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bump for a small price drop before they get returned
I've never been able to tolerate the feeling of wearing a watch (or any sort of bracelet for that matter). My parents bought me many as a child. I would wear them for a day and then they'd end up buried away in a drawer. I've always wanted to carry a pocket watch, however. I wish modern fashion didn't make them so impractical. Maybe some day when I frequently find myself wearing vests and sportcoats.
I'm surprised his came with the Clarks tag. I heard all future Clarks desert boots that Dayton produces would only have a Dayton stamp.
I just picked these up from Tres Bien Shop but they're a little big. They're tagged 30x32 but would ideally fit a true 31 or 32. Rather than go through the hassle of returning them to Sweden I thought I'd first see if anyone might be interested in them. They've only been tried on and tags are still intact. Retail $205 but I got them for about $140 in their current sale. I'm asking $125-->SOLD Measurements using BiG's method. Waist: 16" Front Rise: 10.6" Thigh:...
1 and b (but I'm biased against zip boots).
Quote: Originally Posted by ceoceo Pretty much the same response. Later next week or couple weeks for the soles to arrive, but except for that the construction is over. I was told last week that my pair were just waiting for some heels and then they would be going out by last Friday. I hope they're not waiting on Canada Post to get all this stuff.
I picked up the black ones on the right recently (thinking about picking up the brown as well since they're cheap now). The material is actually a pretty cool heavy twill. No idea why Pro-Keds don't seem to get more exposure here. I think they've had some really great designs lately.
Them Atelier seem to average around $80 retail and are made in the US (at least the ones I have are). I recently picked up a tapered and straight fit pair and quite like them for the price (around $40 each on sale). I would suggest sizing down 1 or 2 sizes though as they run quite large in the waist.
So are the slim fit jeans tts or not? I read a couple pages back to try to determine the sizing and noticed some conflicting reports.
I have somewhat wide feet and usually have no problem with Vans. Skate shoes in general seem to run wider than other sneakers.
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