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@JohnElliottCo the grey duo escobars on the site are the new updated fit right?
The hooded villain fits slim on me, but not tight. I don't have any of the mercer tees, but looking at the size chart, I would order a Medium.
I'm 5'10" 155 and I have the black villain with the silver zippers in M.My chest is 38.5" and it fits great.
Just checked out the site and I'm having issues seeing sizes too. Anyways, I placed an order for the grey hooded rebel in M yesterday and I'm excited to try it out! And now the anticipation for the shipping confirmation starts... BTW, I'm 5'11" 155lbs and I own a black hooded villain in M.
i wonder what that vtg jacket looks like under the collars and stuff...you know, the parts that aren't getting tanned.
measurements please
lol at your math...but yeah, the look isn't bad!
Got it! Will ship out Tuesday after the holiday
price drop!
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