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It just feels more substantial. Calf does take more time to break in though, so I guess there are some disadvantages. Just a personal preference. Either way, beautiful jackets!
@OakGhost get an older L17. Calf > lamb
Pre-order on LVR has the harness wyatts at $1095 and the studded ones at $1195. Glad to see the prices are a little less this season. Just means we get to buy more right?
@nsubrmnn summer rider looks great! @Jbidwal white jeans look better cropped. I think if you take a pair of scissors to them and shorten them, you'll like them a lot more! Wore my carbons today:
I think you need to register for a Sneakerboy account first.
@OakGhost your boutique is taking pre-orders for the suede chains? My SA said she's reserving my pair for me.
TTS.Get an older pair with Raccagni zips and better leather quality.
They're the single knee rips from this season, D02.
@srizvi722 when you said you were gonna buy a bunch of stuff, I was thinking 5 items...lol, made the best use of that code!
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