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renovateur not on your website anymore?
come out to Vancouver!
yeah gonna give up on the cufflinks
anyone have any idea of where to get onyx cufflinks at a reasonable price....say around 100? Kent Wang is still out of stock
when are you getting those sliver onyx cuff links? I see the ETA has moved by another month
Pretty bad this time. Lots of old ugly stock and club Monaco sweatshirts. Tons of oxblood pants
Tung Vo is the new designer
don't they have a new designer in the spring of 2015?
My first union made order got cancelled due to processing problems... Took them over a week to let me know and they didn't tell me why. Only good thing is that I reordered with more discount lol
went today. the 2nd's are cheap. lots of chinos if you're 32+. You have to be careful about them though since some of the defects are pretty noticeable (usually extra cloth hanging out somewhere). it's a big mess so you have to be willing to go through boxes of stuff to find what you want. Lots of beauty & youth stuff since no one wanted it for the retail pricethe regular stuff is slightly cheaper than at boxing day. lots of outerwear at 200-300. fishtails galore...
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