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Nvm, they shipped both my orders!
Ordered the 41 Overshirt on Thursday and the burgundy Escobars this morning. UPS My Choice shows that the Escobars are already bring shipped out. Hopefully the Overshirt goes out soon too.
Well I appreciate the discount because I normally just pay full price for JE anyways. Either way, I enjoy the products he puts out.
Got the grey 41 overshirt. Thanks for the presale JE! Looking forward to getting it! Been wanting this flannel for way too long.
Are the cobrax buttons exposed on the back of the sleeve cuffs of the 41 overshirt, or are they backed by fabric? I'm trying to figure out if it'll scratch up my watch.
resisting temptation. i'm telling myself i don't need black escobars.
I have the grey flash dual full zip. I enjoy the lighter grey color, but it's all a matter of preference. It provides a good contrast to my medium grey and dark grey shirts, whereas the dark grey wouldn't.All depends on what the rest of your wardrobe looks like. As always, when in doubt, buy both!
Since buying the black villain, I've picked up the rebel and some escobars. I have a flash dual zip coming in Monday, and I'm excited to try it out. Really enjoying the pieces JE has been putting out.
I saw someone post that their tags on the gap collaboration had John Elliott misspelled.
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