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But blade grinders are no good =(
Back to coffee talk, what's a good cheap grinder? I don't drink often enough to justify an electric, but I can fork over $30 for a hand grinder.
Just emailed.
I'd wear geller bombers every day if I had the cash, a different color for each day. So hard to justify even 1 when I already have 2 bombers and an all-black toj0.
Inverted Aeropress for the quick stuff, or even lazier is just k-cups at work. Or set the drip and hop in the shower? But I don't drink coffee daily and only make it when I'm fixing a decent breakfast.For people that have an Aeropress and like it oilier, there's a reusable steel filter. I don't have one, but thinking about buying it.
cafe sue da reigns supreme. I love the process - letting the coffee drip as I eat, then capping the meal with coffee.
Had to take care of some stuff near little tokyo last week, tried Sushi Gen for lunch. Not bad for $15, but I was expecting a bit more. And Cafe Dulce's HK milk tea is most definitely not HK milk tea. A bit insulting... Can I not find legitimate HK milk tea in all of OC? Looks like there are a lot of good restaurants right around there, so I hope to drive up again soon.
totally forgot about these, but excited that it's march already. any updates?
But the price isn't that cheap, or I would've tried em. =(
It looks like a 50 (maybe with 48 lengths) might be better. Or keep it and don't ever button it
New Posts  All Forums: