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No vid, not sure if TNT even showed a replay. They rarely show replays of calls, and it's been that way for a couple years now.
Obviously biggest Warriors homer on the planet:Yes, the officiating was pretty bad in the first half, right up to the Draymond nut kick. The highlight was Scott Foster confidently overturning a 24 second violation... when Durant didn't come close to hitting the rim. That's a play you can go to replay for... Same sort of calls happened with Tony Brothers too. Something dumb like 18-2 FT advantage and then 24-4. Wasn't a matter of playstyle either, as Klay and Curry were...
me too. ah well, such is life as a warriors fan.
Dubs in 6.
Showing why he's MVP. What a performance in the 4th + OT.
Someone please buy this so I don't.
Animal Collective 5/10, Wild Nothing 5/11, Sweet Life 5/14. Going to be concerted out. If anyone is around for Wild Nothing @ Black Cat, send me a PM.Thai food = Thai X-ing (solid, not super spicy but a good showing). Baan Thai (above Thaitanic) is amazing. I've been 3 times and will be back soon. They don't hold back on aromatics or spice. I really like the khao soi and pork picnic. One day, when I can handle the wait, I'll try Little Serow. Beau Thai is a solid...
Offense from both Pacers and Raptors is rather boring to watch.
Warriors played well but gave up runs to the Blazers bench. Blazers might take a game or two. Dubs have a bad habit of letting up on intensity (see the one Rockets win).
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