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I thought the same thing about the scarf (it looks enormous). I like it, but I feel like maybe it would be less overpowering if it weren't pared with a completely slim outfit. Maybe it's just goth ninja groupthink creeping in, but I see it working best with more drape or some looser fitting items.
I find the slight stacking with the cuff on the pants a little awkward, but it seems I might be the only one. Generally, I think it looks best to either cuff or stack, but not both.
I'm not 100% sure on the print but I like the color.
Are people really carrying food in these leather bags? I like this waxed canvas bag more than those leather ones, But I would probably buy neither since a plain washable canvas bag seems like the most practical.
MelonadeJello is right, it's not a very laughable fit. If I saw him on the street with that outfit and those glasses I would immediately assume he is a mentally disabled person. The last thing I would want to do is laugh and point at someone like that.
Chunky boots can be worn with tapered pants. But your shoe and pant size will influence whether or not the shoes have a "clown shoe" appearance. I like the bottom pair. I was looking at those myself and would have probably ordered them if I hadn't just ordered some other boots.
^This would be helpful. Also, other than the pocket hole, what is the condition of the coat?
I had my 1907s nearby so I snapped a couple shots. [[SPOILER]]
I can't speak for the quality between the two, but I'd keep the Burberry without hesitation. I love the non-traditional color myself. I don't care for the color of the Spurr coat, the abundance of pockets, or the belt (belted short coat isn't a look I like). There's many coats of a similar enough style I'd take from Belstaff and Barbour before that Spurr design.
I never got to see the W&H in person but I feel like my oiled black pair are better leather wise than the black leather W&H pair. I didn't really care for the pebbled look of that leather. The oiled leather is very thick but supple. I really like my Dayton boots. But I'm not sure if I'd order another pair in the service boot last. I find that for me the EE width heel is too wide and the toe box a little narrow. I'm like an E/C in Alden. I have wide toes and a narrow heel,...
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