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I've grown tired of pho as I've gotten older. Most places spice it too heavily with cinnamon/star anise. With the light mouth feel of pho, I prefer it to also taste a bit cleaner. Northern style (chicken broth) pho is pretty good, or just good ole' chiu chow noodle soup. If you're in SF, go to Hai Ky in Tenderloin for the food of my peoples, and enjoy a hot cup of soy milk. Ramen is good, but I sense a trend of very heavy and fatty tonkotsu.
Best sushi in OC? I've been to Ohshima (great nigiri, lots of yuzu), Nana-San (not worth the $$), and San Shi Go (very good) Or... as a grad student, best value?
I miss having the time to play pc games. Cal m in 1.6. I should put together a new PC for CSGO.
The guy is a sweetie. We've only had 1 scratching accident when he was in my lap and cliffhangered my leg as he fell. I've had dogs, and I want one, but at this point they're too much of a commitment.
Schneider Memory in camel, and this little fuzzball of teeth and claws.
PM me for HD stream
This Dubs @ Hawks game is pretty good. Both benches performing well thus far.
Damn which color... finally need a real coat for my move to DC
Ya wear it all the time.
Styleforum, never change. Last page had me chuckling.
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