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not all z zegna is fused..some are half canvassed
where does eidos napoli fit?
I'm in Washington...usually there's no sales tax on out of state purchase
is there supposed to be sales tax? I just saw it when i paid
i found it easier to put it back together with the coffin box
not a huge fan of how suit supply ships their suit jackets...mine came with a lot of creases because they're not using the full blue box
yeah gonna give up on the cufflinks
anyone have any idea of where to get onyx cufflinks at a reasonable price....say around 100? Kent Wang is still out of stock
when are you getting those sliver onyx cuff links? I see the ETA has moved by another month
Pretty bad this time. Lots of old ugly stock and club Monaco sweatshirts. Tons of oxblood pants
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