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Brand new, just got these in today. Pretty much sold out everywhere so this might be your last chance to get a pair! They'd comfortably fit a 28-30. Asking $120 shipped in the US via paypal. Thanks for looking.
Backpacks aren't water proof. I wore it in the rain once and contents did get wet.
But who cares what the average person thinks?
damnit double post
It's worth it! Knicks front office is beyond stupid. I don't get it, even if he rots on the bench he'll earn them more than $50 mil.
Antawn Jamison to the Lakers? http://blogs.charlotte.com/inside_the_nba/2012/07/antawn-jamison-chooses-lakers-over-bobcats.html
They've been mediocre for a while now.
No bball tracking =(. I need it soon, moving addresses in 3 weeks!
Shit. My auctions are all locked up! Gonna have to wait a while before I can list any.
I've been trying to read more lately and your writing style is great. Came across a short piece by Joan Didion, the way you describe the weather is quite similar.
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