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Went to the Dubs @ Lakers game last night. Got everything I wanted. Kobe to put on a show, and for the Dubs to demolish anyways. Biggest problem for the Lakers, aside from terrible defense and injuries and general lack of talent, is that there's no motion on offense. When I can follow everything that's happening on the court, there's a problem. Lin dribbles a bit, no one sets a good pick (I've seen better screens in my crappy pick up games), then passes to Kobe and...
No longer available, but the +J hidden packets were nice and slim sized up. Small collar, no chest pocket, darted.
How exactly do you order the hand-welted or whatever $200 side zips?
I expected DC to be stuffier. I was wearing biz caz all summer for the government. Happy to be going back when I graduate
Anyone try the chunky knit cardigan?
I'll try the concept again a bit later. Thanks for the suggestions!
I should take the waist in on the snowpants. And I need some loose shirts to match them.
I been on it since the 90s, so dam right I am going to enjoy this ride. All are welcome aboard the bandwagon.
But nice and chilly at night, at least.
I've put up with so many terrible Dubs' seasons. This is awesome.
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