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Kiya, You know the turnaround time to hem a pair of jeans at SelfEdge LA these days? Gonna be visiting and hope I could drop in to get a quick hem on my jeans.
Oh yah? Definitely gonna try. I'd do some shopping but I don't think I would be able to find anything that I can't get anywhere else.I wonder if Joe Beef is really that good.
Anybody got one. Have to head over there for a bachelor's party in May. I'm thinking Buona Notte but don't know of any where else to go for the weekend.
Which dick's sporting goods? I could go for another pair of AW77 Tech Fleeces.
If any of you guys want to sell, let me know.
I am late to the game but damn the Roshe Runs are really comfy.
Any of you guys use Superfeet insoles? need some for my bball shoes
Looks great. That is the only pair I wanted to get this year. Awesome you were lucky enough to get a pair.
Struck out too.
The allstar 9 Kobe's don't look as good as the masterpieces
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