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Interesting, what angle are you looking at Asia from? Social/Business?
More info, are you holidaying / working / what industry?
The weather is really unpredictable but it's getting warmer here every day now
In no particular order Ferry from Circular quay to Manly, drinks on the water in Manly and a fast ferry back Trip to the blue mountains to see the three sisters - try and go on the cable cars too Fetherdale wildlife park, feed kangaroos and touch a koala Royal national park, have a BBQ and drive around the park see wotamolla bay and Gary beach Check out darling harbour on a weekend day/night something is usually on Bondi beach is pretty iconic Harry's cafe de wheels in...
1 - I'd do it, there is no garuntee you'll make it tomorrow but for the opportunity to be limitless... 2 - kinda sucks that you'd be broke AND disgraced after 4 years and not just one or the other if it was a choice between 1 and 2 I'd choose 1, if there was no choice i'd do it 3 - makes me think the thread is a troll to find out who is into scat
Just make sure you watch this before you buy
Rather than shopping for a helmet to fit the sunnies, why not get some sunnies that fit helmets. and a review I don't have a pair. I have 2 helmets, one with tinted and clear, one with only clear. I use the tinted one if im going on a day ride and the clear one at night. I didn't buy both for this purpose but since I have the two and also cant be bothered swapping visors it works
Try a few on, I went in with the idea that they are all the same rar rar rar, picked up a few cheap ones (250$AUD) to try out then tried one that was $600AUD, and had to get it. It fit alot nicer, the leather was alot softer, the armour in the elbows and shoulder fitted me better. Didn't regret that at all So try a few on, after a certain point it gets ridiculous and you're just paying for titanium sliders which is great... if you plan on stacking it in front of a camera...
Paul, 24, Sydney. Registered years ago, I read the forum on and off and have been lurking a bit recently. I felt the need to make a few posts recently so I thought I'll intro myself (possible for the second time)
Japan, I want to come and stay for a while (6 months - 1 year). Can you tell me is there much scope for foreigners to get jobs that are NOT teaching english? I don't mind teaching English and I'm not looking to get rich working a 9-5 over there I'd just like to keep working in my field (building sites and pages for websites)
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