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I have a pair of MOMAs that are very round/bulbous.
Lol. What? was my first reaction too. He means we have to listen to MJax do commentary again =(
@Bam!ChairDance So I got really drunk one night last week, woke up and saw that I had purchased this. The armholes are crazy high though.
toj thread makes me sad
Finally cool enough tonight to wear the toj0. Forgot how awesome I feel when I wear it.
Any idea how Viridi-Anne is sized? The size 2 might be a little big for me, but with a long coat, who the hell knows.
Looks like the new tapered wool pants are more flannel-like than the previous iteration. My older pants have a smoother hand.Or maybe my older pants aren't even the flannel ones. I don't remember.
Ya I'm looking for a lightweight long coat because OC is too hot to need real outerwear. Something loose and flowy I can throw on over a shirt.Valves now gone everywhere! =(
Yea, the offensive PI was pretty bogus.
Just went to Nana san a couple weeks ago, which wasn't bad. But Ohshima is definitely better. I need to go back.Do we have an OC thread? Or should we just dump those thoughts here too.
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