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Okay, just got home and my Cast in Coast have been delivered! New tags: Measurements for my size 29: Waist - 15.5" laid flat Front Rise - 10" Back Rise - 13.5" Thigh (at crotch) - 11.25" Knee (13" from crotch) - 7.75" Hem - 6.5" Inseam - 33" I'll try them on tomorrow when I have some more time. Enjoy the pics for now!
^^^ Mine come in tomorrow. If y'all hold me to it, I'll put together a detailed post for y'all.
Anyone get the Cast in Mica? I'm on the fence, but I was thinking white jeans would be great for summer.
My Cast in Coast already shipped! Thanks JE for getting them out quick. Looking forward to them.
The model used to wear a 29 in the coast, and some of the other jeans. I'm between a 31 and 32 and got the 29 because I prefer the slimmer fit and the waist will stretch.
coast bought
Thanks for the info!
@johnelliottco, when is the cast in coast restocking?
Those are SL/01?
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