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Any experience with this site and shipments to the USA? Do they declare full value on goods? Thanks for any insights. J-
Brand new in box Yuketen brown antler moc - size 10E. Never worn.
Eric - love your posts. Thanks so much for taking the time to write these very informative discussions.
Hi - does anyone have any ideas about the sizing on the NC suspender jeans at Barneys? Is the waist TTS? Thanks for any help.
Agree - just do the right thing. Karma's a bitch.
Would like measurements, please.
I have ordered Cabourn from Speedway - perfect transaction. Highly recommended.
Still a bit confused on the VAT issue since the web bite clearly states that all prices are"inclusive of VAT." Does anyone have any experience with SEH Kelley shipments to the USA? I would hate to be nailed once for VAT and a second time for US Customs. Thanks for any insights - I agree with prior posters that their products certainly look like great finds.
These were very helpful and insightful posts - nice job! Thanks for your willingness to share your experience.
Thanks so much for your input - I am looking at tartan linen peak lapel jacket on Cultizm. I agree that the vest might be best in a 52, but I worry that the jacket might be too loose in the pit-pit in a 52. Another site quoted me a pit-pit of 23" in a 52 in this type of jacket, and that sure seems broader than the measurements in the wasitcoat. Any insights? Again, thanks!
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