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A few weeks ago. Showed up on my Everyday card too.
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Any of you guys use Amex? Time to redeem that $100 off $300 at Mr. Porter.
I got that Amex offer too. It's random, they usually do it a couple times a year. They had something similar with Farfetch too.
Looks good, Clint!
By "Wyatt" I'm assuming you mean the Harness Boots. Everything is "Wyatt" now...Wyatt Chelseas, Wyatt Jodhpurs, Wyatt Harness Boots, etc.The $1295 pair is from an other season. They dropped the price to $1095 for FW16.I don't know if this holds true for all models/materials, but I have the FW15 Nut Suede Harness Boots ($1295) and when I held the FW16 ones ($1095) in hand the other day, they felt less substantial. Sure, the shaft is slimmer, and they tightened the harness...
Grabbed a couple more tees. Thanks for the love JE.
I'm 30, married and have two kids. It's probably time for me to give up on clothes, children are too messy.
I only have three pieces of SLP outerwear and I think it covers all the bases. Too bad it's still 85 deg where I'm at.
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