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+1 for TBS code if such exists
I love Ellis. He always played hard for the Dubs and I'll continue to root for the guy, but he's not an effective basketball player. His best season is still the We Believe year when he played off the ball as the 3rd option behind Davis and Jackson. While I wish we could've gotten back a draft pick, I firmly stand behind Curry as the better backcourt player (unless he remains plagued by injuries)
Love my green cardigan. It's held up well. Still looking for a wine!
Wow, much lower price. Is production still in NYC? LMK how those pants are Teger and if the waist measurements are accurate.
I like the 256 but it is quite uncomfortable when loaded. Also, the zipper teeth will destroy things.
Statistically, Curry is much better than Ellis. Adjusted plus minus is a pretty good indicator of whether a player contributes to winning or not. Curry has a positive one, Ellis does not. They've both played enough minutes to account for sample sizes as well.edit-- excluding injuries of course. Curry has been Mr. Glass this season.
I'm not ecstatic either. But I'd still take Curry over Monta.Here's the master plan:Shut Curry down for seasonDevelop young talent (Klay, Tyler)Tank to retain draft pickNext Season:Curry's backBogut's backGood pick in a deep draftWin!!
Right? I feel like it's both a good and terrible choice.
Thanks for the update. Holy cow, UW went from 30 to 20! Rankings obviously aren't as important as placement but that's a big jump. I'm about ready to cross GW off the list barring some unforeseen scholarship offer. Hastings versus UW, UCI, or BU for all approximately the same cost? I wish Hastings weren't so highly regarded in Bay Area while having terrible employment numbers at the same time.
Surprised with all the Uniqlo stuff you've bought that you haven't picked up a plain oxford!You took M in the +J suits right? I think small might be okay.The small suiting fit okay, probably could've gone XS. I take XS in the regular oxford, though it does have room through the body.
New Posts  All Forums: