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It's been pretty bad. Such a hassle to even get the exchange fee waived.
What an odd thing to get upset about. Isn't that the whole point of sports fandom? To belong to a community? Whenever the home team is doing well or in the playoffs, there's a buzz around town that's hard to describe. When you go out, people everywhere are in jerseys and hats and t-shirts. You can set aside whatever differences that normally segregate a city and talk to anyone repping the team. At a bar, on the bus, on the street.
That shirt is pretty sweet. Don't forget the casper bomber.
The documentary Sour Grapes, about a wine counterfeiter, is a good watch on Netflix. And the guy is from Arcadia!
That place is great.
Late to the party. In my recent visit back to SF, it's surprising how little has changed. The SOMA/Mission Bay/Dog Patch has developed rapidly. Good to see more density in neglected parts of town. Then I walked around some more, and every other neighborhood looks like it did 15 years ago. NIMBYs! DC probably tells a similar story, though there's more areas that are developing upwards. From humble roots to now a yupster, my feelings about all of this are confused and...
On one hand, I think Matt Barnes fits in well. On the other hand, he's a POS. Why KD???
Same one as Occulta, sorry.
The floral bomber is sweeeeet. It's a little looser than my mustard bomber from a couple seasons back. Super soft and smooth.
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