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Looks good. Maybe unbutton the last couple on the cardigan to break it up?
Very uneventful trade deadline, with Granger and Turner the most exciting. Good pick up by the Dubs. Offense is horrendous without Curry on the floor and having a true backup PG will definitely help. I'm going to miss Bazemore's antics on the sideline. =( He's the only NBA player I've met in person and he was super nice.
Whaaat? Hiring?
I give people shit for watching bad reality tv, but here I am lapping up SF drama. I'm a goddam hypocrite.
nonnative had a satin one last season, in green too. it was pretty sweet.
Which location? LA?
I ain't even mad, that was a good shot. In real time, I can't blame Igloo. He knows LeBron can blow right by him to tie the game up, so he gave a little space and sat on the shooting hand.Dubs have been underperforming and in real danger of not even making the playoffs.The All-Star Game was okay. Durant jacked up too many iso-shots.
I recognize that fitting room...
^ Keep it!
I leave them with the cleaners or bring them back next time. I really hate being wasteful.
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