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I thought the 45mm French boots were pretty nice.
I actually like the fit and drape of the gabardine Teddy, but since it's the same price as the wool one, I went with the 93% wool because it just feels more substantial. I think the older version looks good on you. The wider cuts of leather work well with your shoulders.If you're in the US, buy them in the EU and save yourself some money.
@OhMe I have the SS15 Teddy, and mine is 93% virgin wool 7% polyamide.
@ohyehhh I took a 46 in the Teddy instead of my true size, 48. I tried on both sizes in store and although I understand it is intended to have a somewhat oversized fit, I preferred the 46 since it had less excess material in the body. The 48 wasn't bad, it was just my personal preference.
Shouldn't be an issue unless they are faded at the seams--then the fading won't line up after the taper.
I have the FW16 black suede chained harness boots in 42.5. I'm a true 10 (43) on the Brannock scale, if that helps any.Can I post these here? They're Hedi.
I vibram my shoes once the leather sole is worn down to the stitching since that's about what they sand it down to anyways. That said, I've only had to do it once--I have enough shoes in my rotation.
Everyone's feet are different, but here's my experience:Your Nike size is not your true size. I wear 10, 10.5, and 11 in Nike depending on the model.I wear 42, 42.5, and 43 in SLP, depending on the model and season.Best to try them on in person, or order a few sizes from a site that accepts returns.
@OhMe I wear the same size in the Harness Boot, with and without Chains
I don't wash very often, but I wash in the tub, cold water, light detergent, light agitation, hang dry.
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