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My size 29 had a 31 waist to begin with. I have a 32 waist and after maybe two wears, the waist is 34.
Yeah, my size in the raw vs. washed versions isn't the same. If you're a 29 in the Coast, you might fit a 28 in Obsidian. Likewise, if you're a 29 in Obsidian, you might be a 30 in Coast.
I wear my M co-mix mercer with my three villains, all M. No issues.
Yep, same guy.32 waist, 29 in coast and carbon, 28 in mica.Don't go by the labeled size, use the measurements on the site.
Horrible photos, but I wore Flash Dual Zip and Cast/Coast for this casual Friday:
I'm a 32" waist. Got a 29.
and on foot:
Cast in Carbon. Love these.
Got these Monday:
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