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I did not. If it's TTS, I'd need a 46.
Nice! How's the sizing? I don't think I've ever tried on Geller. 44 too small for a 36 chest?
How's that Peter Coat?
Wallet order placed. A little retail therapy for a tough couple of weeks, but ToJ eases the pain of love lost.
Richord Nicholl Uniqlo Gats The shirt is a crazy soft flannel. I could live in it.
Happy Birthday! Same age, wore the same outfit yesterday. I think we're the same size too, my white twin bro.
Hahaha I agree, but I care so little about ties that I wasn't about to re-do it while running late at 7 in the morning, which is an ungodly hour for me.Hopefully the Snowpants work well with the Docs, try em out soon in a non-work fit.
Everything looks like shit when it's cropped in MS Paint. Clothes is for work. Some days I have to go full suit, some days I can get away with a jersey blazer/sweater, but I always have to wear a tie =(. UU Uniqlo Uniqlo Doc Martens
New Posts  All Forums: