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Why settle? Just get the SLP pair.If you buy SLP overseas, it's pretty much the same price as JE after alteration.
I prefer the highs over the lows by a mile.
They pretty much started out like that.
I like the Nut suede over the typical smooth suede that's on everything else.
The rider looks crazy nice. I wish I had a reason to get it, but I already have a leather jacket and I have no reason to own two living in Houston. Picked up the charcoal co-mix. My first JE pickup in a while.
I own the CP Chelseas to have variety, but the Harness Boots are better in every way. The CPs aren't clunky though, not as sleek as a SLP boot, but not as bulky as a Timb.
I recommend SLP D02 or D10 in black stretch. If you buy them overseas, they're about the same price or less than JE.
Nice pickup @Y3KID Wore these last night:
So tempting! I would grab both those if I didn't already have them.
FYI: https://www.farfetch.com/shopping/men/sale/boots-2/items.aspx?designer=547344&ffref=lp_sale A few sizes for y'all
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