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Inferno, inferno, inferno. Blacksmithing is like the old D2 gambling system and not really a true crafting system.
Yeah I think IAS is almost a requirement for monks. I can't play with anything below 1.8 attacks per second anymore. All of the spirit generators just benefit so much from IAS. Even hundred fists is useful as white mobs get completely locked down. I managed to find a good deal on a 770 dps IAS weapon and I use cheap ias rings.Next on my list are IAS/life on hit rings/ammy and a weapon upgrade. You have a good amount of armor and resists, assuming it's unbuffed. I'm...
Unbuffed stats. Buffed I'm at 800 all res and 7500 armor with keen eye. Enchantress puts me a little higher than that when soloing.Build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#bjXYgQ!YXU!ZcbYYcThis build is really, really boring. What I do is kite to small chokes, use my earth ally to tank, and just left click behind him. Inferno is dumb. Melee resort to using 5 defensive abilities and 1 attack. Out in the open, fights just take longer since I'm spamming cools and...
Just soloed all of act 2 inferno, skipped a total of 4 champ packs. Had a buddy hop on for belial. Will have to try the boss solo at some point. I am exhausted.
It probably holds true for normal/nightmare. Whimsy in hell felt easier than act 1 inferno as well.
I think act 1 inferno is better than whimsyshire hell. All of my rares from whimsy (3 runs) were low 50s.
Yes... I upgraded to the hell staff (750k total) and the drops suck ass.
700 dps weapons are going for much less than 1 mil. You can get a blue 700 dps 1 hander for 50k or less.
The highest I've seen people hit with MoE is about 62% using the FoT: dodge rune. Some people love dodge, I don't like it too much. It's nice to avoid dmg completely but some things can't be dodged: plague, fire chains, molten, desecration. I haven't ever geared for a high evasion build so I can't say if it's effective but some people have made it work.
Either more res or more hp. I believe most monks lean towards res but even at 600, I'm getting wrecked.
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