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These came in today. Ordered last Wednesday from the Sneakerboy sale, 7 days from ordering to my door...not bad.
I was very tempted to get those or the all black ones, but I've been shying away from Cargobaskets for a while now due to their height. Anyone have some fit pics that can convince me to pick up a pair?
Just bought a pair of the grey suede geobaskets from the sneakerboy sale. $485, and then after shipping and duties, $553. Not a bad price. Gotta take advantage of that favorable AUD/USD exchange rate!
Really enjoying these:
Can't wait!
Thanks for the advice guys. I'm not that big into lowtops, but I might give some a try. I had a pair of the MMM splatter paint GATs in my cart yesterday during the Sneakerboy sale, but even with the discount, I decided not to pull the trigger on them. Maybe I'll try a pair of CP Achilles in the near future. I was thinking about getting some Ramones or Monochrome Cotes Pleated next.
Some stuff I picked up the last month or so: What next?
My size 29 had a 31 waist to begin with. I have a 32 waist and after maybe two wears, the waist is 34.
Yeah, my size in the raw vs. washed versions isn't the same. If you're a 29 in the Coast, you might fit a 28 in Obsidian. Likewise, if you're a 29 in Obsidian, you might be a 30 in Coast.
I wear my M co-mix mercer with my three villains, all M. No issues.
New Posts  All Forums: