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"imitation snake pattern". AHAHA, best bit.
Placket is covered so the buttons don't show.
Was gonna mention this. No offense to the guy but he doesn't fit the t shirts or sweaters all that well.
what in the fuck.
I just think he's here to learn to dress better so he can act more pretentious in real life. No clue why I get that vibe.
I hope they haven't sold out! No shipping confirmation yet. I'm hitting up South Willard when I visit LA in 2 weeks. Might grab the violet one for the girlfriend.
I used to use it as a book bag. If I wasn't careful, I would tear pages just putting the book into the 256.
Ehh, law school was my undergrad goal but I did not take undergrad as seriously as I should have. Still kicking myself over that.
Thanks! Nagged the tweed scarf.
Nearly died yesterday wearing leather soled shoes in the rain. Need to visit a cobbler for topy.
New Posts  All Forums: