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Inferno. It is no joke. If you play it the way it is intended, it will take you a long time. I've been trying to tackle it legitimately and I just can't do it. Brick walls everywhere until you gear up enough.The end-game isn't hitting 60. Like WoW, the end-game is maxxing out your character via gear. Every Act in Inferno has different tiered loot.Act 1 - 16Act 4 - 18.
They sped up the leveling process. It's a wow-like design philosophy. Get people to max level asap so they can grind out end-game stuff. Instead of raids, we have inferno mode. Speaking of which, I really hate how they wow-ified the bosses. Separate encounters that you have to click accept, cheesy cut-scenes before (AND DURING??) the fight.I wonder how long I will be playing D3. Game design has come a long ways since D2 was on the scene. I played that for years, getting...
Totally agree.. jesus act 2 and the jungle of act 3. The map didn't help because you couldn't tell when one zone ended and another started.Followers are totally automated, can't choose what to prioritize for heals. They are good tanks. I prefer the enchantress for the CC. The knockback, armor buff, and aoe hex are too good to pass up.
You make some valid points but I disagree with a few. The maps definitely feel larger on D3. Most of the dungeon/cathedral levels just go on forever.The follower spells are pretty damn useful. I think they make soloing easier than playing in groups of 3/4. Solo or duo is the way to go, imo. (For inferno) The other difficulties are very easy in comparison.
Legendaries being reworked at the moment. No word yet on whether they will retroactively modify the ones already found. I am now geared enough for white mobs in act 2 inferno on my monk. 11k dps 51k hp 58% dmg reduction 60% res all 32% dodge 11% block I need a better shield to up my block rate. Crippling wave + LTK are a pretty good combo. Being able to kill multiple units during my shield/blind is allowing me to progress a little.
What's the waist measure this season in relation to tagged size? Size down 1 compared to last season?
It really sucks in Inferno. I'm actually geared enough to farm act 1 now and can use multiple specs to clear it.Act 2 requires pure kiting/defensive build. I've been using something like this. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#WbXYgh!YUX!ZcZbYa
Authenticator won't help with this specific hack. Multiple people have suggested that their ID sessions were spoofed in a public game, as they were hacked and had authenticators. Spoofing the ID session bypasses all of the log-in steps, so they don't even need your password.
This right here. Game mechanics are completely different from D2.
You can exploit Fot with Quickening. With sweeping winds up, any attacks made during your FoT animation will proc the additional 15 spirit. I cheesed my way through inferno act 1 the first time using this exploit. Spammed MoH: BOP 3 times a second.
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