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Here's a better pic for true color:
Had a little back and forth with Lian on the sizing and he was very helpful. I sent him a picture of my foot on the measuring guide. It was right at the 43 line, so he suggested 42.5. I'm glad I took his advice as they fit perfect. For reference, I wear 10.5 in Nike, 10 in Adidas, 42 in Balenciaga, 43 in MMM, SLP, RO, FP.
JE Cast/Coast. Sorry about the pics, all taken from my phone. I can try to capture the true color later, mostly wanted to show y'all the silhouette.
Got my Chelsea's today:
Lian usually responds within the day.
My Chelsea's shipped Thursday. Went from Vietnam to Indonesia to Singapore to Japan to China to Korea. Lol Should be delivered here in the States on Wednesday, so I'll probably post a review then.
Got my cast in coast and carbon tapered from the knee down to a 15.5 cm hem. The 6.5" hem was pretty good to begin with, but now they fit perfect.
Any idea when Revolve will be getting the Expo tees?
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