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Both bomber colors are great. I can't decide.
Based on how hard he's been recruiting players to play for GSW, he probably has plans to stay, even if it means a pay cut.
exactly what I did
Avoided anything sports after Sunday's loss. Not even going to read the last 3 pages of this thread. Congrats to Cleveland, they played very well and were disciplined on the defensive end. LeBron was tireless on D and Kyrie hit just enough tough, tough shots on offense to get them ahead. The entire series was tied in points until that step-back 3. Disappointed in Curry. Was he 100%? Likely not. He couldn't get separation on Kevin Love of all frickin people, and...
Harshest possible outcome. LeBron initiated that whole fiasco, and tried to do the same with Curry. At best, that was a technical on Draymond, which would not have resulted in a suspension. It goes without saying that Draymond certainly accumulated previous flagrant points, but on this play??? No fucking way. Again, double T AT BEST and move on. But a flagrant 1? That's such bullshit.
Let's go Dubs!!!!!! Cavs seemed to play even more physical than game 3, but the Dubs didn't let that frustrate them. Lots of grabbing, shoving, slapping. Refs let things go both ways. I want the Dubs to match that off-ball nastiness that other teams are giving them. Curry did a better job impacting the offense. Drawing doubles (although Cavs had a lot of brain farts tonight), offensive rebounds, a few signature step back 3s, keeping the TOs down. Defense all around...
It'll be similar to game 6 against OKC. Dubs will play from behind. They'll have the lead for a moment in the second, then go down in the 3rd by 8-12. Then it goes to OT!
Elastic pants year round? Yes please. Uniqlo also needs to bring back those linen drawstring pants. My summer go-to.
Onto Friday. I was going to drive to Cleveland for game 4 if we won game 3... oh well.
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