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This SS pocket sweater fit consistent with last FW?
Where'd you find/what are these called? So good.
How's Poeme Behemien sizing on the jackets/long coats? DC bros, where yall at? @randomkoreandude @Bam!ChairDance
Yes because we're still run by Chris Cohan and can rely on one-liners instead of offering any analysis. Keep up the good work.
Why is this such a difficult concept? MJax didn't get along with the bosses. In any job, you appease your boss.But then people say, doesn't matter as long as you get results. Well, guess what? He was handed an extremely talented roster. That alone could account for the Dubs' improvement. When your talented roster is less offensively efficient than KEITH SMART's Warriors, you've got a problem. MJax did well getting the players to play hard and to commit to defense, but he...
Ugh not this again. Firing Mark Jackson was the right move.
That was an impressive Pacers win.
Parker said he'd be ready for Monday's(?) game.
I'm actually here for a few days, then off to DC for the summer. No LA meet up for me for many months.
Can I invite myself
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