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I like this more than I probably should. Sorry for large image.
I like the blue. Not sure if I'd wear the whole suit, but the jacket looks good.
Buttero imo
Basketball fan for life. Bay area sports have been doing quite well this decade, but the Warriors just haven't been good in my entire life time! So many bad contracts I've just simply forgotten them, but once in a while I read that Bill Simmons piece for a humorous reminder of just how bad it's been. I personally have been the lone Dubs fan anytime I watch games with friends, having been in SoCal for so long. Can't say one way or another what the general fan-base is...
Nobody had the Dubs at the beginning of the season.
Yesss, all aboard the Dubs bandwagon. Have a beer on me.
Can Miran be summoned? Maybe if we chant his name in front of a mirror. Miran... Miran... Miran.
Like the white version a lot more.
Join me, outerwear bro.
Arm and Hammer for me. Tom's irritates the shit out of my skin. I've also tried the Men's Science stuff which is pretty good, but is more expensive and doesn't last as long as A&H.
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