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Compression shorts/pants feel so good for oly lifts.
Gave in... first purchase of the sale season.
I gotta try this place out.
Been watching the Warriors too long to say we'll win. Don't jinx it!
I'm a small (36 chest, but size up on most things) and took the size 4. Works for me!
Passed the bar Fighting urge to impulse buy Geller Richard jacket.
the elasticized pants are very slim TTS. I will probably end up keeping the medium and returning the small. At TTS, they're like super slim wool sweatpants, which isn't the look I'm going for.
That week is a bit tough with friends visiting. How about the following Monday? (10/9)
The body should fit the same.
@shoreman1782@the shah@Bam!ChairDance DC meet up? Just not near the Hill, because despite working nearby, that area is awful.
New Posts  All Forums: