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White sneaks for days, or at least some cream/ivory variation.
WCF start tomorrow wooooooooooooooooooooooo!
Thanks! This is the plan. Getting tickets tonight.
Insert conversation about how people who dress like this don't have jobs.
I see a lot of Zanerobe at UO. I'd try them out if they were cheaper. Most pairs pick up lint easily.
^ love the jeans and shoes.
Thinking of changing my trip to have a full 2 weeks in Japan, rather than detouring to Seoul for 4 days. How much time can one reasonably spend in Tokyo?
The chore jacket is a great piece. I'm glad the navy sold out, forcing me to grab the indigo stripe. Color and texture are a lot of fun, and taking a page from @LA Guy, I just stack blue on blue on blue.
Dubs haven't seen the WCF since... 1976! All these years of torture are finally paying off.
10 days should be enough time for Tokyo plus one other. Open to suggestions for the second spot.
New Posts  All Forums: