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I have it in Medium. I wear it about 3-4 times a year.
any plans to have a Carmina captoe shoe in a nice traditional brown? I'm looking for something more conservative to be my workhorse shoe for work.
Please slowly release the new shirts... I'm still recovering from my Carmina and wool rivet chino purchases from last week. I am trying to limit my Epaulet spending to under $500/month for the rest of the year...
My photos... they fit amazing and are super comfortable... like stepping on cork or something.
nice, very interested in some captoes. Do you ever hang out at Independence? I've always wanted to say hello, I remember when you first got started and I was trying to meet you in person when I lived a few blocks away from your apt/office in Evanston.
I'm Asian too.
Are you Asian as well?
I guess that's me! Unfortunately I'm away in Boston and won't be able to get them until later this week... glad to hear I will be the only person in Chicago rocking these!
I JUST SENT YOU AN URGENT PM REGARDING MY ORDER ADDRESS. My paypal address is different from what my current address is so need to make sure you are sending it to the correct place!
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