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Are the Bedford jackets cut the same across different materials? I tried on the jersey one today but want one in cotton or unlined wool. XS fit well through the body but the sleeves are pretty damn short.
Gonna get a hidden placket shirt as well. From the UK site measurements, looks like size up 1 from the regular line oxford?
Corgi owners unite. Cute dog.
I was thinking more like school boy. But totally awesome nonetheless.
They're introducing more taper to the larges at some point in the future.
Going to venture in clothing shops into Chinatown for the first time ever, despite having spent most of my childhood in the area. Old folks have been wearing too much good shit for me to continue ignoring. Yojhi on budget?
Is SVG's contract up this season? I would just quit. That whole place is a mess.
I, too, want to like the Clippers. Just can't stand Griffin.
I think argyle is forever dead to me.
Bynum fined by team for unnamed infractions. Big deal or nothing to worry about?
New Posts  All Forums: