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Word is Steve Kerr to the warriors. 5years/25mil
I know it's contrary to the rules. Something's gotta change. Should we allow fouls to be reviewable? I find it aggravating that only possession is only reviewable in the last 2 minutes, as if a possession at any other time is not as important. Or you get these odd situations where there's clearly a foul, but the refs miss it, and the fouling team is rewarded.Too many reviews makes long games even longer. Should we add more refs? What's a practical solution?
Noooo......?Looks like a lateral move from MJ instead of an upgrade. Who knows. I won't judge until I see the product on the floor.
Oh yes, Reggie Evans is what I meant.
On the Draymond foul, CP3 was already in the midst of losing the ball. No foul. I didn't watch last night's game, but I'm with Hendrix. If the refs miss a foul, and it goes out of bounds, the fouling team shouldn't be rewarded. Have the refs officiated that way before? NO. And there's a problem with that. But the NBA is awful at officiating and they really need to work on consistency this offseason. You guys were just talking past each other. I hate the Clippers due to...
37720 + 25 = 37,745
FTFY. From my limited experience, Asian females are set up for success. Males get the short end of the stick.
Getting 3/4 arm tattoo as an aspiring lawyer. should be easy enough to keep hidden. down with the man!
50 + 35500 = 35,550
Jackson really wasn't fired for on-court reasons (although there's plenty to criticize there), but because he sucked at dealing with management. A few things I've read, which aren't necessarily substantiated: The FO gave Jackson a lot of room to coach. They asked him to bring in a new X and O guy after Mike Malone left, but he refused Speculation: he was trying to push Erman out? I mean, Erman got so paranoid he started recording conversations. Apparently Scalabrine...
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