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It's a marketing tactic, and it works. It'd be great to see the midnight villain and charcoal villain and clash again, but like they've stated many times, we won't.
I just placed another order (my 9th) on Sunday night. It has shipped today.
Weird, I've placed 8 orders with JE and they've all shipped the same day or next business day.
I'm 5'10" 155lbs, and I wear a M in everything JE.I have a 32" waist and I got a 29.
I think the most important thing is the thighs. Seems like they measure the thigh about 1 inch below the crotch, so check that on a pair your like the fit of. Anyways, can anyone comment on the Cast in Mica? I'm thinking about picking those up next.
yes, close to 16.5
Okay, reporting back on the Cast in Coast. I wore them last night for a few hours. I'm happy to report that the jeans creased in all the right pre-distressed areas. Sorry, that last pic is blurry, but you get the point. Also, the waist started at 31", but are now measuring close to 33", which is great since my actual waist is 32".
I'd like to see the Clash Crew in Midnight. Or is this already happening?
The distressing is real, You can even see the 'train tracks' from the distressing over the selvedge.I'm 5'10" 155 lbs and I'm hoping the distressed areas all fall in the correct places. Usually I avoid pre-distressed jeans because I don't know if the fades will make sense once I put them on.I'll keep y'all updated...hopefully getting y'all fit pics tomorrow.
Okay, just got home and my Cast in Coast have been delivered! New tags: Measurements for my size 29: Waist - 15.5" laid flat Front Rise - 10" Back Rise - 13.5" Thigh (at crotch) - 11.25" Knee (13" from crotch) - 7.75" Hem - 6.5" Inseam - 33" I'll try them on tomorrow when I have some more time. Enjoy the pics for now!
New Posts  All Forums: