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I'm a hypocrite. I said I was gonna get the L01, but got this instead:
@mwn11, A+ pickup!
John Elliott + Co Grey Short Sleeve Rebel Hoodie in Size 2/M. Worn twice, but in excellent condition. Mesh outer with Poly/Cotton/Rayon blend inner, super soft. No longer produced. Will ship out next business day after payment is made via USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation.
Sounds like the D10 cut?
Anyone still a fan of the SS Rebel? Mines just sitting in the closet waiting for a new home.
Yes, mine are the d02 version. There's a d10 version of that pair as well.
Happy Easter!
Anyone interested in size 42.5 tan Chelsea's? PM me.
@OakGhost, I strongly debated the JE Summer Rider, and I'm sure it's an amazing piece, but I decided I want a L01 so I'm gonna go for that. Just gotta convince myself it'll get use down here in Houston. I might get to wear it 5 times a year.
Thanks! They're the patched denim from this season:http://www.ysl.com/us/shop-product/men/ready-to-wear-denim-pants-original-low-waisted-skinny-jean-in-light-blue-vintage-denim_cod36809903hb.html
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