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David Lee with the redemption story. He's the highest paid player and sitting on the bench! But he gives Curry so much more room to operate. The D has to respect his roll to the rim, he passes well, and he finishes at the rim adequately. Not as good as a year or two ago, but definitely better than any of our other bigs.Very doubtful he remains on the team next season, so we gotta get that ring for him.
Igloo is the Warriors MVP right now.
Warriors playing much better. Running more basic PnRs for Curry. Green, as the release, is being more decisive and either finishing or making the proper pass. Lee is still a great rolling big man and is a better match up than Bogut for this series. Bogut is just looking slow and worn down out there. Mozgov is significantly more springy, so limiting Bog's minutes is a good move. And Igloo's athleticism is still incredible.
Makes me feel so ronery.
I need an alarm clock like that. With the panel kept somewhere outside.
Warrior fans know there is no sure thing when it comes to Warrior games. Thank god the next game is on Tuesday so I can forget about this shit show after 2 days.
Get some tacos to avoid a hangover. El Faralito is open late.
I was surprised to see the early ball pressure, especially from LeBron. We all knew the dude was going to log 40+ heavy minutes, and pressing full court would just tire him out earlier. The game plan is to just exhaust LeBron. He can't carry the offense for an entire game against the defending rotation of Barnes/Igloo/Draymond. LeBron almost did, which is insane, but this can't hold up!
Dubs have too much depth for the Cavs to handle. We saw LeBron tire out against the Hawks, and that's a worse defensive team. The small ball comes out late game when the other team is already gassed. They punish you in the passing lanes, deny post-entry passes, and encourage your tired body to jack up long 2s, where size doesn't matter as much when rebounding. That said, the Cavs were just 1 shot away from winning game 1. Even if they did, the Warriors are built for a...
LOL.Anyhow, I placed a small bet on the Dubs winning the chip at the beginning of the season. Time to hedge for some easy moneyyyyy.
New Posts  All Forums: