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It's a wonderful jacket, but you can get it under retail. I purchased mine from End Clothing last year for $480 shipped.
Light waxed D02.Great pickup, especially at that price! Glad a few people were able to get them from the outlet, it's not very often you see anything worth grabbing there.
If you don't size down, you'll regret it. All jeans stretch some after wear. JE jeans stretch more than an average pair of jeans should. After a soak/wash, they will shrink back to original fit, but stretch back out even faster.
Grabbed this shirt from the outlet last week. It's got thin gold lines here and there. Nice subtle detail/feature.
So my wonderful SA sent me a small gift a few weeks ago. It's just been sitting on my desk because I'm not sure how to use it. Any ideas? Do I carry it in a breast pocket or something? It doesn't fit any of the interior pockets of my jackets/outerwear.
Anyone here looking for black leather jodhpurs? SLP Sawgrass has them for $449. They take phone orders.
Wow, that's a great find on Mr. P. I wish I stumbled across it; would've gladly purchased a L17 for 70% off, no tax, and would've paid for the overnight shipping/Saturday delivery.
Wow, I didn't check this thread for a while, and seeing all the activity, I thought maybe something awesome dropped. Regarding the tee with the loose thread and the year-old hoodie with the little hole, can't you just fix those yourself? If not, bring it to a tailor. I drove my truck for a couple years and the windshield wipers got streaky and a taillight went out. I replaced it myself instead of complaining on an internet forum. The complaining on here reminds me of a...
Black suede is underrated.Same size as jodhpurs.
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