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pricing same as boxing day?
someone go let let me know what there is at the sale! lol otherwise i'll go tomorrow
chateau is slim but true to sizechilliwack you size downtherefore you should have gone for a large chateau if the chilliwack medium fits you well.
Roden gray up to 70%
you could be ok in XS for slim fit models only.
EG sale in canada. lots of sizes. not a fan of the prints though http://jonathanandolivia.com/Sale/?designer=14&g=m
the item was "sold out"
still processing too. was able to get a CG order in before they removed them lol...i hope they process it since there wasn't any restriction technically
bunch of leftover veilance stuff on sale in Canada http://www.sportinglife.ca/sportinglife/brand/15228/Veilance-By-Arcteryx
anyone get the private cardigan? thoughts on sizing? I've been wearing medium for stark and was wondering if I could go for a small on the cardigan
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