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Aw damn I missed out on some shirts.Was hoping they'd drop to 70% off, and they did!
Patch gives me mixed feelings. The drop rates have been democratized. Good for the game but worse for me. Pre-patch drop rate for ilvl63 in act 3/4 was ~20%. It is now 8%. Farming act 3 is now a waste of time, as I still die occasionally and it takes much longer. I can do a major clear of act 2 in about 1hr 15min with 150 mf (225 with 5NV). I still prefer pre-patch rates, where the difficulty of act 3 was rewarded with very high ilvl gear. I don't like having to junk 3...
LOL. Attack speed is getting the nerf bat big time. Weapons cut by more than 50%. Items by 50%. I'm probably going to retire my monk with the patch unless inferno gets a big nerf. Without attack speed, monks cannot generate spirit. We rely heavily on IAS for LOH, to generate spirit and to interrupt enemies or proc defensive runes. Without ias, I'm as squishy as ranged with 1/3 the DPS. (With 7500 armor and 750 AR) If incoming damage does go down a lot, I'll look to dual...
I fail to see the humor.
Soul ripper lickitungs. Bane of my existence.
I was at the showing for the weekender. They did not include a shoulder strap. From a practicality standpoint, the bag is quite long so a shoulder strap wouldn't have worked very well. I don't know if the dimensions were changed for the release.
He does look gassed at the end of it. I saw him sit in the corner for a few possessions during the Boston series just to catch his breath.
New handles look much better, Nan.
Yes, yes, all of this. Anytime someone his size steps up, KG immediately backs down. He sets dirty screens, elbows, knees to crotches, all of that but only against guards. Tried that shit on Odom and when Odom matches physicality, KG wouldn't even look him in the eye.
New Posts  All Forums: