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Any idea when Revolve will be getting the Expo tees?
Got my tracking just now, will be delivered Wednesday.
Yeah, I was told the 20th to 22nd, so hopefully the boots get shipped out soon!
Barneys Warehouse sale, $281 shipped.
thought they cancelled your order?
Yes, please. Thanks!
These came in today from the Barney's Warehouse sale: Got my typical Adidas size and they fit great. Quality and craftsmanship isn't up to par with mainline Rick, but it's decent.
Anybody order a pair of Jodphurs? Lian said my Chelseas are in production and should be finished end of next week. If they're all they're hyped up to be, might place an order for Jodphurs next.
I'm a 10.5 in Nike, but 43 in MMM, SLP, RO. Went with a 10 in the tech runners, which is my normal Adidas size. I'll report back on sizing when they come in later this week.
Those look great. My wife was telling me I should get those instead, but I couldn't resist the triple black.
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