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Haven't gotten any pilling on any of my terry pieces
I wear M in all tees and sweatshirts. As far as length, you can check the length of the L Villain and M Mercer on the site and that will tell you if it'll layer or not
Yeah, even though they shrank, they'll just stretch back out. I'm 5'10" 155lbs so I buy M since that's what the model wears. I've washed my Escobars and though they shrank some, they just stretch back out.
Well they charge customs into the price now, so buyers aren't charged upon delivery.
They don't ship Balenciaga to the states. Everything else, they do. I'm wondering more on customer service, processing orders and whatnot.
What's everyone's experience with SneakerBoy? Are they pretty good shipping to the states? USD is pretty strong against AUD, so I was thinking of placing an order for some SLPs.
Looks good ^
^nice pickup, let's see how it looks with the rider! wore co-mix clasic crew with coast today
I really enjoy the Co-Mix tees, I have the Classic Crew, U-Neck, and Mercer all in Co-Mix grey and they all wear well on their own.
I have a SS Rebel as seen a few posts back. Yes, it fits a little looser than the Villain. But like I said, it's a matter of preference. I prefer the mesh items to fit looser than the terry pieces. If you notice, the models on the JE site all wear 2/M, so I was going for the same aesthetic. I wear 2/M across the board for JE products.
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