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Wow, I didn't check this thread for a while, and seeing all the activity, I thought maybe something awesome dropped. Regarding the tee with the loose thread and the year-old hoodie with the little hole, can't you just fix those yourself? If not, bring it to a tailor. I drove my truck for a couple years and the windshield wipers got streaky and a taillight went out. I replaced it myself instead of complaining on an internet forum. The complaining on here reminds me of a...
Black suede is underrated.Same size as jodhpurs.
I can't speak of the transition between 44 and 46, but when trying on the 46 and 48, I noticed a big difference. I could fit the 46, but couldn't do much else other than stand straight. The 48 fit correctly and I was able to move my arms, reach forward, etc. I fir the 48 in the "mutton" lamb L17 as well.
I agree with everyone else. 80 AUD is nothing compared to the cost of the jacket. With all the time spent doing research and questioning sizes and whatnot, you might as well pull the trigger. Time = money right?
All jeans stretch. You'll be fine after some wear. I give it five years
I give my desired measurements for knee and hem and send them to railcar fine goods in CA. They taper properly from the inseam to keep the selvage and they chainstitch the hems too, if any of that matters to you.
And it's a shame. I remember JE standing by their China manufacturing, even when the Tech Pants were ripping left and right.I know some people don't mind paying for Chinese made goods, but it would be nice to have it stated in the item description (Made in USA, Made in Japan, Made in China).
And they got rid of the darts at the back too.The only thing from SS17 I've purchased so far is this black camo bomber:
The FW16 D02s fit slimmer than SS16 throughout the leg.
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