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Are you Asian as well?
I guess that's me! Unfortunately I'm away in Boston and won't be able to get them until later this week... glad to hear I will be the only person in Chicago rocking these!
I JUST SENT YOU AN URGENT PM REGARDING MY ORDER ADDRESS. My paypal address is different from what my current address is so need to make sure you are sending it to the correct place!
Did it this morning, i was getting the same error before the actual sale started, but it worked for me today.
I hope it's just the angle at which the pictures are taken, but you have really short legs...
just want to see if you have been sending invoices out... i PMd you but no paypal invoice yet!
If we posted in this thread with our size and shoe type does that constitute an order or do we need to reach out to you directly?
Put me down for a 10D Vibram Trail Oxford - all above specs: $296
you have the right size on the shirt... your jeans seam a bit high... like you have a wedgie.
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