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to spare us the misery of watching anymore of that game
excellent special teams defense
That was a horrible TNF game.
Are all the sweaters itchy? Looking at the milano ribbed mock neck.
+1 on suevecita for pomade
M&S product copy on the vest made me chuckle. The name says it all, a black garment dyed vest made of cotton with synthetic fill. Features side seam pockets and a D-ring closure in addition to the snap closure that compliments the zip closure. That’s at least three times more closure than you’ve gotten from your last three relationships combined.
How are the soles still intact? Both my pairs almost have holes worn through the soles after ~18 months.
I like the look, high waisted and all, but perhaps a little looser in the top block?
Got the human crew in blue, in size small. Feels like armor! If anyone wants to trade for a medium, let me know. It fits well but I prefer loose. Fok, these will probably stretch with wear?
$1m in Hunter's Point??? I'm never gonna be able to move back.
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