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31814 + 50 = 31,864
Some iffy calls to close the game. But that doesn't excuse some poor performances from the Dubs. They cannot let Blake go all Hakeem on them in the post. Boy do we miss Bogut, or even Ezeli. David Lee is sooooooo slow on defense. His feet stuck in molasses or something. Still too many turnovers. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to watch the Dubs as much as previous seasons, but everything seems off. Always takes heroic threes to win/keep things close. Klay is much...
FWIW I really like the weirder stuff. This fit is what I'd find in a computer science lab, without your usual cool details.
30,785 + 50 = 30,835
From the casual observer, Pringles biggest problem is (was) his refusal to run a system suited for his players. He seems to be a system-coach and doesn't coach to the strength of his players. Didn't he freeze out Pau last season? If you can't run a system to take advantage of Pau's strengths, you've got a problem.
30,300 + 50 = 30,350
I sized up on the linen pants to medium. They just looked too slim in the small, and with the drawstring it all works out.
Snowpant! Looks great in motion, but kind of awkward on me when stationary. Might have to take in the waist and seat.
29,600 + 40 = 29,640
Somebody get me a law job. 1 year to graduation.
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