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@Jbidwal, they are 100% cotton. This season fits a little looser than last. I'm a 30 in last season's d02s but 29 in this season. I have the black waxed with stretch in 29 and I grabbed these in 29 as well despite the lack of stretch and the added material at the knee.
I wear mine pretty often.Depends on what pair you already have, but it has been my go to for washed black denim. Here's a few fits:You can pretty much wear them with anything.
@OakGhost, I think I'm gonna leave them as is. I don't want to lose any of the distressing at the hem by shortening them. Besides I prefer stacks:
Saw the grey pair in person. They look amazing!@OakGhost, thank you for enabling me.
Anybody get their grey or tobacco pairs in yet? I'm waiting for some reviews before pulling the trigger. Thanks!
Wore my chained Wyatt's today:
I hope JE brings the Carbon wash back.
You'll get hit with customs ordering from End, but not from SSense. Wearing these tonight:
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