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Just bought a pair of the grey suede geobaskets from the sneakerboy sale. $485, and then after shipping and duties, $553. Not a bad price. Gotta take advantage of that favorable AUD/USD exchange rate!
Really enjoying these:
Can't wait!
Thanks for the advice guys. I'm not that big into lowtops, but I might give some a try. I had a pair of the MMM splatter paint GATs in my cart yesterday during the Sneakerboy sale, but even with the discount, I decided not to pull the trigger on them. Maybe I'll try a pair of CP Achilles in the near future. I was thinking about getting some Ramones or Monochrome Cotes Pleated next.
Some stuff I picked up the last month or so: What next?
My size 29 had a 31 waist to begin with. I have a 32 waist and after maybe two wears, the waist is 34.
Yeah, my size in the raw vs. washed versions isn't the same. If you're a 29 in the Coast, you might fit a 28 in Obsidian. Likewise, if you're a 29 in Obsidian, you might be a 30 in Coast.
I wear my M co-mix mercer with my three villains, all M. No issues.
Yep, same guy.32 waist, 29 in coast and carbon, 28 in mica.Don't go by the labeled size, use the measurements on the site.
Horrible photos, but I wore Flash Dual Zip and Cast/Coast for this casual Friday:
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