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It's from the H&S Sherry Tweed bunch.
I don't post on this forum often, but here's a picture/selfie of a jacket made by Davide Tofani, with exceptional detailing and finishing... Here the gorge of the lapel has been lowered..
Here is a little 'interview' I did with Davide Tofani. A CUT ABOVE AND BEYOND Just behind Piazza Plebsicito, in Naples, is where you will find a small 'sartoria' operated by Davide Tofani. Davide Tofani (49), together with his twenty-year old son, Aristide Tofani (Davide named his son after his father) and his brother, craft some of the best and most beautiful handmade bespoke garments in Naples. Davide Tofani learnt this art from his now retired father. I met with...
Good thread, OP, & definitely a good choice on trying a less known on this forum, but a great "sarto" like Davide Tofani.
David Niven
Ronald Colman
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