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Nothing is wrong with what JE is doing. GQ and Gap have helped him out and he's returning the favor. It's how he's doing it. I'd argue that the appeal of JE is cut, quality, and style. It's a shame that he let Gap ruin the cut and probably the quality as well. Just from the photos, this collection looks like trash. Of course, that's just my opinion.
Yes, TTS.
I usually wear them with the jeans tucked in, and sometimes I enjoy just wearing them without laces:
END. has them nearly 40% cheaper...but all the smaller sizes already sold.http://www.endclothing.com/us/saint-laurent-distressed-slim-jean-441240-y869l-1060.html
What do these look like? I haven't seen any gold chains
I'm a true 10/43 and I take a 42 in the 30mm jodhpurs.
The leather pair is from FW13, so harness placement is different and no center seam on the lateral side. The FW13 is a tad sleeker, and the zipper of course is more substantial. However, the FW16 is still beautiful, the shaft is slim, the harness isn't loose like SS16, and the black suede is such a deep black. They're different enough for me to want to own both.
Picked up my new harness boots!
My SA just texted me that my black suede chain harness boots have arrived!
Now that I think of it, the color reminds me of those over-the-jeans knee-high boots that women like to wear.Maybe I'll just save the money for something else.
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