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Rick, two-toned like the one Artisthard got recently.
I was planning on attending but something came up. Might make it for the evening.
I have the light gray jacket and I love it. Might have to get a full black/dark gray suit.
My take on the shirts. I only have white v-necks. Fit is great for me. The shoulders are a little wider than most. It's a little longer than mall-stuff before it shrinks (even on low heat). Fabric is on the light side and very soft. Feels a lot better than the usual gap/AA and waaay above Hanes. Hanes is like fucking sandpaper. The V is a medium depth--its not an AA deep V but its not a crewneck with V opening like most shit is.
Hmm, finish the easy suit by getting the easy pants?
Are we going to see a competitive series in the first round? Maybe Boston/Atlanta or Indiana/Chicago?
Defending champs are done.
Every school has gone up like crazy.
Become friends with a good tailor? You're too jacked to fit into most things OTR. Epaulet could work if you sized up and had the waist taken in.
No, they're low-rise pants. When you wear them high, people can see your junk.
New Posts  All Forums: