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Knicks are imploding. They've been incapable of running the offense and have fouled James a million times in the 2nd quarter.
I see the appeal of buying items when you're working all the time and can only play a few hours a week. Buying a few items here and there = going out for a night and buying a drink or two.
Spamming click makes you attack faster, just like in D1.Can't waaaait! As I posted over in SWD side, I lined up my work/intern to end the day of Diablo III. I'll be playing that shit all summer before I head off to grad school.Maybe even use the real money auction house to make a little cash while I'm at it.
I think it is the baker. It was a large polka dot pattern, not the mini one.I didn't get a price check but it's either 20 or 25% off, -100.If it's 20%, $287 after tax.If it's 25%, $262 after tax.
I used to Quake3 as a break from CS when I played competitively.
Just 1 navy bedford in large.
BTW, I'm not completely crazy. I was planning to take June/July off before I head back to school this fall, so I decided to throw in an extra 2 weeks to enjoy the D3 release.
Had D3 CE pre-ordered for months. I even fucking coincided my internship ending with Diablo 3. I DON'T MESS AROUND
I am your size but the weather is starting to warm up, so blazer if its a heavy coat.
Can proxy the shooting jacket (think it was a FSR), polka dot bedford (almost FSR) and navy bedford (L).
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