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The uni pastathe uni pasta
The quality is better but they are way overpriced these days. Kind of all hype too. But it is hard to find plain sneakers that look good.
Not to be boring but my WiseBanyan is doing well. I am at a 8.0 risk score and am up 2.55% in 3 weeks.
Not to bring this back up but I my buddy (sushi chef) was just at nehoni in tokyo and was able to get me a S1. I didn't go for the bone handles since the price is extremely high but went with the wood handle. Does anybody want a review when I receive it?
Delta killed its earnings.
Thanks for the advice guys. I think I won't contribute to an IRA and keep the money liquid in a personal investment account, although I may not have the later tax benefits, thats fine with me.
Soo.... I need some advice. I'm not eligible for a Roth IRA with my income and have maxed out my 401K for tax deduction purposes. Since the rule is you can only deduct a certain amount for your 401k, I have planned to contribute money into the WiseBanyan or Personal investing account instead of an IRA since contributing to an IRA does not help me at all for tax deduction purposes. Is that right?
Very well could be.I've been staring at FOLD for a while.
Understood. They invest most in vanguard etfs.
Yep. They invest for you.
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