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It's $300+ before tax. You're only at $284
These are a 29. I'm 5'10"
Opnions? Personally i like the color and i think they rips are alright. I think they'll look better after some wear.
I haven't taken a measuring tape to them, but from trying them on, they seem to be the same cut/material. The only real difference to me is that they have different colored hardware. As for the hardware, that will be personal preference. I prefer the silver hardware, but I can understand why some may like the muted look of the black hardware.
I use these: http://www.zappos.com/woodlore-boot-trees-for-men-cedar
@OakGhost will do. I notice the SS16 pairs don't have the large third blowout on the left leg, but that's not a deal breaker for me. Also, distressing tends to look better after some wear. I think the distressing on my single knee rips look a little better than when I first got them. Either that, or I'm imagining things.
@ohyehhh, nice! I ended up getting the SS16 trash denim despite the variation in color and distressing. Crossing my fingers they are wearable (coming tomorrow).
Thanks @OakGhost, @onlyslp, and @cloonz for your thoughts. I'm thinking about trying a pair out because the shade is different than the other blue denim I have from SLP and my other pairs are 100% cotton and these have 2% elastane. Just something different I guess. Will report back if I do pick up a pair!
@OakGhost, so nowhere close to: Mr.Porter: I'm afraid of them looking like this:
What's everyone's thoughts on the current season trash denim? I think they look great on ysl.com, but I've seen other real life pics that make them look underwhelming.
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