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Well I'm guessing I'll have to wait till Monday to hear back from Brandi huh? I'm assuming JE customer service works M-F
Brandi has been taking care of me. I'm just waiting for her to send me a shipping label so I can send them back for an exchange.
It's hard to take a pic of the measurements. When the garment is flat, 17 and 7 is what I measured. When I laid my Cast in Coast in the same size over it, it wasn't even close. I could wear these over the Coast
Thanks, I've been emailing Brandi and she's been taking care of me.
will y'all pay for return shipping? The waist is supposed to measure 16 and hem 6.5, but I'm getting 17 and 7
Just got my cast in Mica and the size is completely off. The size 29 I got measures closer to a 30. Not sure if it's worth doing a hot wash to shrink it since JE doesn't have any more 29 in stock. I've ordered from JE 9 times and this is the first time I've gotten missized product.
I enjoyed the Cast in Coast so much I decided to get the Cast in Mica
Darn, my latest JE order is delayed by UPS. "A late UPS trailer arrival has caused a delay. We're adjusting plans to deliver your package as quickly as possible. / Delivery will be rescheduled." It was supposed to come in today, but I guess I'll have to wait.
I have some more JE denim coming in tomorrow. We'll see how this goes.
The jeans do stretch, but the best thing to do is to measure a pair of jeans you like the fit of and compare the measurements on JE's site. I've found that JE jeans stretch an inch laying flat or two inches around.
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