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Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus oh yeah and vote for goretex harrington ditto.
i'm voting harrington. as popular as the varsities are, there's plenty out there (as seen in the marketplace)
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one ^ I can do that. Email me later, like next week. Show n tell time, lil summin summin for you dudes; we get this seam tape out the back door of the Dainese factory, lol. It's technical fusing tape to cover seams, good for water and windproof stuff; the fishtail got this, I'm at home experimenting with it for my camo projects. Is this the same Dainese I'm thinking of? I used to have a Dainese...
Oh man. I'm happy with my MDR in black lamb, but that suede one is making me want another one...
more pics please!
I think a Minimalist Double Rider in wool or canvas would be pretty interesting. Is the Uncontrol DR no longer happening?
ditto, nice fit.
Which Panerai are you looking at? The Portuguese has a 41mm dial, but I'd argue that it wears pretty big since there's practically no bezel. If the Portuguese works for you, I think a PAM should be no problem. Of course you'll never know till you've tried it on. I was comfortable with my 36mm Datejust, but I had no problems transitioning to 40mm (Sub) or 42mm (Speedy), so the jump from 41mm to 44mm might not be that big a deal for you. Especially considering the IWC wears...
To all those stressing, don't worry, it'll be worth the wait. I guess I was one of the more fortunate since my order arrived in just about three weeks. I understand that it makes those who haven't received their orders yet more anxious when they see others already getting theirs, but just be patient, it'll all be worth it in the end.
+1, please post some pics kiya!
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