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Grabbed the Iridescent Flight Jacket in Olive. It's the piece I wanted the most this season, but for some reason, I couldn't pull the trigger at $695.
From my experience, yes.
What I've been wearing lately:
There was a 30% code for up to $75
http://www.gilt.com/sale/men/saint-laurent-apparel-4635 SL01s for 329 here.
Get a 42. Order from a site with free returns/exchanges. If you wait for seasonal sales, you could probably get them a little cheaper, but then again, if $20, $50, or so is a dealbreaker to you, maybe you shouldn't be buying expensive shoes.
I'm in for black raws. Hope it's skinnier from the knee down. I had my JE jeans tapered from the knee down to a 15.5cm hem.
Leg opening is 15.5cm and fits fine over size 42.5 Chelseas. Waiting on the new line so I can order 40mm tobacco Jodhpurs.
Yeah, I started wearing mine without laces:
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