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Drew, where are you on emails? I sent you an email to place an order two days ago. Ready to pay whenever you're ready.
I plan on getting the TOJ1 in medium grey with black sleeves and ribbing (the third option on the list) + the black/grey/white tiger stripe camo lining. Just waiting on Drew to get back to my email so I can send him monies!
ditto. trying to decide between blacked out and med. grey.
And like the Bugatti, you'll be able to find something (multiple things) better for a fraction of the price.I mean, would you really buy a Veyron if you could get four LP700s instead?Instead of spending 637k on that watch, I'd get a DBS, a LP700, and a Lange 1.
Do you have several expensive watches that you leave at home? If so, invest in a safe.If you only have one expensive watch, then more than likely, you'll be wearing it most of the time. $98/year? Invest in a nice handgun instead
You're talking about the SS model. I've noticed that the precious metal Daytonas sit on shelves just like any other precious metal watches. As for the markup, I haven't noticed any local places doing that anymore. True, SS Daytonas aren't as readily available as other Rolexes, and it's true that some places still have waiting lists for them, but I think the hype has definitely died down in the last couple years. If you're on Rolex Forums (TRF), you'll notice that it's...
i'm ready to order that varsity
I thought this picture was fitting for WAYW.
There are a few sellers that pretty much the whole site would endorse.I've personally bought from both two of them with no issues.
There's plenty of sellers on TRF that sell brand new for less than MSRP.i purchased my 14060M new from a seller there for $4,500 (this was last year when the MSRP was $5,500).I bought it to replace my Speedy, and I've never regretted it.
New Posts  All Forums: