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just want to see if you have been sending invoices out... i PMd you but no paypal invoice yet!
If we posted in this thread with our size and shoe type does that constitute an order or do we need to reach out to you directly?
Put me down for a 10D Vibram Trail Oxford - all above specs: $296
you have the right size on the shirt... your jeans seam a bit high... like you have a wedgie.
I bought the first run of carminas when you launched, do I go by the size on the shoe or the size on the box? I know there was some discrepancy the first time around....
Are the rivet canvas chinos the new fit we should go by from now on? Or is there still variance between the type of cloths you are using? I've been pretty consistent 32s on last year's rivets, but had to size up for the canvas.
Wearing my Ashland Lavender shirt paired with some Carmina Saddle Double Monks and APC jeans... like a boss.
So I just received my black rivet chinos... a little concerned with the new buttons as I feel like one of them is going to pop off. Additionally, I feel like the waist is a lot smaller or else I've gotten really fat. I have probably 5-6 pairs of rivet chinos in size 32, but I can't fully button the new ones no matter how hard I suck my gut in... Should I have sized up?
I checked what my main monthly expenses were... top three were (in order of amount)1) Mortgage2) Epaulet purchases3) Condo assessmentsMany months Epaulet jumps ahead of my Mortgage...
I probably could have sized down, I'm pretty much the same with the Brookline as well. However, if you are looking for something that is a tight fit, not sure you will get it with the chesterfield. I'd suggest getting the chesterfield from another company... I really liked the ones that Epaulet was carrying.
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