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That studded biker looks awesome on you, try to get that instead!
I wear 29 in both. I wouldn't size down if I were you.
@kieran84, the black D10s I got from Browns is from SS16
Great site to deal with. I bought my pair from them on Tuesday, got them Thursday, and you can see them pictured in my last post!They fit pretty much exactly like this season's D02s with an ever so slightly higher rise.
Pretty good price on biker jeans: https://www.ssense.com/en-us/men/product/saint-laurent/black-denim-leather-biker-jeans/1251173 Gotta stay busy today so I don't get tempted by the sales. Happy Friday!
Tan suede. Look at some of my previous pics if you want ideas
I think these are my favorite jeans this season:
It just feels more substantial. Calf does take more time to break in though, so I guess there are some disadvantages. Just a personal preference. Either way, beautiful jackets!
@OakGhost get an older L17. Calf > lamb
Pre-order on LVR has the harness wyatts at $1095 and the studded ones at $1195. Glad to see the prices are a little less this season. Just means we get to buy more right?
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