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Mike, do you have a picture of what a cigar pocket looks like in real life? I just put in an order for a banded collar with a cigar pocket... not sure if it will look weird. Was thinking about changing it to a regular pocket.
Awesome. Just kopped and sized up to Large. When is the new site supposed to launch? Been waiting to customize a MTO shirt with banded collars.
Kapital Grunge Boro Shawl Pullover. I wandered by a Kapital store in Kyoto and showed this pic to them saying it was my favorite piece from 2013... turned out they had one left on sale and in my size!
Sizing with Needles pretty consistent with EG?
This happened to my last pair of MTO rivets, the shrinkage with the tape was not consistent with the rest of the pant and so got this really distorted look. Had to have the tape removed.... I like the tape, but decided to go no tape with today's purchase.
any idea where I can find the brown overshirt? http://superfuture.com/sf/image/asset/00024982/image/5421845f62efb.jpg
Will you be adding banded collars as an option?
banded collars coming soon?
I thought I saw some Epaulet X Gitman banded collar shirts a while back... are those real?
waiting for tan colored noragi...
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