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I'm also apprehensive about the timing of the trade as real time or not.
You guys should request Robinhood. I requested it on the 15th of December and just received an email telling me an official invite will hit my inbox in 24 hours.
jordan fragments. need bad.
Goddamnit. Another red day.
Market with another dump today.
Tried CocksComb the other day. Meh Rintaro - Very Very Good, LA prices too.
Loaded on KMI, spent fun money on GASL. Looking at big oil now... spill the beans!
My Broker's positions for my portfolio have been getting killed recently. It was at 10% but now down to 3%.
KMI does pipeline work. Fundamentals are very good.But I get your overall general thinking.
Naked and Famous Elephant Denim Weird Guy 4 for $139 on amazon. 22oz. Way too thick for me.
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