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I would recommend finding a pair of D02s. Tapering jeans is no big deal on raw pairs, but can get tricky when dealing with washed ones. The fading at the seams often becomes misaligned or lost if that makes any sense.
@OakGhost nice pickup! Decided to wear the denim trucker today:
Pics please.I was thinking about getting these, but knowing they don't like the site photo is a let down.
John Elliott + Co Iridescent Flight Jacket Olive Size 2/M Made in USA Olive/Burgundy iridescent outer Quilted inner lining Custom ribbing RiRi zips Lightly used, clean, in excellent condition. Chest: 22.5" Shoulder: 18" Length (from bottom of collar): 27" Sleeve: 26" I ship within 1-2 business days of receiving payment. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
The suede chains went from preorder to not available. Hopefully that means they're shipping out to boutiques soon!
Not mine, but what do y'all think?
I paid $483.I was ready to pull the trigger at my local boutique for $890 too. Glad I came across it at END.
Got it on END yesterday.
Just grabbed this on sale:
Thoughts on these fw16 patched denim? I'm so ready for my suede chains to come in. Even though it's blazing hot outside, I'm ready to put some wear on them.
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