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Remember when I bought Visa for the long haul and some asked why? Up almost $4 today!
Any advice, My 4th month old literally just showed signs of aggressions by growling and barking. We just took her home from daycare and she was sleeping. My wife started to cuddle with her and she growled and let out a lunging fake bite bark. I proceeded to come over and start annoying her, she did the same thing. I grabbed her by the neck and put her down but she still fought. First time we have ever seen this. She is usually docile and has never exhibited this behavior.
I'm feeding mine Acana. Which is probably overkill.
Ditto. Couldn't pass up the country twill or the windblown oxfords, both great material.
10-4. I'm just apprehensive about the severity of the backhand, lets say from a bullmastiff or some other large dog.
Any advice on getting a 3.5 month old puppy to calm down when other dogs are around? Mine is pretty relaxed and obedient until she is around other dogs, then all hell breaks lose. All she wants to do is play, even if the other dog shows signs of aggression. She has been nipped at a few times by larger dogs. She seems to get enough exercise and lots of training for mental exercise but will go nuts when other dogs around since she loves playing so much.
MU - Why is it even down? Doesn't make sense.
Any of your guys play bball? What do you like? I am looking for an outdoor shoe. I usually wear under armour because the spawns and clutchfit are great but am looking at nike again.
Did we ever talk about Dog food yet? There are so many choices in kibble. I don't know where to start. I have my puppy on puppy fish kibble from Zynergist and Hollistic but her breath is rank because of it.
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