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From the weekend.
White sneaks for days, or at least some cream/ivory variation.
WCF start tomorrow wooooooooooooooooooooooo!
Thanks! This is the plan. Getting tickets tonight.
Insert conversation about how people who dress like this don't have jobs.
I see a lot of Zanerobe at UO. I'd try them out if they were cheaper. Most pairs pick up lint easily.
^ love the jeans and shoes.
Thinking of changing my trip to have a full 2 weeks in Japan, rather than detouring to Seoul for 4 days. How much time can one reasonably spend in Tokyo?
The chore jacket is a great piece. I'm glad the navy sold out, forcing me to grab the indigo stripe. Color and texture are a lot of fun, and taking a page from @LA Guy, I just stack blue on blue on blue.
Dubs haven't seen the WCF since... 1976! All these years of torture are finally paying off.
New Posts  All Forums: