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I propose that all fit suggestions/criticisms NOT be made in the "thumbs up" section. (Except for TC Walter, he can do whatever he wants.)
I have small feet and they fit fine after a wash/dry.
Well, SE self identifies as black. They had a photospread called "Black Ivy."
Griffin has all the potential in the world. Possibly the most athletic player in the NBA right now. But that's how I see him, an athlete first and a basketball player second. I'm sure he'll be the best offensive PF in the game at some point in time. Improve FT, get some post moves, jumper looks pretty good already.
Just wear a size larger, not rocket science. In recent photos, it looks like you try to size down as much as possible on everything.
I see. I rarely quested with randoms. Fortunate enough to have a bunch of friends that play the same games, so it was usually private except for cow level grinds.
NP.Also keep in mind they changed how the questing system works. Let's say your friend is much higher level than you but you want to play in the same game to chat/buff monsters for more exp. He cannot jump to ahead to a further Act to quest on his own. The game's quests, including waypoints, will lock to whoever creates the game.I'm not sure why they made that change but I liked the old D2 system where people could quest independently in multiple acts within the same game.
This is true. I cannot stand egregious flopping. I'm with JVG on this--fine players that are over the top. It's just the Clips have SO many of them. Griffin, CP3, and Reggie Evans are the worst offenders. Right up there with Manu and Wade.And for fun, Amare is one messed up dude.
I just hate his constant calls for fouls. Griffin flops like hell then looks for a foul every time he's in the post. He's got no post moves! Will fail to back down his man, toss up a bad shot, then stare at the ref. Just look at this game winning play by CP3. My take away? Griffin flops. Cmon.
Platy, 1 little suggestion for the website. Pictures are cropped instead of re-sized. You have to go full-view to see the whole garment.
New Posts  All Forums: