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I just can't stand how the arm "poofs" out above the elbow.Maybe it has something to do with the transition from a vertical ribbing to a horizontal ribbing.
my baby:
Drew, where are you on emails? I sent you an email to place an order two days ago. Ready to pay whenever you're ready.
I plan on getting the TOJ1 in medium grey with black sleeves and ribbing (the third option on the list) + the black/grey/white tiger stripe camo lining. Just waiting on Drew to get back to my email so I can send him monies!
ditto. trying to decide between blacked out and med. grey.
And like the Bugatti, you'll be able to find something (multiple things) better for a fraction of the price.I mean, would you really buy a Veyron if you could get four LP700s instead?Instead of spending 637k on that watch, I'd get a DBS, a LP700, and a Lange 1.
Do you have several expensive watches that you leave at home? If so, invest in a safe.If you only have one expensive watch, then more than likely, you'll be wearing it most of the time. $98/year? Invest in a nice handgun instead
You're talking about the SS model. I've noticed that the precious metal Daytonas sit on shelves just like any other precious metal watches. As for the markup, I haven't noticed any local places doing that anymore. True, SS Daytonas aren't as readily available as other Rolexes, and it's true that some places still have waiting lists for them, but I think the hype has definitely died down in the last couple years. If you're on Rolex Forums (TRF), you'll notice that it's...
i'm ready to order that varsity
I thought this picture was fitting for WAYW.
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