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Oh god, bball. Time to save. So broke from visiting law schools + car repairs. Still calf suede Drew? So approximately what, ~$450?
Hate to ask but how is sizing in comparison to the regular oxfords? (I'm XS in the oxford)
I forgot for a moment why Bynum was benched. Jacking up a random 3, what?
I kinda like that it's boxy. I'll try to get a fit pic of it up. The white strip does bother me but it doesn't always show.
I love the Uniqlo socks. Perfect weight for me. Not too thin, not too thick and sweaty. I felt silly placing an order with Suddenlee for nothing but socks and underwear.
Newport Beach sounds promising, as I can avoid the highway. Traffic in San Francisco is actually pretty damn tolerable. I never have to drive on the Bay Bridge and take the bus to work. Takes at most 45 minutes to get to the opposite part of town during rush hour if I do have to drive.Would you show up in the no-response in a situation like that? In my school comparisons, I just lump "unknowns" or non-responses into the unemployed category. Good to hear you're back on your...
Hey now, I have a 36 chest and would take 30 in the pants just because I hate wearing pants at my actual waist.
@ breezy. I am totally thinking about it. In fact, it's all I've been thinking about today! I might try to stop by SW again tomorrow. Looking over my finances right now to see if I can swing it.
I was going to buy the TOJ trousers almost exactly to do this. Black TOJ1 with navy trousers + black shoes.
Tried on this today and I absolutely love it. I was a little hesitant about such an expensive cotton knit but it felt heavy and robust. Admittedly, I don't have much to compare to. If I had the money I'd be all over it. In between shirt size 3 and 4 =(. The reverse colored cardigans are quite nice but too cropped for my tastes, even if I am kinda short.
New Posts  All Forums: