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Black +j vest came in. Nicer than I expected, and fits slimmer than expected as well. Went with slim oxford size.
Damn that was quick. I was emailing Ian about it just last night. For the best, as I think a 4 would be too large for me.
Sounds like they run bigger this season, more TTS. They were kinda slim last year.
Bene what's your normal size/chest? Deciding between 3 and 4, and whether to be responsible with my money or not. I'm a 36 chest but I sometimes size up because of shoulders.
You sized down?
That feeling of wanting to treat myself to a bday/christmas gift, but not knowing what to buy.
I can't. I don't comprehend what happened in tonight's Dubs @ Lakers game. At least I chose the right one to go to, with Kobe dropping 40 and the Dubs winning by 40.
I would but you're a Seahawks fan.
Dubs roll to 15 straight. Best team of my life time.
Would rarely have a chance to wear it until next FW when I move to the east coast. I should be better with my money.
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