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Yesss, all aboard the Dubs bandwagon. Have a beer on me.
Can Miran be summoned? Maybe if we chant his name in front of a mirror. Miran... Miran... Miran.
Like the white version a lot more.
Join me, outerwear bro.
Arm and Hammer for me. Tom's irritates the shit out of my skin. I've also tried the Men's Science stuff which is pretty good, but is more expensive and doesn't last as long as A&H.
Tried on the linen shirts and I would take the same size as slim fit oxfords. Fits a little looser overall than the oxford.
Definitely tight through the waist/torso
The fit of the shirt isn't very flattering, and I love Schneider. Just fits awkwardly sometimes.
I'd like this with a bigger scarf.
Machus guy pose is hilarious.
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