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Offense from both Pacers and Raptors is rather boring to watch.
Warriors played well but gave up runs to the Blazers bench. Blazers might take a game or two. Dubs have a bad habit of letting up on intensity (see the one Rockets win).
DC SF Dolcezza meet up?
I think DC is a great city. Public transportation is good on the weekdays if metro is not on fire. Easy walking and biking. Food is good but definitely takes some searching. Unfortunately, good ethnic food is in the burbs (except Thai and Ethiopian). Lots of free cultural events, several good music venues, cheap booze.
🚀🔫 bye bye rockets
Never easy being a Warriors fan.
Tough games from Klay, Draymond, and Barnes. Somehow almost stole it because Shaun has been amazing.
Mine is the same. Nothing to worry about.
I'd argue that makes it more impressive. They get up for the big games, and had a few absolute stinkers. They happen -- back to back, 4 games in 5 nights, long road trips. But they won almost every close game (point differential would suggest around ~67 wins), and they won against all the top teams.
New Posts  All Forums: