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where do you buy this stuff in Canada? Vancouver specifically. i went to a few shoe places and they only had kiwi
i wish we had outlets in canada...
boots still 149 in canada...not really worth it at that price. hopefully they'll drop to 99.
didn't know he owned wings and horns as well.his pricing on wings and horns isn't the best...
15% off coupon in november+ 20% off VAT
is the triple blue stark supposed to be that dark? i got mine from TBS it's not too far off from my black melange....might have to get rid of it
how much are the starks?roden gray used to carry sns...nothing this year. would like a canadian source that is competitive with TBS (though i just picked up a triple blue one there!)
nope. would have bought if i saw.there was a pair of brown service boots...only size 11 though. $50 only!
I bought a cotton hoddie the fleece was were the old school scratchy fleece.... there were bush pants in dark navy and light olive green.
it's a liquidation sale so most of the stuff was from 08-10 season...there was a bit of stuff from last year and spring of this year. most of it was butt ugly picked up a hoodie from SS12 and 2 scarves (had to hunt for the soft ones)
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