. Maybe some day when I frequently find myself wearing vests and sportcoats.
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