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I know this isn't clothes per if any sees All-Clad pots and pans on sale, let me know!!!!!! Btw, is it me or have sales started very early.
She is a cute one DCG! My 11 month rescue pup did something wonderful today. I have a dog run at the back of my patio (Live in SF and the my floor is where the dog run is) where all the dogs come to congregate and do their business. My 13 year old Calico Cat has deemed herself the Mayor of the floor and walks around greeting all humans and dogs. Suprsingly, she knows her name and will come to you when called and will even sit on command. Anyways she walked out to the dog...
I only submitted the Shelter process to bring forth another alternative. I understand both rescue and pure bread positions. Although there are horrible and amazing stories in regards to both, I guess I was just trying to bring forth the thought of a rescue as an alternative. Go with your gut and your brain! Not your heart.... that never works out well for dog picking.
Union Square, Fidi, North Beach, Pier 39, Soma.You should hang in Portero, Dogpatch, Outer and Inner Richmond/
Its worse in California if you don't go to the ghetto areas.
Understood.I was just talking in generalities. Lets see a pic of the Pit!What were the effects of her first 4 months of life?
If I may. I know we talk about specific breeds but I would also advise to visit your local shelter or a specific rescue to see if you can find your future dog there. For first time dog owners, acquiring an adult where you can estimate their temperment etc.... may be easier than acquiring a puppy and hoping they live up to their parents. I had a slew of purebreds and mutts throughout my lifetime and must say my current Baja Mexico thrown in the garbage pooch is the best dog...
Of course!!!Jeezus.
Scared money don't make no money
Nice job on the Carson street post. I saw this too late. FBTs sold out.
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