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Thanks guys. This one is yoox brand "8", sized up 1. It's thin, so you might want cotton for something more structured. If you find any let me know... otherwise I'll just send this off to Luxire to copy.
Summer. I wear the same thing every day. Some linen shirt + black jeans or lounge pants and white/ivory sneakers. Camera sucks pants are navy. Also embracing full Asian-ness with a band collar shirt (I want more!) Beige collared linen - Uniqlo White band collared linen - Yoox brand "8" Pants - Gap Sneaks - Chucks
Noooo forgot about the salt sale. Last time I'll be around for it too.
Sounds like AMEX is the one that eats the cost.
"Just spoke with a very irritated Vlade Divac. Said he is not trading Cousins, and denies Karl pushing for any deal involving All-Star center" https://twitter.com/ailene_voisin/status/613429060694179841 Sounds like Dan Fegan is stirring up trouble and trying to get Cousins out of SAC.
hahaha cmon ya'll already won that battle.
Poor Kings fans. They deserve better.
All going back to that Paul George injury =(
Lady luck was definitely on our side. And at the same time, the team made their own luck. Limited minutes and a deep bench kept the players fresh and reduced the chances of injury.On the other hand, the Dubs did play healthy members of every first-team All NBA, the first time in history that has happened. And while I'm not well-versed in ELO ratings, the Dubs playoffs run was something like the second highest ELO.Finally, the East path to the finals is a joke. Second...
Also see the KVA crazy laces in FSR
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