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Authenticator won't help with this specific hack. Multiple people have suggested that their ID sessions were spoofed in a public game, as they were hacked and had authenticators. Spoofing the ID session bypasses all of the log-in steps, so they don't even need your password.
This right here. Game mechanics are completely different from D2.
You can exploit Fot with Quickening. With sweeping winds up, any attacks made during your FoT animation will proc the additional 15 spirit. I cheesed my way through inferno act 1 the first time using this exploit. Spammed MoH: BOP 3 times a second.
DH abuse smoke screen, wizards abuse energy shield. Everyone else is screwed! I'm getting tired of farming Act 1. Best fun came in late NM/early Hell when characters could actually go all out DPS.As a monk, every single ability I take is now defensive.
Inferno mode as melee sucks. The random champ packs kill melee in seconds so you have to constantly kite. Kiting means not generating rage/spirit, which means no damage. Act 2 white mobs are ridiculous. I think they hit me for about 7-10k and I'm at 5k armor and 215 resist all. If you want to do inferno, I recommend playing a wizard/DH.
Fastest way to level is to do Act 3 boss. The cut scene to end the act generates another quest exp. Then you jump into act 4 for the first quest.But it's actually faster to just do act 3 boss and only act 3 boss. You can get from 50-60 in about 9 hours doing this in hell. Also a good way to get to 50 by doing it in NM.
People spammed 1 star reviews because of launch day issues.
Been struggling with Butcher on Inferno mode for the last hour. Inferno is no joke. Second hardest area I've come across is act 3 hell leading up to the boss. The fucking tongue mobs are fast, have an instant ranged attack, and are psychotic with 4 champ attributes. It's damn near impossible with how narrow the level is.
"Completed" tab -> hit send to stash.
For those concerned about whether to salvage or vendor, just take a look at the AH for mat prices. For the most part, it is better to vendor. Normal level essences only AH for ~20 gold, nightmare for ~40, hell for ~150. Most things vendor for much more. Even the rares that give you lizard eyes don't AH for much. This could change as more and more gold enters the market.
New Posts  All Forums: