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Careful, blizz might ban/suspend for this.It's an intended feature that's coming tomorrow but I wouldn't use the exploit. Blizz is well aware of the issue.
I like my PH black hi tops. The leather is a little stiff but it holds shape well. Last season's looks matte compared to the one linked but it could just be the photograph. My main gripe is that they can get quite warm.
Ya forreal. No way I could continue farming solo. Even before the hotfix, I was doing siege with friends, despite the fact that it made the runs longer.
Wizards should aim for enough mitigation to avoid getting 1 shot with force armor on. Once you have that, get some life regen and max DPS. That's really all you need to do. You'll hit walls where more mitigation is needed. Rinse and repeat. Conversely, wait for damage nerfs in 1.03.
Chalmers getting into the lane better than Wade is.
They're dropping 2 guaranteed rares to 1 with 5NV stacks on the bosses. To counteract this, they're guaranteeing each champ pack to drop 1 rare when you have 5 stacks. I think act 1 will be the place to farm once it can drop ilvl63 gear. Huge concentration of easy champ packs that guarantee 1 rare each. I can clear warden/butcher in under 15 minutes with MF gear. Once 1.03 rolls in, I'll probably just clear everything in cemetery, festering woods all the way through...
Some BS about "getting teammates involved."
Blizz will buff legendaries to make them "clearly better than blues." Some of the pieces are already quite good (mostly rings/ammies), so I don't see those getting changed. Not sure if they will adjust items that aren't level 60 but no one really cares about those unless they get very unique modifiers (like string of ear's melee reduction %). I already want to throw my mouse at the wall in D3 with certain packs + lag. Dying to molten when I clearly moved out of it 1.5...
Legendaries aren't being changed retroactively. Sell the crappy ones while you still can!
Patch says IAS nerf will apply to old items as well.
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