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I'm not feeling those at all. I like the Iron Ranger but I don't think it's a boot that works with a wingtip style. The front looks like it should be on a more elegant boot (GT might have been a better fit imo)
Really like this as well. Even though I own a couple N3-B parks, I don't own a proper MA-1. I think I need to remedy that as I'm really liking that jacket in your recent fits.
If the leggings are warm enough to run in weather that calls for a down coat I take back my comment. I don't run in the winter and have never worn running tights, so maybe I'm underestimating their warmth. Usually if I'm pulling out a down coat it's pretty cold and I'll tend to stick with thicker fabrics like wool or denim.
Without the jacket that would look just like running wear. With the jacket, it looks like a runner that's really confused about the weather.
There is actually a thread on that boot that might be worth a look.
There's all sorts of awesome Chippewa models in Japan, it's ridiculous. I found a bunch just digging through Amazon Japan.for example my favorite pair that actually make me sad I can't purchase,
Do you want a coat or a blazer? The top pretty much looks like a tweed coat. If I wanted a blazer I wouldn't buy anything with a shawl collar (so I guess my pick is the bottom).
I really like this coat (from what I can see),wish there was a closer picture though.
Double monks with a thick crepe (?) sole make no sense to me. That's like a Chelsea boot with a creeper sole. I can't say I much care for the trend of throwing thick soles on every style of shoe (apparently regardless of whether they look good together or not).
I would be interested to know how those run as well. I'm a UK 11 in Tricker's Stow and 11.5 in a lot of US stuff like RW and Alden. I'm wondering if the UK11 would be way too big or not (I'm afraid 10 would be too small).
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