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This market stresses me out.
Gant Rugger shirts on sale for cheap on Amazon. Go!e
Agreed, it is a nice every day drinker.
The guy from Goldman Sachs was on the Squawk on the Street this morning. He seemed more than optimistic about the economy.
I haven't because the SKs fit me perfectly, but I have for other denim like momotaros.
Fuck. Under Armour. Fuck me. I sold it at $65 because I'm a little bitch. Fuck.
Yah. Thanks Lefty, I'll probably take her to a behaviorist to see what that person says.
Which part of Namm were you attending? Bunch of my buddies were constantly texting me about the new DJ gear.
That article is sort of right but not really. Southern California fashion has always been schizoprhenic. The only constant is mostly anything goes except for looking mainstream. Which makes you look like a D-bag.
New Posts  All Forums: