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Very uneventful trade deadline, with Granger and Turner the most exciting. Good pick up by the Dubs. Offense is horrendous without Curry on the floor and having a true backup PG will definitely help. I'm going to miss Bazemore's antics on the sideline. =( He's the only NBA player I've met in person and he was super nice.
Whaaat? Hiring?
I give people shit for watching bad reality tv, but here I am lapping up SF drama. I'm a goddam hypocrite.
nonnative had a satin one last season, in green too. it was pretty sweet.
Which location? LA?
I ain't even mad, that was a good shot. In real time, I can't blame Igloo. He knows LeBron can blow right by him to tie the game up, so he gave a little space and sat on the shooting hand.Dubs have been underperforming and in real danger of not even making the playoffs.The All-Star Game was okay. Durant jacked up too many iso-shots.
I recognize that fitting room...
^ Keep it!
I leave them with the cleaners or bring them back next time. I really hate being wasteful.
Bogut? He gets under the skin of so many people and doesn't back down, I'm surprised no one's taken a shot at him. But then again, he's a reaaally big dude.
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