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gif form. http://gfycat.com/DaringOrdinaryCricket
Thanks. Added in the spoiler.
How I typically wear the Viridi-Anne coat. Perfect weight for OC "winters" [[SPOILER]]
Got my small wallet!
Got an email to confirm address for the wallets.
Going to tomorrow's game. It will be the best Thanksgiving ever.
Nitpicky, but the cuffs a bit too much for the low profile shoes?
Aww... would miss the SF SF meet up! In town for Thanksgiving weekend but boning out Nov 30.
sb is far... if you come farther south, let me know!
Went to the Dubs @ Lakers game last night. Got everything I wanted. Kobe to put on a show, and for the Dubs to demolish anyways. Biggest problem for the Lakers, aside from terrible defense and injuries and general lack of talent, is that there's no motion on offense. When I can follow everything that's happening on the court, there's a problem. Lin dribbles a bit, no one sets a good pick (I've seen better screens in my crappy pick up games), then passes to Kobe and...
New Posts  All Forums: