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Only wear one if you're cool enough to also have a time machine.
I bet it would a simple fix for a tailor. I wouldn't let it go myself because I'd be afraid that if it got snagged it might pull out the hem.
Yeah, but are they rocking fresh Clarks dbs and shawl collar cardigans?
That is a good example on the left, but TWorksheets' fit doesn't look like the posted examples to me. I'm just not seeing the comparison other than the similar wash.edit: Seinfeld sneaker link is awesome. I'd totally love that collection today.
I think the jeans look fine. They're slim/tapered enough for me to not confuse them with the vast majority of dad's jeans. Of course, I also like Ervell in his washed out Levi's. It's more early 90s to me than it is "dad jeans".
It's pretty hard to find skinny fits with high rises (I know, I've looked). Imperial's Shearer model comes to mind, but it's probably too tapered for what he wants. Next best thing for a straight fit might be Levi's Vintage Clothing 1947 501. The 36x38 will probably shrink down around 34x35 (but I believe the rise will only be about 12").
I thought the same thing about the scarf (it looks enormous). I like it, but I feel like maybe it would be less overpowering if it weren't pared with a completely slim outfit. Maybe it's just goth ninja groupthink creeping in, but I see it working best with more drape or some looser fitting items.
I find the slight stacking with the cuff on the pants a little awkward, but it seems I might be the only one. Generally, I think it looks best to either cuff or stack, but not both.
I'm not 100% sure on the print but I like the color.
Are people really carrying food in these leather bags? I like this waxed canvas bag more than those leather ones, http://shop.artifactbags.com/products/handmade-olive-lunch-tote But I would probably buy neither since a plain washable canvas bag seems like the most practical.
New Posts  All Forums: