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New zippers aren't as chunky as FW13.
@OakGhost Washed calf L01: http://www.ysl.com/us/shop-product/men/ready-to-wear-leather-jacket-classic-motorcycle-jacket-in-black-washed-leather_cod34648369jl.html#section=men_rtw
For the hem, I just cut it straight across and threw them in the washer/dryer to get some fraying. For the rip, it was previously a slit like the other knee. I just cut another slit above it and another slit below it and pulled out the warp threads and left the weft. Some of the weft broke apart and that's what you see hanging on the sides. I imagine even more of that will happen with continued wear.
I use boot trees by Woodlore because they take in account the instep in some of the boots. For leather boots, I'll hit them up with some Saphir Renovateur when needed and a very very light coat of polish.
They frayed because I threw them in the washer/dryer. If you want the more raw look, you can just not wash and dry them. I wonder what would happen if I took an iron to the hems...
Many of you have seen these before, but here are my self distressed cropped Casts in Mica. Only difference from the last time I posted them is that I tore up the left knee a little more. Sage Clasic Crew btw. What are your thoughts? Should I have left it as just a slit? I'm considering distressing my Coasts and Carbons for the heck of it. I have plenty of black and washed denim and they are for the most part out of my rotation at the moment.
Thanks! I was talking specifically about the jeans. Light wash is perfect for the warmer months.Yes, those are both D02.
These will be getting a lot of wear this summer.
@slann01 I'm a 43 in FW13 Harness Wyatt's and 42.5 in the SS16 40mm Chelseas.
That studded biker looks awesome on you, try to get that instead!
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