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@Jbidwal I don't know if this applies to the Cast 2s, but I have a couple pairs of the previous Casts (non-stretch) and I wear 29 in washed (Coast and Carbon) and 28 in non-washed (Mica). I've washed my Micas and they've stretched back out.If it's any help, I believe we wear the same size in D02s (29).
Of course, the best thing to do is try them on in store. If there isn't a boutique or retailer near you, I would suggest buying from a site that offers detailed measurements or if you're buying from an individual seller, ask them to take actual measurements of the product. You can compare to other jeans you own and get a good idea of the fit. Remember, jeans stretch, so take that to account when comparing new vs. used measurements.
It's $300+ before tax. You're only at $284
These are a 29. I'm 5'10"
Opnions? Personally i like the color and i think they rips are alright. I think they'll look better after some wear.
I haven't taken a measuring tape to them, but from trying them on, they seem to be the same cut/material. The only real difference to me is that they have different colored hardware. As for the hardware, that will be personal preference. I prefer the silver hardware, but I can understand why some may like the muted look of the black hardware.
I use these: http://www.zappos.com/woodlore-boot-trees-for-men-cedar
@OakGhost will do. I notice the SS16 pairs don't have the large third blowout on the left leg, but that's not a deal breaker for me. Also, distressing tends to look better after some wear. I think the distressing on my single knee rips look a little better than when I first got them. Either that, or I'm imagining things.
@ohyehhh, nice! I ended up getting the SS16 trash denim despite the variation in color and distressing. Crossing my fingers they are wearable (coming tomorrow).
Thanks @OakGhost, @onlyslp, and @cloonz for your thoughts. I'm thinking about trying a pair out because the shade is different than the other blue denim I have from SLP and my other pairs are 100% cotton and these have 2% elastane. Just something different I guess. Will report back if I do pick up a pair!
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