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Same one as Occulta, sorry.
The floral bomber is sweeeeet. It's a little looser than my mustard bomber from a couple seasons back. Super soft and smooth.
Being Asian and all, I'm reluctant to give up my undercut, which is topknotted on rare occasion. I see goofy white dudes with it everywhere and it makes me sad.
Went with a funky short sleeve shirt and the short sleeve sweatshirt. Those sweatshirts look perfect for lounging.
Long time no post. Me: W+H Ace Hotel robe Cat: matching gray hoodie Happy new year!
Grantland took a little while to hit its stride, but the ringer is such a crap site. I check every few weeks and wonder if it'll ever be worth reading.
That's what they are
Been a while. Need to find a cool wall. With the weather cooling, I get to wear ridiculous things again.
Here's the mock neck in medium. I'm a 36 but usually wear a 38/medium, so this is technically "sized up."
LA @LA Guy, keep getting redirected to this site. With adblocker both on and off. With it on, it simply says page can't be displayed.
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