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Being Asian and all, I'm reluctant to give up my undercut, which is topknotted on rare occasion. I see goofy white dudes with it everywhere and it makes me sad.
Went with a funky short sleeve shirt and the short sleeve sweatshirt. Those sweatshirts look perfect for lounging.
Long time no post. Me: W+H Ace Hotel robe Cat: matching gray hoodie Happy new year!
Grantland took a little while to hit its stride, but the ringer is such a crap site. I check every few weeks and wonder if it'll ever be worth reading.
That's what they are
Been a while. Need to find a cool wall. With the weather cooling, I get to wear ridiculous things again.
Here's the mock neck in medium. I'm a 36 but usually wear a 38/medium, so this is technically "sized up."
LA @LA Guy, keep getting redirected to this site. With adblocker both on and off. With it on, it simply says page can't be displayed.
No good lighting and it's the black sweater, so picture doesn't help at all. I sized up 1.
Got the mock neck sweater. The neck is lower than expected. The weight is quite substantial, but with a smooth hand so it doesn't wear very warm. I'm a fan.
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