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Nope, he just lead a team to a finals victory.
I'm aware. And most of the players literally had 0 makes whenever LBJ was off the floor. LBJ was probably the best player. Don't get how people can just discredit Igloo's contributions, as if it's so preposterous that the winning team is going to have the FMVP.
1. Entirely different circumstances, which dictated an entirely different playstyle, which I monologued on for a huge paragraph, but you chalk up to "different circumstances" and move on, as if the triple-double says it all. Dude, the reason he got those numbers this series VS last series was BECAUSE of the circumstances, not because of Kawhi vs Igloo or any other manifestation you might want to come up with. That's just lazy analysis, and yes, crazy.2. I'd argue both....
Are you really going to compare LeBron this finals versus the last one? Cmon dude, Dubs didn't stop him? Didn't force him to carry the offensive load, wear down at the end of games, jack up contested shots, and shoot a really low percentage? He shot 39.5% or something like that, had an incredible usage rate. Of course he'd get his numbers, and he'd get them in an exhausting and tired way. That was the game plan, and Igloo did a hell of a job executing it. Igloo held...
Wooooooooooooooooooo. Victory hasn't quite settled in yet. Just a feeling of disbelief? Did this franchise really win a championship? The same franchise that just recently started Kwame Brown at center, had Turiaf as a backup C, overpaid Corey Maggette when Baron Davis fled for the Clippers, with fans that cheered for Biedrin's freethrows instead of wins? I don't even want to mention Richard Jefferson and how he actually had a consistent role. And that's all just...
I wouldn't say DLee's benching was a mistake. (And the team went 67-15 so many mistakes were there really?) He lost his jumper last season and it's still MIA. He's a decent on-ball defender but is not good at help D, and he doesn't box out well. Just didn't fit the Warrior's game plan of being able to switch everything on D AND space the floor. He did neither. But in this series, with Green slumping, his passing and finishing ability is opening up more space. Teams...
David Lee with the redemption story. He's the highest paid player and sitting on the bench! But he gives Curry so much more room to operate. The D has to respect his roll to the rim, he passes well, and he finishes at the rim adequately. Not as good as a year or two ago, but definitely better than any of our other bigs.Very doubtful he remains on the team next season, so we gotta get that ring for him.
Igloo is the Warriors MVP right now.
Warriors playing much better. Running more basic PnRs for Curry. Green, as the release, is being more decisive and either finishing or making the proper pass. Lee is still a great rolling big man and is a better match up than Bogut for this series. Bogut is just looking slow and worn down out there. Mozgov is significantly more springy, so limiting Bog's minutes is a good move. And Igloo's athleticism is still incredible.
Makes me feel so ronery.
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