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Got my Minimalist DR today. Ordered March 16, Shipped April 8, Received April 13. Black lamb, size 48, +0.5" for the body, +0.75" for the sleeves. For reference, I'm 5'11" and about 160 lbs. I apologize in advance for my photography...I'm just an amateur. Came with this tote: The TOJ logo is actually stitched to the tote, not just screen printed: Front: Back: Closed cuffs: Half opened: Opened and unbuttoned: Inner...
Picked up my Minimalist DR from the post office this morning. It's sitting in my car right now...I'll try to get some pics up when I get home from work.
Quote: Originally Posted by clark kent Ahhh I ordered my collared moto about a week before you. I hope it's nearly ready. I don't even care that it's nearly 70 degrees outside. I still plan to wear it everyday haha. There's a high of 90 today in Houston. I plan on trying it on and throwing it in the closet till November.
Quote: Originally Posted by zaff When did you order? March 16, so just barely over 3 weeks ago. Quote: Originally Posted by Dbear You GOT to take some pics when you get it. I got my measurements done for the same thing and about | | close to pulling the trigger..... Sure, I'll try to get some pics up when it arrives.
Quote: Originally Posted by bdeuce22 nice. from what other dudes have said, you should have it early next week. what color did you go with. black lamb. gunmetal hardware.
Just got shipping confirmation for my Minimalist DR. Can't wait.
I wouldn't waste my money if i were you. You can get a decent watch for $3,400, at least an Omega.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one You are not allowed to ask me if your jacket is done, within this thread, unless your screenname is your real full name, or the real full name of the person whose paypal you used to pay me. Thank you, that is all. Do I get to ask? My screen name is my first initial and full last name? I ordered a Minimalist DR in black lamb...keeping my fingers crossed...
Quote: Originally Posted by jakekrait two weeks down. four to go? guess so, depends on how far down the queue i am. most likely, i won't be able to wear it till october/november though. if i get it by may, it'll be too warm.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one current happenings, star date 3/31/11 8:51am: Stuff is all being made, shipping again on Friday this week (moving most of our shipping to Fridays as a habit now.) Almost every jacket prior to the recent releases is either shipped or finished and sent/waiting to be sent. Emilo with the batman avatar was the first to order from the new styles and so he is first to get swagged out, I think we get to go look at it...
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