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Aw damn, wish I took some photos then. Next time!
Personally, buying the hidden placket oxfords would be buying cheap shit because it's cheap. Don't like the pocket on it and buying would be settling.
Cheap UU works for me. Wanted a cheap jersey blazer and I don't want to pay $300 for a W+H one. Hooded blouson will replace an old H&M jacket. Cropped chinos for fun.
Wine Blouson is all gone in XS. They said they couldn't find it for ANYONE. Got the Navy instead. Easy Jacket in gray, XS. Cropped Chinos in Navy, S. Short sleeve Ts won't be in stock until next weekend. Might have GF pick me up some stuff next week when she visits NYC. All three of my orders have gone pretty well. I just email the next day to follow up and they get back to me pretty quickly, along with alternatives to things that are OOS.
Just get whatever you want. You'll probably want something new by the time you finish TFA.
You guys are so weird. I'm rethinking going to the SF party.
Ya, I don't need something super nice since I'll just tear them up on an outdoor court. Thinking of two pairs for separate surfaces but I barely play as is.I'll check out the recs listed. Thanks guys.
I think there was a large enough order for the tan, possibly even a second color, so I think it's happening for at least one of them.
He posted an actual receipt of his purchases.
Back to TOJ talk. Drew, is the bball only available for people that pre-order? I'm terrified that you'll only source enough for the pre-orders and close it off to everyone else that's currently too poor to put a deposit down.
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