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I follow Kalidiing on instagram. he is in japan right now. pics look great. follow and ask.
I know we went through this but I forgot. Which trading website do you guys use?
Everything is new. I even have the receipt.
lol. agreed.
Standard is fine.
Anybody know when I can buy some Pliny Elder in the city?
I guess it depends on the different additives, type of whey, fats, carbs, etc. I've been looking at a website call truenutrition where you can essentially mix your own protein. They have a wide variety too.
Market has gone to shit. Aapl still hanging in there. I might bite and purchase some at $95.
I searched through the forum and all of the protein discussions are a couple of years old, therefore I thought this would be a good discussion on some of the best proteins and advice. I'm in the market for a new whey protein, I've been using the NOW protein which seemed perfectly find but my buddy has been pushing me to try Carnivor protein. The guy is ripped.
I just left the Freeport Maine outlet. Only notable thing is they have the tech fleece sweatshirts for $50. Lots of sizes.
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