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Leg opening is 15.5cm and fits fine over size 42.5 Chelseas. Waiting on the new line so I can order 40mm tobacco Jodhpurs.
Yeah, I started wearing mine without laces:
Looking forward to pics
Here's a better pic for true color:
Had a little back and forth with Lian on the sizing and he was very helpful. I sent him a picture of my foot on the measuring guide. It was right at the 43 line, so he suggested 42.5. I'm glad I took his advice as they fit perfect. For reference, I wear 10.5 in Nike, 10 in Adidas, 42 in Balenciaga, 43 in MMM, SLP, RO, FP.
JE Cast/Coast. Sorry about the pics, all taken from my phone. I can try to capture the true color later, mostly wanted to show y'all the silhouette.
Got my Chelsea's today:
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