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I think there was a large enough order for the tan, possibly even a second color, so I think it's happening for at least one of them.
He posted an actual receipt of his purchases.
Back to TOJ talk. Drew, is the bball only available for people that pre-order? I'm terrified that you'll only source enough for the pre-orders and close it off to everyone else that's currently too poor to put a deposit down.
Off-topic for NBA talk. Just getting back into pick up games, need some new basketball shoes. What can take the abuse of playing outdoors once or twice a week? Prefer limited or no ankle support, haven't had a major injury yet. I actually feel more comfortable without stiff ankle support. Haven't had a pair since Huaraches in like 2008?
Just visited the office today to check out the Weekender. Very friendly people at the company. New bow ties are up on the site too. If I were a bowtie kinda guy, (and my gf wishes I were) I'd get the reversible chambray and the blue floral. Weekender looks off to a pretty good start. I had my camera on hand but didn't snap any photos, not sure if that was welcome or not. The backpacks were also updated with some pretty good changes. Thanks for the invite!
Thanks for all the recent info everybody. Just placed an order with Suddenlee. ORDER SUMMARY 1 x - UNIQLO EASY JACKET @ $59.90 1 x - UNIQLO CHINO CROPPED PANTS @ $59.90 1 x - UNIQLO LIGHT COTTON CREW NECK SHORT SLEEVE T SHIRT @ $29.90 1 x - UNIQLO HOODED BLOUSON @ $99.90 Should come out to $160 + fees after the discounts. If sizing doesn't work, I'll post up here and sell at cost.
Just placed an order for the easy jacket, hooded blouson, cropped chinos, and 1 tee. Hope Suddenlee fills the order/ I sized correctly.
Thanks! Guess I'll place the order tonight. Even factoring the suddenlee charge, it'll be cheaper with the $20 off.
They'll put a hold on your CC for the retail amount but charge you the discounted price once they send the invoice.
Any idea how long the sale will last? Was going to put an order in next week.
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