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@OakGhost, so nowhere close to: Mr.Porter: I'm afraid of them looking like this:
What's everyone's thoughts on the current season trash denim? I think they look great on ysl.com, but I've seen other real life pics that make them look underwhelming.
I wore mine today. Wife in fringed chelseas.I have enough tan boots, so why not? The black suede is a deeper black than black leather and you don't see them too often.
Single knee.
It might depend on the season. For reference, I'm a true 43, and I can fit the current season SS16 cropped jodhpurs in 42, I do not have wide feet.
I use woodlore boot trees.They don't fit as perfect as an actual last, but they account for the instep.
@dmill, here's some recent ones:
The Mica is a little off white, and as long as you're careful where you sit, I don't see it being that difficult to maintain. I've posted my pair with a raw hem and knee rips in the past if y'all want a reference. I've thrown my pair in the washer, no issues.
I couldn't agree more with @KVAEIOU. True to size, I'm a 48 and fits like a glove zipped up and looks great unzipped. Wore it this past weekend for what will likely be the last time until it cools down in fall.
I'll post pics when I get my pair. Got my SA to reserve a pair for me.
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