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banded collars coming soon?
I thought I saw some Epaulet X Gitman banded collar shirts a while back... are those real?
waiting for tan colored noragi...
Sweet. Thanks for the input. Picked up the last olive Doyle in 40. I'm a M in Epaulet NY shirts, but its definitely pretty fitted on me and I would like a piece to layer a bit more... although living in SF I rarely need more than 2.
And do you expect to see some fading with the indigo kamigata?
Awesome fit, is your Doyle sized up to be able to fit the Kamigata underneath?
Dammit... Did not see that there were going to be two Kamigatas... I think the indigo was up first and I bought that... Now no more crosshatch.
Sounds like we need to do a factory find Kamigatas...
Can we get some Noragis made with this stuff...
When will the Noragis be available to purchase?
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