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Nah. Generally not a fan of the collar type, and it looks cheap. In that budget range, I like overshirts, bombers, and work jackets. I'm sure you can find something of the sort at gap, UO, H&M, the usual mall suspects.
Buttero, F&B, MOMA?
@cyc wid it get the geller bomber! Too late for the color challenge, but inspired by it.
As a Warriors fan, I hope for the best and expect the worst. Don't jinx it!But Conley going down is going to huge. Hopefully he can don the mask and be good to go. Really looking forward to round 2. Curry v. Tony Allen. Battle of the front court, with Dray as the perpetually undersized defender. I suspect one amazing DLee game when one of the starters runs into foul trouble. Can the Warriors run against the grindhouse? How will MEM defend the Curry PnR? They don't...
Asian, wearing mine today, get it!
SWEEP. AD is definitely a beast. 1 on 1, no one can stop him.
Ryan Anderson was looking like Dirk out there tonight. And they stopped giving him the ball completely.
What a come back. I'm sure people will be real salty about Draymond's flop. Killed the Pels with second chance points. I don't think the Pels will have the morale to put up a fight for game 4.
Probably just a brain fart. Couple chances to foul and they didn't.
I'm taking the CA bar but will be off to DC right after.
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