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Happy Friday!
Wore my Mica's today:
I have seen women in the boutique looking at clothes every now and then, but for the most part I see them checking out Sac de Jours.
Yikes! Did you buy in store? If something like that happened to me, I feel confident that my SA would help me get that taken care of.
Wearing these today as I anxiously wait for the black suede harness boots.
Black D10s for $205:
New zippers aren't as chunky as FW13.
@OakGhost Washed calf L01:
For the hem, I just cut it straight across and threw them in the washer/dryer to get some fraying. For the rip, it was previously a slit like the other knee. I just cut another slit above it and another slit below it and pulled out the warp threads and left the weft. Some of the weft broke apart and that's what you see hanging on the sides. I imagine even more of that will happen with continued wear.
I use boot trees by Woodlore because they take in account the instep in some of the boots. For leather boots, I'll hit them up with some Saphir Renovateur when needed and a very very light coat of polish.
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