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How's that Peter Coat?
Wallet order placed. A little retail therapy for a tough couple of weeks, but ToJ eases the pain of love lost.
Richord Nicholl Uniqlo Gats The shirt is a crazy soft flannel. I could live in it.
Happy Birthday! Same age, wore the same outfit yesterday. I think we're the same size too, my white twin bro.
Hahaha I agree, but I care so little about ties that I wasn't about to re-do it while running late at 7 in the morning, which is an ungodly hour for me.Hopefully the Snowpants work well with the Docs, try em out soon in a non-work fit.
Everything looks like shit when it's cropped in MS Paint. Clothes is for work. Some days I have to go full suit, some days I can get away with a jersey blazer/sweater, but I always have to wear a tie =(. UU Uniqlo Uniqlo Doc Martens
(serious answer) Not the boba itself, though some places do flavor it. Jasmine flavored boba is very yummy, but I haven't found many places that do it. But I grew up with Cantonese food, so I have a strong dislike of milk tea that is too milky/sweet. Wonderful's milk tea, even though they're run by Taiwanese people, is pretty strong, though not quite HK milk tea level.One of my favorite eating combos is to have lunch at San Tung (damn that wait tho), then drive over to...
No no no no no!!!!!!!! T pumps sucks ass. It's sugar water with boba on it. I laughed after I tried T Pumps. The worker said "it has a very strong tea flavor, so let me know if you want more sugar." McDonalds sweet tea has more tea flavor than that.Go to Wonderful Foods on Irving and get the regular milk tea with boba, or the lychee milk tea with boba.
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