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Quote: Originally Posted by cloonz Is it a 44? sorry, it's a 48
Yeah...I have varsity (TOJ0 brad pitt) and after receiving my MDR, I can see why Drew would rather make the full leather pieces. They're just that much more awesome. Now that I have the MDR, I don't think I'll wear my varsity anymore, if at all (maybe I should sell it?).
had some recent transactions with: edmorel HomerJ both excellent sellers. highly recommended.
got my brown donegal tie. top notch stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by johnmcnamee I emailed MT a couple of days ago regarding the extreme angle they use when attaching the sleeves to the shirt. I sent them some pictures comparing their shirt to another (non MT) shirt, which showed the problem quite clearly. They wrote back saying that their production manager agreed that the angle was far too extreme, and that they would pass the information along to their factory. Time will tell if this...
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol Payment sent EAT IT, DOUBTERS on the left:
i believe an "homage" is made in respect to another item. a "counterfeit" would be made to represent an item it isn't.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one Some might be or they might bring them to me as a batch. There was a couple defects in the first few and I trashed them and sent back for re-makes. Aw, you should've just gave those away. Throw a tag on there that says second quality, so people don't question the rest of the TOJ stuff.
sent my numbers
Quote: Originally Posted by Dbear Good to hear that the cuffs the 2011 DR model hugs the wrists to allow for some stacking...I think that's what you're saying. It's hard to tell from the pictures. They're pretty close to the wrist when zipped up. For me there's still room to zip up with my watch on and it's not too tight, so perfect.
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