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Quote: Originally Posted by jakekrait two weeks down. four to go? guess so, depends on how far down the queue i am. most likely, i won't be able to wear it till october/november though. if i get it by may, it'll be too warm.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one current happenings, star date 3/31/11 8:51am: Stuff is all being made, shipping again on Friday this week (moving most of our shipping to Fridays as a habit now.) Almost every jacket prior to the recent releases is either shipped or finished and sent/waiting to be sent. Emilo with the batman avatar was the first to order from the new styles and so he is first to get swagged out, I think we get to go look at it...
if i could, i'd buy one of everything...
Thanks for all the advice guys. Really looking forward to getting the jacket though I won't be able to wear it till later in the year.
Now I'm second guessing myself. I ordered the Minimalist DR in black lamb, size 48, with 0.75" added to the sleeves and 0.5" added to the body, putting the front length at 22.6" and the back length at 25.2". I'm 5'10" and I'm not sure if I should keep those measurements or add another 0.5" to the body to bring it to a total of 1" added body length. Any suggestions?
Quote: Originally Posted by idfnl +1 Yet another monotone ass boring athlete with no personality. He's been coddled for so long he can hardly talk. Who gives a shit what he wears? Really. Op? Why on earth do you give a shit what some overpaid dumb fuck athlete like LowBrow wears?
placed an order yesterday for a minimalist dr in black lamb w/ gunmetal hardware. patiently waiting for the next 3-5 weeks. then off into the closet it goes till fall arrives.
Quote: Originally Posted by trafficjam As a guy who has no business owning a leather jacket, I'm seriously considering getting a leather jacket soon. Fuck. I live in Houston, TX where I only need a jacket for maybe 2-4 weeks out of the year...and I have too many jackets already, but I still want to get that simplified DR.
Quote: Originally Posted by ramp Would also like pics and measurements. Is Brad Pitt black/black? I believe this is the Brad Pitt.
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