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I think it looks like a portable radio that has been spray painted white/silver.
I was torn between GS and Sauce, but when I noticed GS's socks I had to vote for him. I just wish the pictures were a little bigger so I could make out the individual pieces.
Vans and Puma I hate Nike too. I also never much cared for Converse (I grew up on Vans slip ons).
Quote: Originally Posted by GameBoy They're tighter on him than they would be on me. I'd have some room and would need to wear a belt. Would this look still 'work' if the pants were roomy? No I'd even say that his fit is borderline too loose in the thighs. Looser than that and I think any sleekness that the leather pants may provide is going to be offset by the poor fit.
Is the PBJ one wash?
Picked up a pair of slim bootcuts on ebay recently. They're the newer season (made in USA with back pocket stitching?), I think. But oh my god are the knees ever tight. The waist and thighs fit fine, but I can barely get them over my knees, and even then they feel like they're almost cutting off my legs. Also, the hem measures 8, but the knee measures 7. They seem a bit more "boot cut" than the .5 inch difference people were seeing with the earlier models. I'm not...
I like the pattern, but as a suit it is too much. I think the coat alone might have looked ok. But after seeing this it makes me want to find a black brocade silk scarf with a similar pattern.
Nope. I dislike branding in general. Levi's is the only brand I'll tolerate much external advertising on.
Definitely not the loafers. I think they'd look terrible with a bootcut. I'm not sure about the other two. It would depend on the shoe.
I just bought a pair of raw Sliqs last week. H&M does indeed sell them still. The H&M I visited actually had a pair of last years (?) version with the back pocket stitching in regular color and a more slubby look to them and quite a few newer ones that are much darker with dark back pocket stitching you can barely see and a more sleeker looking denim. I like the new one a lot more. But if you've got 70 dollars to spend, I'd save up a little bit more and get some...
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