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Got these in the mail yesterday. Great seller, quick shipping!
return them
I prefer to only wear FCs with a suit and tie. I think it looks silly otherwise.
I voted light grey, not light as in almost white, but closer to medium grey. I like charcoal pants as well, as long as they're not so dark, they're practically black. Really prefer, the in-between, medium grey.
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH nice!
I'll vote #4
Forgot to leave feedback for a few items I purchased on SF. Some of these are way overdue, but better late than never! Purchased a pair of Ferragamos from 300CK, a pair of Aldens from davidrp, and a pair of Louis Vuitton dress shoes from DutchMen. Got some double sided cufflinks from HomerJ and some felt lapel flowers from Mr.K. Bought some Mabitex trousers from the following sellers: AnGeLiCbOrIs, lefty, bburkava All excellent sellers, quick communication and quick...
Talk about quick. Already got my pair. Thanks for the quick shipping!
Bump for a great seller! Bought a pair of the Mabitex wool trousers. Quick!
Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 This is stupid. Either post them for sale, or don't. Threads like this get endlessly bumped b/c everyone is interested in something. +1
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