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He needs to lose the socks. Shorts and high dark socks rarely look good together.
Feminine retro I guess? Love this woman.
Have they been soaked/washed yet? I would not suggest hemming until most of the shrinkage is out.
Definitely the waxed cotton jacket.
I like vests personally, although they seem to be out of favor at the moment. I like both those RRL vests. They're the most interesting of the bunch. The patch pockets on the Steven Alans are nice, but otherwise the vests themselves seem like rather dull fishing vests. I don't really care for the tan Polo one at all (not a big fan of tan vests in general).
Only wear one if you're cool enough to also have a time machine.
I remember when growing up kids would talk about being soldiers, but I've never heard a kid that young talk about wanting to be in a war. I thought his response to the what do you want to be when you grow up question was kind of disturbing.
I bet it would a simple fix for a tailor. I wouldn't let it go myself because I'd be afraid that if it got snagged it might pull out the hem.
Yeah, but are they rocking fresh Clarks dbs and shawl collar cardigans?
That is a good example on the left, but TWorksheets' fit doesn't look like the posted examples to me. I'm just not seeing the comparison other than the similar wash.edit: Seinfeld sneaker link is awesome. I'd totally love that collection today.
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