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Gonna be back next Friday. Any new restaurants I should check out?
Units and installation.
Will probably need AC/Heating for my old house. Ooof. Sounds like a another 6K down the drain.
Pretty much. They are low profile so you get the cushion without the weird height thing you get with running shoes.I hate the metcons. So moved to these. I actually did some deadlifts this morning and they felt stable and I could feel the ground.
Agreed on the zoom all out lows. But the performance is legit. Actually they may be better than the highs since the flyknit isn't that stable.But I work out in mine. Don't wear them out.Man. I hope I can get some Royals in April
Just wait and check clearance outlets. Not popular. I got mine for $40 on ebay.
I have the highs since I have them on clearance. The lows would be the same.The highs are better looking.
Nike Zoom All Out. Legit shoes for working out and running. Full length zoom is the best.
Post it!
I got my Montrose shop today.
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