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I'm a 32" waist. Got a 29.
and on foot:
Cast in Carbon. Love these.
Got these Monday:
Wow, just found this thread. Glad to know Need Supply is hooking SF members up. I'll be placing an order this month or next!
I'm the same as you. 43 is the correct size.
I have two pairs of Escobars, three Villains, and a Flash Dual Zip. All worn regularly, all have been washed. No issues with the fabric. All different colors too. Black, midnight, sand, burgundy, grey, and grey duo.
Haven't gotten any pilling on any of my terry pieces
I wear M in all tees and sweatshirts. As far as length, you can check the length of the L Villain and M Mercer on the site and that will tell you if it'll layer or not
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