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Is there anywhere I can find the BBQ 501s in 30-34? It's always so difficult to track down my size in Levi's shrink to fit. I don't know why they only seem to offer size 30/31 waist with 32 inseam when they're shrink to fit jeans that lose 2-3 inches of inseam after shrinking!
People should learn that when you make dumb financial mistakes you pay for them, or you get bailed out by the Fed, right? It's these people's own fault for not having buddies at the Fed to bail them out when they make poor financial decisions.
Searched but didn't find an answer to this. Since Jcrew doesn't seem to have any burgundy/wine cords left I'm looking at LEC's Merlot pair. Does anyone know if the slim fit cords fit similar to the slim jeans (I have a pair of those already)?
I have two pairs. One tapered and one straight. Both are quite a bit larger in the waist than tagged. I would probably suggest sizing down 2-3 sizes if you don't have large thighs/thick legs.
I'm a little late to this thread so I don't know what UO was asking for the 60/40, but I checked out a couple places that were asking $400 for their mountain parka. From what I've followed on Ebay, vintage ones often go for less than a third of that. $400 seems awfully high for an item like this. Especially since you can frequently find vintage Made in USA models from other manufacturers for under $50 on Ebay that look 90% identical to Sierra Design's 60/40.
How many people in third world countries have had their lives "enriched" by an Ipad (or even seen one)? If Jobs was so charitable why is there such a large financial hurdle to having my life enriched by his products (Apple products are far from inexpensive even by the standards of most modern electronics). And it's not like Apple has ever openly shared their innovation. Other companies may have copied some of their designs, but I'm positive there was no charity involved at...
I can say from experience that Christ Wedge soles are not great for winter wear (very slippery on ice). For winter you want a lug sole imo. Here's a couple decent looking pairs under $200.http://workingperson.com/footwear-1/mens-work-boots/motorcycle-boots/chippewa-boots-soft-toe-motorcycle-boots-25290-106376.htmlhttp://www.onlineshoes.com/mens-chippewa-20082-6-inch-lace-up-tan-rodeo-p_id243928
ceoceo's post reminded me of this song, But as to not be completely unhelpful, I own a pair of Mountain Light II's and think they're fantastic boots. Without knowing why you're looking into them, I can't unconditionally recommend them though. They're sturdy/heavy duty hiking boots and probably are not the best choice if you just want something for casual winter(?) wear.
Isn't it pretty simple to remove a Topy? Why not have them remove it and keep that pair?
Even if it didn't have the giant scorpion? I think it's a pretty cool/wearable jacket otherwise.
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