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PMed you about these. But if they're still around I'm interested.
What's the color of the first pair of jeans? Also, are they both the classic or narrow fit (button or zip fly?).
Those second shoes are why I don't like some Italian shoe styles. Why do they often have to have a comparatively elevated heel/arch? Give me flat looking English or American dress shoes any day.
Adrenaline doesn't cause you to walk by a wounded guy twice before you retrieve another gun and then fire five more shots at him. Self defense is not about brutality and I'm glad to see the jury in OK felt the same way.
I haven't taken a picture of them since then but changes haven't been all that drastic because they don't get a ton of wear. I have some foot problems that prevent me from wearing them frequently (for some reason even with insoles the chukkas bother my feet more when worn for long periods compared to my other Russells). Out of my three pairs of Russells my green chamois short PHs actually get the most wear.
Jd5016, in LVC I think you're looking at the 1954 501z. That's if you want a decent taper. If you're fine with the 514 fit at the hem, then the 1967 505 is probably a good choice as well.
He needs to lose the socks. Shorts and high dark socks rarely look good together.
Feminine retro I guess? Love this woman.
Have they been soaked/washed yet? I would not suggest hemming until most of the shrinkage is out.
Definitely the waxed cotton jacket.
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