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Thanks everyone
I have a different opinion. The cut sucks and materials are meh city. Spend a couple of bucks more and get real JE.
How long should I cellar them? 2013 is waaaaay to young to drink anything.
Also my first confirmed order.
I also received a notification that 2 bottles of La Rata are allocated for me. Excellent x 2. I never win shit. Therefore, I think everybody should be receiving their requested allocations.
That Gap stuff is major garbage.
I was just at Narita on my flight home from Tokyo. Duty Free had Hibiki 30 for $2,500, Yamazaki 25 for $2,500, Yamazaki 18 for $500, Hibiki 17 for $500.... etc. etc. Lowest was $500 for any type of Japanese Whiskey.
At least Vodka prices are going down the proverbial tubes. Can grab a bottle of Chopin for $22 these days.
In Croatia! Untouched. Everyone should go.
Was able to grab a size 12 in the breds. Too bad I'm a 10. Now have to trade it.
New Posts  All Forums: