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Eh even if they run a crap offense, when you get 3 tries at the bucket, you're gonna get 1 eventually. I would've kept Adam in, but I can see why BD pulled him. I'm not even making a fundamental point about why a team won or lost. There's a bunch of reasons. Just stating my 2c about offensive rebounding in this series.
OKC was feasting on the offensive boards because Draymond either had to help prevent KD/Westbrook driving into the lane, or OKC would force a switch and have Draymond be the primary defender. Either way, Draymond would be contesting the shot instead of rebounding. When we had Bogut in, we did alright grabbing boards. But whenever he sat, Adams feasted or Westbrook would sneak in and tip the ball out. The scheme allowed OKC so many 2nd and 3rd chances. Same way Kobe...
Welp, sticking with the 48 in the Richard jacket. There's barely a difference between the sizes. They're a regular cut with high arm holes, but everything is nice and stretchy. Tempted to grab the marled light gray set too but that's enough damage for one day.
Lil B curse lives on
That was one hell of a series.
Dubs really need to rebound. Giving up way too many second/third chance points.
charcoal off ssense
crap, too late. I'll exchange if necessary.
It'll be a tough fought game either way. No way OKC just rolls over.
How does this season's Richard fit? Looks like I'll size up on the pants. What about the jacket? Usually a regular 46 or a slim 48. I want this on the slouchy side.
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