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Any idea if Haven will drop past 40% off? Thanks!
Anyone have any thoughts on fortythieves, an on-line UK-based web store? Their Visvim prices seem too good to be true, and I know what that usually means. Any experience? Thanks.
Ordered 2 items 6 days ago from the Cabourn website sale. No shipment to date. Anyone else have better luck? Thanks.
I have ordered from them for shipment to the USA and NOT been hit with import duties.
Any chance of Haven going more than 50% off?
50% off Gitman Vintage for one week:
Any experience with this site and shipments to the USA? Do they declare full value on goods? Thanks for any insights. J-
Brand new in box Yuketen brown antler moc - size 10E. Never worn.
Eric - love your posts. Thanks so much for taking the time to write these very informative discussions.
Hi - does anyone have any ideas about the sizing on the NC suspender jeans at Barneys? Is the waist TTS? Thanks for any help.
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