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I prefer the highs over the lows by a mile.
They pretty much started out like that.
I like the Nut suede over the typical smooth suede that's on everything else.
The rider looks crazy nice. I wish I had a reason to get it, but I already have a leather jacket and I have no reason to own two living in Houston. Picked up the charcoal co-mix. My first JE pickup in a while.
I own the CP Chelseas to have variety, but the Harness Boots are better in every way. The CPs aren't clunky though, not as sleek as a SLP boot, but not as bulky as a Timb.
I recommend SLP D02 or D10 in black stretch. If you buy them overseas, they're about the same price or less than JE.
Nice pickup @Y3KID Wore these last night:
So tempting! I would grab both those if I didn't already have them.
FYI: A few sizes for y'all
Nothing is wrong with what JE is doing. GQ and Gap have helped him out and he's returning the favor. It's how he's doing it. I'd argue that the appeal of JE is cut, quality, and style. It's a shame that he let Gap ruin the cut and probably the quality as well. Just from the photos, this collection looks like trash. Of course, that's just my opinion.
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