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That week is a bit tough with friends visiting. How about the following Monday? (10/9)
The body should fit the same.
@shoreman1782@the shah@Bam!ChairDance DC meet up? Just not near the Hill, because despite working nearby, that area is awful.
DC... which isn't even that bad. My California is showing.So any DC bros want to grab a beer?
Thanks guys! Very helpful.
I'm going to experience my first winter. How do you guys deal with salt, snow, and ice? Cheap pair of snow boots and change at the office? Just add a rubber sole to cool boots? Help!
Any idea if there's a restock? Totally forgot about the release, and could use a few things for work.
Hey it's dropped to mid 70s the last 2 days!
Hello friends. It's been a while. I'll be in Seoul from the 27th to the 30th, so if anyone wants to grab a drink, shoot me a PM! In the mean time, I'm having a blast in Tokyo. I also see why messengers are so popular and practical. Backpacks get way too sweaty in this heat and humidity.
Excited for the new ToJ venture. I've already almost outgrown the BCDR I got last year, just sitting in the closet while summer rolls on.
New Posts  All Forums: