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SWEEP. AD is definitely a beast. 1 on 1, no one can stop him.
Ryan Anderson was looking like Dirk out there tonight. And they stopped giving him the ball completely.
What a come back. I'm sure people will be real salty about Draymond's flop. Killed the Pels with second chance points. I don't think the Pels will have the morale to put up a fight for game 4.
Probably just a brain fart. Couple chances to foul and they didn't.
I'm taking the CA bar but will be off to DC right after.
If anyone has some OC must-eats, I'd be happy to hear em. I'm only around for another couple of months!
Some of the places I like to eat around Irvine. I don't venture up to Fullerton/Anaheim too often, so this is more Irvine/South OC based. Fukada for udon, right by Irvine Spectrum. Kappo Honda for izakaya. It's the sister restaurant to Honda Ya, which is also in Tustin and LA. Ohshima for sushi. San Shi Go is good too. Bear Flag for fish and poke. A & J for Taiwanese pork chop over rice. The minced pork and tomato noodle is good too. Chong Qing Mei Wei is some of the...
People too lazy to click twice for thumbs.
Where's the black one? I have one in brown from Inventory but they're no longer selling them.
Might be the best thing for the Thunder. Miss the playoffs because of injuries and finally get a new coach.
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