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Heads up. If anybody needs the Givenchy Plaid Shirt in red with the leather pocket thing. I am returning mine to fwrd since its too small. Size 37. $163 is an amazing price for the piece. Its in the mail so it should be back at fwrd in a day or two.
How much was the Muga?
Is La Reyna still open? Yelp says its close. That can't be right.
Hamasaku sucks.
Still have a half a case. Going fast.
How is the 2009 Muga?The 2006 is fantastic as we all know.
I wear Saint Lauren and Acne for stretch denim. Raw - My old amazing Ande Whalls, Momotaro Battle Stripes, Rogue Territory, and Real Mccoy.
Ha!!Go to yellow submarine up the street. Grab a pepper steak with the kid and some soda. Walk down to GG park on the irving side. There is a secret Alice in Wonderland garden that barely anyone knows about. Eat the sub and let the kid explore the garden.Lastly, if you are up for it. Drive to Aristacult Bakery at around 7:30 and get in line. They open at 8am. The Croissants there are Japan/France legit.
Arizmendi is great. Especially their lunch Pizza.Yellow SubmarineSan TungGordosKoo Sushiare all around there.If you drive west on 9th. You'll hit the outer sunset. Wonderful Desert & Cafe has the best boba in the city. Passion Fruit Green Tea is my jam.
New Posts  All Forums: