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Ditto on long arms. It's pretty slim, especially along the back shoulder. And the cloth is kind of crunchy loud, but I like the uneven coloration on it. The coat is not all that warm, so if you want to layer, I'd definitely size up.
Yep, the waist is elastic.
went with the uk size. so im us 7, took uk6.
Westbrook with sprained right knee. That killed any chance of a fantasy playoff victory with him already missing b2b sets.
the new OL robe coat looks so comfy...
I noticed they were restocked. Hurrah.
I like the relaxed linen pants, but I'll have to size up. It's best for a 28-30 and I'm more of a 30-32.
Bought it from sierra trading post. the merino ones are there are pretty small though.
I bought two, one for the couch and one for the computer chair. The pure wool one is not bad, the wool/mix one not as good. They're both getting softer, so who knows.
New Posts  All Forums: