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The Mustangs look to be spoke for.
Now I'm really worried.
The sell-off is weird. KMI is down $5 the last couple of weeks for no reason.
You getting the Rogue Territory Dark SKs or 3sixteen Shadows? Would love to use that 20% on a pair of jeans.
Good luck!
GasFX is down 5% for me. Fuck.
Jeezus. Bad day today.
I still don't understand GOPRO.
I've been waiting for one of the stores that stock's Rogue Territory's Dark SKs to give out a coupon code. Its been 3 months. lol. Such an idiot for waiting. There is a big Nike Clearance sale right now on Nike. Allen Edmonds is also having a huge sale.
They had a class action brought against them about 5 years back for stock manipulation.
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