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OKC 26GSW 18And OKC intentionally fouled at the end, so pretty close.
Come again?
Hell nah. Let's go Dubs!
And I'm explicitly stating I'm not. So we can just do that.
I'm not saying the refs are out to get the warriors. Incompetence, not malice. Foster and Brothers are probably the two worst refs in the league. Dubs got frustrated really easily over the poor officiating and just went off the handle.
No vid, not sure if TNT even showed a replay. They rarely show replays of calls, and it's been that way for a couple years now.
Obviously biggest Warriors homer on the planet:Yes, the officiating was pretty bad in the first half, right up to the Draymond nut kick. The highlight was Scott Foster confidently overturning a 24 second violation... when Durant didn't come close to hitting the rim. That's a play you can go to replay for... Same sort of calls happened with Tony Brothers too. Something dumb like 18-2 FT advantage and then 24-4. Wasn't a matter of playstyle either, as Klay and Curry were...
me too. ah well, such is life as a warriors fan.
Dubs in 6.
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