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you can also find them at the outlet if you're in washington state
actually this works. nothing in my size!,default,sc.html
Steven Alan requires ppl to buy a $70 dollar ($100 dollar value) coupon to access the sale...
Selling my mint condition ray ban clubman sunglasses Black upper frame, gold rims Green polarized lenses. Made in italy version (better quality than the made in china version) I've had it for a year but the polarization doesn't work well with the new car's tired of tilting my head so these have to go! Comes with original case and cleaning cloth. Located in Canada (Vancouver) $100 shipped in canada $110 shipped in USA pictures up later. Accept...
Roden gray 20% with RGINSIDER today only
yup, my 2012 triple blue stark is thinner than my 2011 melange black stark...i can wear my black one outside when it is 0-5C but i'm cold in my blue one... awesome price on the peacoat in medium!
I think they dropped the ball this time. normally they're quite good.
true but the sale went up after hours on Friday and I made the order then. so it could have been processed by the next morningand it shouldn't take 3 days to tell me. by that time, there are no alternatives left in the sale order from nomad got cancelled cause they said that my order was "mislabeled" and it took them 3 days to figure that out. I bet someone bought it in store instead cause they forgot to process...
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