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No bball tracking =(. I need it soon, moving addresses in 3 weeks!
Shit. My auctions are all locked up! Gonna have to wait a while before I can list any.
I've been trying to read more lately and your writing style is great. Came across a short piece by Joan Didion, the way you describe the weather is quite similar.
Synth should get some wagyu overnighted for selling the bball so well. Can't wait till mine gets here.
Might have to gift my current weekender to my brother or something if the new ones are much better. Already used so too late to return.
Damn, is Lopez worth max money?
Everything but gold is live on the RMAH
Think pants would be okay with sneakers?
NYR, are those glasses shopped? I can't tell but they look too big.
Once pvp is out, most complaints will be forgotten. You'll hear cries for class balancing though. Farming in D3 is just like farming in D2. My main complaint is how boring itemization is. Main stat, vit, resist, crit/ias/crit dmg where you can get it. Glass cannons can ignore vit/resist and save some money. Upgrades cost me upwards of 20m now and result in 20-40 stat point increases, big fucking whoop. Not much money to be made. Gold is below $2/million so items aren't...
New Posts  All Forums: