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Grey co-mix, cast carbon, am90
I wear S in Bleeckers and M in Escobars
Got my package today Three necks Three hems
I placed an order for the Midnight Villain Crew and Co-Mix Grey U-Neck, Mercer, and Classic Crew yesterday. Excited to get them in on Friday. Will report back then.
Lightly used, maybe worn less than 10 times in the past 4 years. Retail, when purchased was $600; retail for these glasses is currently $675. 100% Authentic, comes with receipt (purchased from LV store in Saks Fifth Avenue in the Galleria, Houston, TX), dust cloth, case, glasses. Excellent condition, no scratches on the glass, at least 9/10 overall. Please contact me if you need more/better pics. Will ship next business day after receiving payment
Size 10.5. Worn once, primarilly indoors, excellent condition. These are from the Gumbo Pack, from All Star Weekend 2014. The red soles glow in the dark. Please contact me if you need more/better pictures. Will ship next business day after receiving payment.
After wearing my Cast/Carbon a few days, I have a few comments. 1) I love how the denim creases, yet it's so soft. 2) The inseam is about an inch longer than my Coasts, and I'm enjoying the extra inch. Stacking is a little better. 3) I hope JE makes some waxed black denim in the future.
pics are horrible, but you get the idea. 41 overshirt in 2/M cast/carbon in 29
Yeah revolve is good.Just got these in:
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