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I have a SS Rebel as seen a few posts back. Yes, it fits a little looser than the Villain. But like I said, it's a matter of preference. I prefer the mesh items to fit looser than the terry pieces. If you notice, the models on the JE site all wear 2/M, so I was going for the same aesthetic. I wear 2/M across the board for JE products.
Just depends on the fit you want. I wear M in both the Villain and Rebel
I wear 10.5 in Flyknit Racers and Trainer. I wear 10.5 in just about everything Nike/Jordan. The Sock Darts only came in whole sizes so I got a 10. They fit fine, snug like I like it.
Mesh Rebel. Love it.
I agree, if you compromise on sizing, you'll just end up regretting it later on. Might as well save your money for when the product restocks in M or find it at another stockist.
Got the Cast/Mica in today, but unfortunately there was an issue with my pair, similar to an issue I had back in January. Thankfully, Cody is taking good care of me now and they're sending me a size 28 since 29 is once again out of stock. The only difference on the sizing chart seems to be .5" in the waist and .25" in the hem which shouldn't be an issue. I'm a little nervous because I own the Cast/Coast and Carbon in 29, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this 28 will...
Everything lines up fine on my pairs. I think the models on other sites are wearing the wrong size, because if you pick the right size, you ought to get the fit advertised on JEs site.
I'm a 32" waist and I wear a 29.Check the size charts against a pair of jeans you like the fit of. That's gonna be your best bet.
Wore u-neck in co-mix grey and cast in carbon today: Liking the way these stack.
Went ahead and ordered the Cast in Mica, excited for this pair!
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