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Pretty good price on biker jeans: https://www.ssense.com/en-us/men/product/saint-laurent/black-denim-leather-biker-jeans/1251173 Gotta stay busy today so I don't get tempted by the sales. Happy Friday!
Tan suede. Look at some of my previous pics if you want ideas
I think these are my favorite jeans this season:
It just feels more substantial. Calf does take more time to break in though, so I guess there are some disadvantages. Just a personal preference. Either way, beautiful jackets!
@OakGhost get an older L17. Calf > lamb
Pre-order on LVR has the harness wyatts at $1095 and the studded ones at $1195. Glad to see the prices are a little less this season. Just means we get to buy more right?
@nsubrmnn summer rider looks great! @Jbidwal white jeans look better cropped. I think if you take a pair of scissors to them and shorten them, you'll like them a lot more! Wore my carbons today:
I think you need to register for a Sneakerboy account first.
@OakGhost your boutique is taking pre-orders for the suede chains? My SA said she's reserving my pair for me.
TTS.Get an older pair with Raccagni zips and better leather quality.
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