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Had dinner at The Progress yesterday. Underwhelmeing, like State Bird, like every other shit hyped SF restaurant up here. WTF are these people eating, because farm to table blows.
You can get in everywhere. JuYou can get in everywhere. Just plan it now and make the resys.
V was a good play for me when it split.
I'm with Chogall on this one. I used to work for an engineering and equipment provider for polysilicon plants. Its a shit show throughout most of the world except for the larger companies. The yield is definitely low and the pollution it causes is enormous. Solar is being propped up by all subsidies at this point.Although I do have to save, that industry was fun. I wish I was still in it.
Duty Free for Hibiki 17 is only 8500 JPY? You sure about that? I don't think so.
Hey Buds, Costco has Hibiki 17 for $120. Call around. I got a couple of bottles at the Soma location in SF. They are also at the South San Francisco location in Daly City. They also have Hibiki 12 for $60 but who cares, the 17 has never been imported in the US and the prices is cheaper than duty free at the airport.
Who ever wrote this never lived in SF.
Remember when I bought Visa for the long haul and some asked why? Up almost $4 today!
Any advice, My 4th month old literally just showed signs of aggressions by growling and barking. We just took her home from daycare and she was sleeping. My wife started to cuddle with her and she growled and let out a lunging fake bite bark. I proceeded to come over and start annoying her, she did the same thing. I grabbed her by the neck and put her down but she still fought. First time we have ever seen this. She is usually docile and has never exhibited this behavior.
I'm feeding mine Acana. Which is probably overkill.
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