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@OakGhost so just new heel? What about the sole?
Jodhpurs today:
@epryor so jealous
Yes, they have stretched a bit in the waist and a little in the thigh.I'm naturally a 32 waist, and these are a size 29.
Bring back the Carbon wash!
@Jbidwal, I think you'll be very pleased with them! Earlier today I said I'd check length on my boots, which are different sizes. FW13 Chained Wyatt - 43 FW15 Wyatt - 42.5 SS16 Hedi 30 Jodhpur - 42 SS16 Hedi 30 Chelsea - 42 Sole to sole, they all are the same width and length, and as I said earlier, they all fit me the same.
Same as the rest of my SS16 pairs. They have stretched in the waist and maybe a little in the thighs.
I picked these up recently. I highly recommend both pairs, great washes.
They fit my feet the same despite the size differences. I always get my SA to bring in a few sizes to try on and I buy what fits. Like the jeans, the fit seems to change from season to season, for me at least.If you want, I can check the lengths between my pairs later today. I'm a true 10 (43) on the brannock scale.
I wear a different size on many SLP boots. 43 in FW13 Wyatts, 42.5 in FW15 Wyatts, 42 in SS16 Jodhpurs and Chelseas.Wearing my nut Wyatts today:
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