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I have a small min pin, she growls and will try to bite.
How do you go about training her that guarding the bones isn't cool?
I have that in my Roth.Half VTI and Half GASFX
That makes sense.
Since I am new to stocks, I wanted advice on an ongoing issue in my head. What is ones strategy when investing with a limited amount of money? Lets say I have 10K to spend. Why the hell would I want to put it into an expensive stock like GILD if an $1 uptick only nets me about $80? It doesn't seem like a logical way to make a good return on speculation. Or am I thinking about this all wrong?
Thanks for the advice guys.
I saw that. Thinking of getting in.
My dumbass sold VHT at 111. I think its at 116 now.Just got a bonus from employer, now where to invest it.
GILD is at a slight dip if anyone wants to get in.
Not dismissing THI. Just hate myself for not getting in before.
New Posts  All Forums: