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lol, CMON.
Lol, great bed posts. I just need something simple with medium firmness. Never had a foam mattress or mattress topper and I've slept fine my whole life. Unlike Bows who is stepping up his game, I'm transitioning to Ikea grad school living. I also love Target sheets.
What beds to my stylish brethren sleep on? Will probably just hit up Costco.
I returned 2 pairs a while back and the cheapest shipping option was close to $50...
I've been away from TV and internet for a few days and Dwight still hasn't been traded??? Last week, every sports reporter kept claiming Howard deal "imminent. I hate how sports media operates. Everything for a page view.
A lot of B&M retailers do this because of employee discounts on gift cards.
Haven't played in a few days after logging about 300 hours. Hit a point where I didn't want to gear up well enough to farm act 3 efficiently because it'd cost me hundreds of millions. 1.04 will address some balancing issues and introduce new legendaries. I might farm a bit when it goes live.
Got the Our Legacy drawstring trousers and they are really small in the waist, like 28 small.
Brand new, just got these in today. Pretty much sold out everywhere so this might be your last chance to get a pair! They'd comfortably fit a 28-30. Asking $120 shipped in the US via paypal. Thanks for looking.
Backpacks aren't water proof. I wore it in the rain once and contents did get wet.
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