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I wear a different size on many SLP boots. 43 in FW13 Wyatts, 42.5 in FW15 Wyatts, 42 in SS16 Jodhpurs and Chelseas.Wearing my nut Wyatts today:
Yeah, the SLP jodhpurs are awesome, no regrets whatsoever.
Picked up these jeans last night: Also grabbed these black suede Chelsea's. Really love how they look in person. Of course I can't capture it in pics.
I have these. I've worn mine a few times and have enjoyed them so far. The denim feels a little lighter than the 100% cotton offerings, but the stretch makes them very comfortable. The light coat doesn't make it stiff or anything, and there is a sheen to the denim, I would say the only issue is if you are around pets because hair does stick to the jeans, but that can be solved with a lint roller.
I use these in all my boots as well. Got mine from zappos for the free 1 day shipping
I wear mine with 15cm, no problem.
Cigar looks different in every photo/lighting. My wife's jodhpurs look a little darker than mine even though they're both cigar. Here's a comparison to the nut Wyatt's. Different shade, different texture. Any thoughts on black suede Chelsea's? I'm debating picking up a pair to be a little different. My local SLP has the cigar Chelsea's, but I'm debating whether I need another boot in the same color. Either that or maybe the Wyatt Chelsea's in black leather.
Went to SLP to try on the L01. They only had a 46 in stock and it was definitely too small for me. Pretty sure I'm a 48. 5'10" 160lbs. Also, I'm really liking this shirt.
Hmm, I'm not sure which ones my SA is bringing in for me. She said she was going to bring in Nut Wyatts in 42.5 and Cigar Wyatts in 42 for me to try on, not sure what season. Typically I'm a 43, but I fit a 42 pretty well in the Hedi 30 Jodhpurs (Cigar). Maybe I should pick those up as well...
Let me know how it goes!My SA found a pair of Nut Wyatts for me and I plan on swinging by Friday to try them out.Maybe I should just wear my d02s then too!
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