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These have been sitting in my closet for too long so I've decided to finally just let them go. I believe they were a discontinued style that I purchased on sale from Dayton some years back. I think they are a roughout leather. The original color was more of a gray roughout, but I dubbed them with Sno-seal so they're pretty much charcoal/black now. I wore them a few times, had them resoled with the Neoprene sole (not due to wear, just didn't like the original sole), and...
I just got these in the mail a few days ago but the cut just didn't work out for me. They've only been tried on for about fifteen minutes inside the house. I believe they are raw sanforized denim (the denim is kind of a loose, slubby weave that should fade rather interestingly). Measurements (BiG method): Waist: 16.5 Rise: 10.25 Thigh: 11.4 Hem: 7 Inseam: 35.25 More info on this model also available here:...
Probably going to pick up the 16.5oz JB0412s soon, but a little unsure about the sizing. Japan Blue's site seems to indicate that they're super oversized compared to tagged while some other places like BOW and Context have much smaller measurements. Any sizing advice? Also, does anyone know if Japan Blue's use cotton thread like Momotaro or poly-cotton (I'd actually prefer poly-cotton myself for the extra durability)?
I noticed the PBJ jeans are on sale. Anyone have experience with the loose fit tapered as far as how tapered they actually are? Judging by the oversized waist measurements I think I'd need to size down but I don't know if they'd end up too tapered then (probably sz 28 or 29).
So is the urban sweat bomber sold out or just not on the US site? Also, are the tops in this collection slim fitting too or is it just the pants?
Definitely interested in the work jacket when it drops. I just hope they'll offer a raw or less washed version too.
I can't compare them to the other moc-toe models since the 1907 is all I own in those, but compared to the 8 last models like the beckman and pretty much any heritage plain toe they run shorter but slightly wider. They're kind of a stubby boot in comparison.
PMed you about these. But if they're still around I'm interested.
What's the color of the first pair of jeans? Also, are they both the classic or narrow fit (button or zip fly?).
Those second shoes are why I don't like some Italian shoe styles. Why do they often have to have a comparatively elevated heel/arch? Give me flat looking English or American dress shoes any day.
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