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are the hangers always plastic on topcoats now? $800 top coat and got a plastic hanger whereas 500 sport jacket i got a wooden hanger...
that sucks, there were 6 left when I was there on saturday. was quite tempted but I didn't want to look like a tool with paint splatter
If you're in Vancouver Canada, Boboli has a lot of MMM shoes including paint splatter GATs for 250. Good size run left. They also have a good selection of casual Mr Hare for 250 as well. That's like 180usd for Americans that live nearby
it's down to 30% now with the new jcrew code
Went to modernize. They hired a young girl who was learning. They were charging 200 for hemming, pant waist, button holes on sleeves, sleeve shortening and suit jacket waist trimming... That was more than I expected coming from a person who was still training
any recommendations on a place that does good alterations on suits? need to do buttonholes and let out the back a bit. oakridge tailors are good but looking for alternatives anyone else? preferably downtown vancouver
those are some expensive z zegna. most of the stuff in Canada is around 800-1200 and they go down to 600-900 when on sale. most suit "upgrades" are in the $400 range...it adds up though... I believe the full canvas upgrade on a BB 1818 was around 200-300...I don't remember. full canvas is not the be all and end all. fabrics and construction quality can be more important to people personally I rather have a half canvassed suit with better fabircs and construction than...
Must be an uneducated sales associate RLBL full canvas Z Zegna mostly half canvas Z Zegna pricing is usually in the 800-1200 range which is the norm for half canvas
not all z zegna is fused..some are half canvassed
where does eidos napoli fit?
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