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People liken them to Saint Laurents.
Got me the Ace raw comfort pair. $50. so cheap
Anybody check out the Sparkling wine offer from Full Pull today? The Corteaura Saten is intriguing.
I have a wine locker too. Its nice but can get expensive here on the westside of the Los Angeles.
We are trying to get to the bottom of it. There may be some hope.We've had her since she was a 7 week old pup. Words like delayed hypersensitivty are being thrown around.
Also had these two. Twas a good night.
Good news. The William Fevre Chablis 2002 I won at auction were not oxidized. Tasted great, the barnyarddy smell of white burgandy gets me every time. Amazing.
Just found out that my wife may be allergic to our Rescue.
Good point. Too bad this was in Southern California. The dog was healthy and lovable and the guy came back looking for the dog.
New Posts  All Forums: