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payment sent for the captoes. thanks.
free is free. it can't hurt to find out for yourself!
nice upgrade!
Just got an email saying that my order has shipped! Ordered 9/3, shipped, 10/7. However, it's just a notification...does anyone know if I should be receiving a tracking number?
also interested in what else you'll be posting!
Quote: Originally Posted by moderntailoremma Hi guys, October's here...so the new voucher code is out: sfoct20 (code) This is 20% up to 20usd maximum discount. This voucher can be used even for items on sale. Only the first 200 customers can use this. E Emma, How many of the "styleforum20off" codes were used? Hopefully we can all still benefit from this October discount before it runs out...
Quote: Originally Posted by bringusingoodale If these are the measurements of your best fitting shirts, i.e. the shirts that you like best on you, then I all can suggest is convert to centimeters and subtract 1 or 2 cm. inches will be converted to cm, like the rest of the world uses, and then Modern tailor will make a shirt with a 1 to 2 cm extra allowance as stipulated in their website. Everyone always seems to complain about bigger than expected...
To the OP: Take this discussion to www.watchuseek.com or even www.rolexforums.com. Not saying that people here don't make valid points, just that you might learn a little more from a forum full of watch enthusiasts. Anyone encouraging him should be ashamed; buying counterfeit goods is just disgusting.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pastafarian IWC's are universally recognized as the best watches. Rich in history and prestige. You have got to be kidding me... Many watch enthusiasts will agree, the big three are PP, AP, and VC.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ace Rimmer ^^ Yeah, you should be seeing it soon. My petrol blue suit was shipped almost precisely 4 weeks to the day I paid via Google Checkout. Based on my experience (up to six TaT suits now), Jason's very good about a 3-4 week turnaround. Awesome, maybe mine will ship this Friday or soon after then!
New Posts  All Forums: