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I got the medium grey body/black sleeves/tiger camo lining TOJ1. Placed my order Aug. 29, so I'm hoping it'll be done soon... Will post pics whenever it gets in.
Looks great. Can't wait to receive mine!
my vote goes for the patek, not just because it's a patek, but because i think it looks better as well.
LOL, I'm sorry you guys think my car is so ugly. I personally love it, and I really enjoy driving it. When I wake up in the morning, I think, "damn, I have to go to work...but I can't wait to drive my car" And to me, that makes it all worth it... And this is coming from a Benz guy. I never thought I'd buy a BMW, and I felt sort of guilty getting rid of my AMG, but no regrets so far.
I'm very tempted to order the 2010 DR in that light whisky...
It's just a split, no idea what the use of it is, but it's standard on the Meisterschaft exhaust. A lot of the people on the M5/M6 boards prefer higher pitched exhausts, but I personally like the lower tone.
I just can't stand how the arm "poofs" out above the elbow.Maybe it has something to do with the transition from a vertical ribbing to a horizontal ribbing.
my baby:
Drew, where are you on emails? I sent you an email to place an order two days ago. Ready to pay whenever you're ready.
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