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Flight Jacket/Co-Mix Mercer/Cast Carbon
Flight jacket came in today. JE packaged it in a garment bag and hanger. Jacket is amazing. And since we're talking about it...
What if JE just put "Made in USA" or "Made in China" on product pages?
Maybe the quality is equal, but some people are just willing to pay more for local goods, which was part of the draw for me when purchasing JE. I personally find it difficult to justify the price point of the 41 OS if it was made in China. Just my opinion though.
@GTFan712, the old 41 OS was made in USA. Shame they moved production. Now I'm curious where the items I bought were made. We'll see come Monday. @Bertdinner2, my Casts are actually tapered from the knee down. The slimmer fit at the calf let's them stack pretty well naturally.
Waiting patiently for my Iridescent Flight Jacket to come in today. 41 Overshirt and Cast Carbon today:
Grabbed the Iridescent Flight Jacket in Olive. It's the piece I wanted the most this season, but for some reason, I couldn't pull the trigger at $695.
From my experience, yes.
What I've been wearing lately:
There was a 30% code for up to $75
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