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Once pvp is out, most complaints will be forgotten. You'll hear cries for class balancing though. Farming in D3 is just like farming in D2. My main complaint is how boring itemization is. Main stat, vit, resist, crit/ias/crit dmg where you can get it. Glass cannons can ignore vit/resist and save some money. Upgrades cost me upwards of 20m now and result in 20-40 stat point increases, big fucking whoop. Not much money to be made. Gold is below $2/million so items aren't...
Here's a pic when I first got it. Despite a boxy cut, I think it looks great even with just a t-shirt.
Mmm love mine. Wish it rained more.
It's that bad.
Shitty shot of the acne sneaks. I don't own any CP Achilles but I think they're on the same sole. (Still hunting for a good deal in white) Went TTS at 40 and they're a little long.
Sounds like he's more pissed about being shopped around early last season than anything else. Boston did a great job of getting Allen good looks. He did have to run like hell through 2 or 3 screens, but he got good looks.
As a free agent, Nash had the leverage and power to choose where to go. There were only three teams on his list: New York (his off-season home), Toronto, and LA.LA won out because of championship odds and proximity to his children.Who else can the Thunder even try to get? Not many elite PGs in the league. DWill stayed with the Nets. Kidd is old and plays old.What are the Mavs gonna do now? They were primed to get Dwill AND Howard. Would've loved to see a big D three of...
Really liking my black/blue ones. Wonder if they're sized the same as CPs. A touch too long but after some wear, they feel great.
Over 10 assists per game while playing 32 mpg or something. Crazy efficient.
Even if Kobe holds the ball a ton, Nash is a great shooter. They can play off each other pretty well.
New Posts  All Forums: