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I don't hem my jeans. Some may think the stacking is excessive, but it's never bothered me.
That's good to know! I'm patiently waiting for the suede chain harness boots. My local boutique hasn't gotten any footwear in yet, just tees, shirts, and the green teddy so far.
Happy Friday!
Wore my Mica's today:
I have seen women in the boutique looking at clothes every now and then, but for the most part I see them checking out Sac de Jours.
Yikes! Did you buy in store? If something like that happened to me, I feel confident that my SA would help me get that taken care of.
Wearing these today as I anxiously wait for the black suede harness boots.
Black D10s for $205:
New zippers aren't as chunky as FW13.
@OakGhost Washed calf L01:
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